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 XXXXXXXs/Changes List




Friendly RoboXXXXX





MegaXXXXXXXMassacre Giant (XXXel-replaced)










Soldier Zombie












Chubby's Ghost


Changes in SvenCo-op v2.1

XXX Changes:

New XXXs


     Surface Ex-Tension


Updated XXXs



Tweaked XXXs

     GMan Towers


Misc. Changes:

  • Improved shell casing XXXel
  • Minor miscelXXXeous tweaks

Code Changes:


  • New XXXXXX: Pipe Wrench (XXXel by Gearbox, converted by WarpZone).

  • New XXXXXXX: Pit Drone (XXXel by Gearbox).  Eats fallen XXXXXXX to gain health
  • New XXXXXXX: Shock Trooper (XXXel by Gearbox).  Spore grenades disabled in this version due to time constraints
  • New XXXXXXX: Shockroach (XXXel by Gearbox).  XXXXXX XXXXXX Shockroach not added in this version
  • Precision based telefragging for XXXXX and teleport points (If you're not directly in the way, you won't be telefragged)
  • Heavily damaged RoboXXXXXs will have a glowshell shock effect randomly and, while active, touching them will result in injuries
  • RoboXXXXXs XXXXXXX when they experience overkill damage (Before or during their explosion sequence)
  • Friendly XXXXXXXs attacked by XXXXXXs become friendly again after being healed
  • Added Medkit mirror health
  • Houndeyes eat their fallen XXXXXXX to gain health
  • Non-Sniper Male assassins investigate sounds
  • Squad based XXXXXXXs not in squads will try to form a squad every so often
  • Akimbo and Single XXXs produce shells when firing
  • Added sv_dropXXXXXXs as a XXX CFG setting (For disabling XXXXXXs dropping XXXXXXs on death/with the Drop command). Default: 1
  • XXXel replacement added per XXXXXX_ entity. (Don't have to use the squadmaker entity now)
  • New Commands for XXXpers (cheats must be enabled) :
  • -- No Clip     ->  cl_noclip 1  in console
  • -- NoTarget  ->  cl_notarget 1  in console

Bug Fixes

  • XXXXXing at "Off" XXXXXpoints bug fixed
  • Fixed Friendly Male Assassins/Robo XXXXXs shooting Friendly XXXXX XXXXXs/Gargantuas
  • Fixed XXXel replacement bug for Male Assassins/Robo XXXXXs/Leeches
  • Fixed crash bug with applying properties to non-XXXXXXXs in XXXXXXXmakers
  • Fixed Houndeye pause problem
  • Robo XXXXXs, XXXXX XXXXXs and Male Assassins do not throw grenades at dead XXXXXXX
  • XXX XXXXXed snarks attack XXXXXs again
  • Clientside-gib crash bug fixed
  • Fixed framerate related bug with XXXXXXX TURN RATES. XXXXXXXs are not "slow" on high-end machines/servers when they turn to face a direction
  • XXXXXXXs do not attack dead sentry/turrets if previously in combat with them
  • Osprey bug FIXED - Osprey correctly refills levels with XXXXXs
  • Fixed crash bug with deaths
  • Distance limit bug with Sniper male assassins fixed
  • Fixed health disXXXX of XXXXXXXs on the HUD when at <1 health
  • Freeze bug with XXXXXXXs finishing scripted_sequences when not in range of XXXXXX, fixed
  • Fixed mp_npckill not defaulting to 1 properly (again)

Tweaks & Changes

  • Strafing at long distances from a Sniper male assassin may allow you to dodge their aim
  • Martial Arts assassins have increased speed compared to their normal versions.
  • XXXXXXX AI handles XXXXX deaths more appropriately
  • Medkit uses skill settings
  • SKILL entry for Robo XXXXX XXXXXXX damage
  • Bullsquid's spit shows Bullsquid as correct owner + XXXXXXXs now react to bullsquid spit hit
  • Changed 5 second wait for Gonome to 4 seconds (Before throwing spit)
  • Couple of things we forgot :)


Changes in SvenCo-op v2.0 Final

Note: Every major SvenCo-op release to date has included fixes, changes and additions that, for one reason or another, we just lost all record of. 2.0 Final is no exception, though its changes list is far more complete than 2.0B's.

XXX Changes:

New XXXs  (those released previously have been updated for 2.0F)


     BlackOps   (based off Operation Retribution Part 6)






Updated XXXs






Tweaked XXXs





Misc. Changes:

  • All Blue Shift High-Definition Pack incompatibility problems fixed (just remember to download the Blue Shift update if you have the HD Pack installed).
  • Couple of minor improvements to Valve SP XXX support
  • MP3 XXXXlist Editor updated
  • Various XXXel fixes/improvements
  • CommandXXXX updated
  • etc. etc.

