SvenCo-op Nostalgia:


This section contains ancient versions of the SvenCo-op site.

WARNING: Remember that all information is about half a decade old, and most of it no longer applies to Half-Life or SvenCo-op (e.g. don't download Half-Life Front End 1.0 and expect it to work with the latest version of Half-Life).


The Half-Life news site I used to run from a few years before Half-Life was released to when our host closed down (we were actually one of the top 4 news sites for a while... was the biggest at that stage. Later on, (now Planet Half-Life) started up, and we ended up outmanned and outgunned :)  ). Click the "SvenCo-op" link in the Hosted Sites box to view the original SvenCo-op web site, including the first ever news post and first ever beta release.


Slightly newer version of the SvenCo-op site.




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