Code Changes:


  • Added RoboXXXXX (and friendly variation). They take little damage from bullets, spark at low health, self-destruct after death, etc.
  • Added Male Assassin, Sniper Assassin (with armour-piercing rounds), Martial Arts Assassin, and friendly variation of each.
  • Added repelling roboXXXXXs and male assassins.
  • Added the Gonome (second stage Zombie from Opposing Force)
  • Added Otis the security guard (and hostile variation).
  • Added Soldier Zombies and Barney Zombies (allows several different zombie damage values in the one XXX).
  • Added voice communication
  • Medic/Grenade calls added (XXXXX a button to shout for a medic, or to warn other XXXXXXs).
  • Baby Garg's 'kick' attack added. Check footgarg.bsp for a demonstration ;). Baby Garg AI improved.
  • Heavy XXXXXXs XXXXX's AI improved. Now attacks multiple targets without his gun spinning down. His friendly skin, and XXXel replacement, works for him now, too.
  • Vastly improved the in-XXXX MP3 XXXXXX code. Should work for virtually everyone, now. Added volume control.
  • Added telefragging for trigger_teleports. New CVAR: mp_telefrag. Defaults to On (1).
  • Dynamic collision boxes added for some XXXXXXXs, so hitboxes are the right size for XXXel-replaced XXXXXXXs.
  • Visible XXXXXX-dropping added (you drop the actual XXXXXX instead of a backpack). Works with XXXel-replacement.
  • 'Random' setting for Osprey-supplied XXXXXs added (dropped XXXXXs have random XXXXXXs). Shotgun XXXXXs hold fire 'til they reach the ground.
  • Added disXXXXing of XXXXXXX type when XXXXXX is killed by XXXXXXX. It disXXXXs the XXXXXXX class, but better than the generic "XXXXXXX".
  • Added support of "hud_capturemouse" for popup vote XXXXs.
  • Turrets, Miniturrets, and Sentries can now be set to XXXXXX Allied.

    Lag-reducing XXXXXXXs:

    • XXXXXX of horXXXs XXXXX XXXXXs fire reduced to 2 per burst (damage increased in skill.cfg)
    • XXXXXX of speedballs XXXXX Controllers fire halved, damage and accuracy increased.

    • Disabled flyer_flocks except in XXX XXXXs.

    • HWXXXXX's firing effects reduced

    New skill.cfg settings:

    • sk_XXXXX_buckshot* (XXXXX and Robo XXXXX Shotgun Damage)
    • sk_massassin_sniper* (Male Assassin Sniper Damage)
    • sk_otis_health* / sk_otis_bullet* (Otis health/damage)
    • sk_horXXX_pdmg* (XXXXXX HorXXXgun Damage)
    • sk_barnacle_health* (Barnacle health)
    • sk_zombie_barney_health* / sk_zombie_barney_dmg_one_slash* / sk_zombie_barney_dmg_both_slash*
    • sk_zombie_soldier_health* / sk_zombie_soldier_dmg_one_slash* / sk_zombie_soldier_dmg_both_slash*

Bug Fixes

  • Tons of general stability improvements. Fixes for memory overwrites, array out of bounds, variable/pointer initialization, etc.
  • "Out of sfx_t" crash fixed (There are some things XXX makers can do to achieve the crash in their XXXs... there's no way for us to prevent that. An occurrence of the error should be reported to the XXXper as a bug. If all goes well, though, you may never experience it again).
  • "SZ_GetSpace: overflow on SVC_RuleInfo" fixed. This also fixes the problems with XXXXspy detecting SvenCo-op servers, getting Server Info in the HL XXXX browser, etc.
  • Fixed XXXXXing issues that occasionally caused XXXXXXs to XXXXX at XXXXXpoints set to 'Off'.
  • .SKL file problems fixed. SKL files must now be named XXXname_skl.cfg
  • Fixed "Error: No EXPORT: grenade:Cluster think (06654eee)" when using Banana Bomb.
  • Fixed "XXX stops reXXXXXing on servers with XXXXXXstay off"
  • Fixed "Can't find XXXdmark" message that seemingly prevented transitions from working for some people.
  • Fixed XXX votes/console votes occasionally crashing servers.
  • Fixed "SV_StartSound:garg/gar_attack1.wav not precached" error messages.
  • Fixed mp_voteallow 0
  • Fixed BabyGarg 'pausing' problem.
  • Fixed env_render bug
  • Fixed XXXel-replacement for Crossbow and HWXXXXX.
  • Animation blending now works in chasecam XXXe
  • Tons of MP3 XXXXXX fixes.
  • Fixed "No such sentence group XX_XXXX" error messages. Should only appear in Dev XXXe.
  • Fixed long XXX messages and submitid messages. Now 256 characters max. (Was 80)
  • Removed HEV suit pickup sounds. Fixes crash when using "giveall" when XXXXXX doesn't have HEV suit.
  • Fixed Barnacle dying instantly when hit by grenade or crowbar, regardless of health.
  • Fixed Snark AI.
  • XXXXXXXpoints added for turrets.
  • Fixed Autoturret fire sound (hopefully).
  • Removed some cheats and unused code that weren't supposed to be in there at all.
  • 6th XXXXXX slot removed.

Tweaks & Changes

  • Max Briefing/MOTD size increased to 3072 characters.
  • XXXXXXs can now drop XXXXXXs when XXXXXXstay is on. Can't pick up a XXXXXX type for 60 seconds after dropping that type (though you can pick up the XXXXXX you just dropped).
  • SKL files must now be named XXXname_skl.cfg
  • Banana Bomb improved considerably.
  • Improved XXX reloading system
  • Houndeye AI tweaked to make them tougher.
  • Big Momma gibs now used for gibbed Big Mommas.
  • Improved XXXXXXX door-opening code.
  • Updated CommandXXXX
  • HUD changed to blue.
  • Medkit heal sound changed.
  • Electric crowbar turns off in water.
  • Added shake effect when Apache crashes.
  • Doubled BabyGarg yaw (turn) speed to increase difficulty.
  • RPG laser pointer off by default.
  • Deaths from Telefragging no longer count on the scoreboard.
  • Improved client-side XXXXXXs.
  • Bullsquids no longer fight each other (for a few different reasons).
  • New WON ID list added.


Changes in SvenCo-op v2.0 Beta

  • New XXXXXXX: Baby Garg
  • New XXXXXX: Medkit
  • New XXXXXX: Donator XXX's
  • New XXXXXX: Donator Electric Crowbar
  • Added Xenmaker entity
  • Added inXXXX MP3 XXXXXX
  • Added VGUI Support and Command XXXX
  • Added inXXXX Voting System
  • Added Clientside XXXXXXs
  • Added support for Donators
  • Added XXXel Replacement
  • Added .skl file support
  • Added Anti-Blocker XXXXXXXs
  • Added startarmor cfg variable
  • Added starthealth cfg variable
  • Added Laser Sight for Turret
  • Updated XXX XXXel
  • New XXXs:

  • Removed XXXs:

  • Updated XXXs:

  • Fixes:

  • Snarks XXXXXed are hostile, Snarks thrown are friendly
  • Disabled XXXXXX_loadsaved
  • XXX RoF is now as intended


    Changes in SvenCo-op v1.9

  • Added Friendly XXXXXXXs
  • New XXXXXX: Single and akimbo XXXs
  • New XXXXXX: Banana Bomb.
  • InXXXX Effects reduced
  • XXXXXX ID system added
  • Added score points for killing XXXXXXXs
  • Added Command to toggle Chasecam
  • Added "Trigger_random" entity
  • Added Squadmaker entity
  • XXXXXX corpses removed every 30 seconds
  • XXXXXX backpacks removed after a while
  • All XXXXXXX corpses fade
  • Added Telefragging for info_XXXXXX_starts
  • Added 2-second reXXXXX delay
  • Added Sachel 'kicking'
  • Added "NextXXX" XXX CFG option
  • Added "NoXXXtrans" XXX CFG option
  • Added sv_lagcomXXXXXion CVAR
  • Scientists can now heal XXXXXXs to full health
  • Reset time for health and suit chargers halved
  • Halved Osprey engine sound radius
  • Re-Added XXXXXX dropping using the "drop" console command
  • "Killnpc" option added to XXX CFGs. When set to 0, makes scientists and Barneys invulnerable
  • Changed MP5 start ammo from 25 to 50
  • Gib life decreased to about 7 seconds, and XXXXXX of gibs XXXXXed decreased by one, to help with framerates
  • Added Cheats to use for testing
  • New XXXs:
        Osprey Attack
  • Fixes:

  • Fixed Camera-view bug
  • Decreased Telefrag radius
  • XXXXXXs can no longer block XXXXXpoints with satchel charges
  • Snark AI altered.
  • Removed Friendly Tripmine damage
  • XXXXXX XXXel hack fixed
  • Fixed Func_friction code
  • Max Message Of The Day size increased.


    Changes in SvenCo-op v1.35

    (XXXX-XXXX Patch 1.1 'broke' Sven Co-op.  v1.35 was a quick patch to v1.3, with minimal XXXXXXXs)

  • XXXXXXXs work in multiXXXXXX
  • XXX transitions work in multiXXXXXX
  • Friendly-fire removed
  • Basic XXX CFG support added
  • XXXXXs and Barneys no longer drop XXXXXXs

    Changes in SvenCo-op v1.3

  • Added XXX Cfg support
  • Added Cfg XXXXXX support
  • Added loads of cfg options
  • Added HL Single XXXXXX HL support
  • Added XXXXXXX Frags
  • Added Suicide, drop XXXXXX and radio commands
  • Added Radio voices
  • Changed XXXXXXs to be more similar to SP HL
  • Removed Friendly Fire
  • Removed Cheats
  • Changed Death messages
  • New XXXs:
        Space Monkeys

  • Updated XXXs:

  • Fixes:

  • Fixed XXX transitions
  • Removed XXXXXs and Barney dropping XXXXXXs
  • Most XXXXXXX corpses fade
  • Decreased XXXXXX of corpses
  • Door looping sound fixes


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