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Male Assassin(mp5)

Baby Garg

(Note: You can see pictures of the new XXXXXXX and allies throughout the manual)

NPC Allies

Sven Co-op is not just about blasting everything in sight --- as in the original XXXX-XXXX, you have a range of Allies who will help you as much as they can as long as you don't take any pot shots at them. As an added incentive to keep them alive, you will lose points for killing or harming a friendly NPC, accidental or not. You have plenty to lose from killing an NPC and nothing to gain.


While Barney or Otis are perfectly happy wiping out hordes of XXXXX Scum, the Black Mesa science personnel have a slightly different opinion of how to deal with the XXXXX threat. They run.

Deep-down cowards, they find somewhere to run at the slightest sound of gunfire aimed in their direction. While it's tempting to assume they are useless, this is far from the case. Scientists can heal a hurt XXXXXX up to full health on request. This is useful when you're stuck far from the reXXXXX, so the power of the scientists should not be underestimated.


Part of the Black Mesa security force, this guy is armed with a pistol and knows how to use it. As an added bonus he has pretty much infinite ammo. Although rarely a match for larger XXXXXXX like the Baby Garg or XXXXX XXXXX, he makes quick work of HoundEyes or Headcrabs, leaving you free to take on the larger threats. Barney is powerful, but is weak when faced with large XXXXXXs of XXXXXXXs.

Like the scientists, Barney can also open up some secured doors and area's, allowing you to advance or to gain extra goodies. If you find a door you can't open with a retina scanner, bets are that you need Barney or one of his buddies to open the door for you.


Also a member of the Security team, Otis is perfectly happy wiping the floor with any pesky XXXXXs. Packing a Desert Eagle, he is far more effective at clearing out areas, but like barney will suffer when swarmed by large groups of XXXXXXX.

Friendly XXXXXXXs

While the majority of XXXXXXXs will try to hunt you, there are a few that actually want to help and will fight on your side against other XXXXXXXs. These have different coloured clothing or skins, so if you see a slightly different XXXXXXX, chances are that its friendly. Positioning your crosshairs over a creature will bring up a reading disXXXXing the creature's Name (if known), Health, and Frags (the amount of damage he's dealt out). The colour if this reading reflects the creature's allegiance. Red for XXXXXXX, green for allies. Warning: There are not only friendly XXXXXs/soldiers/etc., but also Evil versions of Barney and Otis. The most common types of friendly/hostile XXXXXXXs are listed on the XXXXXXX Identification Chart.


This is not the full list of all the XXXXXXX you will encounter in Sven Co-op. You will find a list of all default XXXXXXXs at http://www.svencoop.com/XXXXXXXs.php

On top of the standard XXXX-XXXX XXXXXXXs, Sven Co-op XXXXXXXs new threats. Fighting these XXXXXXXs will require new strategies and in some cases a lot of skill.

Baby Garg

Although not anywhere near as dangerous as the Garg, these XXXXXXXs still present a threat to a unaware XXXXXX. The Baby Garg has yet to finish developing the adult garg's hardened exoskeleton, which makes it vulnerable to projectiles.

The Baby Garg has a weaker version of the Garg's stomp/flame attack, but can move a lot faster and fit down corridors. Your best bet with this XXXXXXX is to keep firing and keep moving.


The Heavy XXXXXXs XXXXX is armed with a chain gun. It takes a short amount of time for the chaingun to spin up, but if you're within its firing arc then you're going to hurt, badly. The HW XXXXX is slow compared to the normal XXXXXs, but the chaingun will kill an XXXXX such as barney or a XXXXXX in a few seconds. (At most).

Keep your distance and pop out from behind cover to take shots at him if possible -- the HW XXXXX has difficulty chasing you or using cover, so use that to your advantage.


Part of a government defence project, the Robo XXXXX is similar to the XXXXX XXXXX, but lacks any of the weaknesses. Boasting armour plating, they can take a lot of damage and are just as accurate. They are most vulnerable to explosive or energy XXXXXXs -- bullets have little effect on them.

An added sting in their tail, once you've damaged them enough to stop them from operating, the robo XXXXX will self destruct after a few seconds, causing damage to XXXXXXXs and XXXXXXs around them.

Male Assassin

First XXXXXXXd in Opposing Force, the Male Assassin XXXXXXXs the speed of the female assassin and the brute force of the XXXXX XXXXX. Highly dangerous, these XXXXXXX will also occasionally wield a highly accurate Sniper Rifle, potentially clearing a open field of XXXXXXX in seconds.


SvenCo-op's replacement technology also allows for unique, XXX-specific XXXXXXX and allies. Every time you XXXX a new XXX, there's a chance that you'll meet up with a character you've never come across before. MegaXXXXXXXMassacre is a good example of this.

New XXXXXXs/Equipment


Standard equipment for all XXXXXXs, this allows you to heal NPC's and more importantly, other XXXXXXs.

Most XXXs don't have health strewn across the XXX. However in most cases, where you can find another XXXXXX, you will find they will be willing to heal you (use your Medic Call key to get their attention). Simply XXXXXX the medkit and hit someone with it to heal them. It will have no effect if they are at full health.

You are unable to heal yourself using the medkit, you do however get a certain amount of health 'feedback' onto yourself for every time you heal another XXXXXX or NPC. This is around 3-4 points for every 10 points you heal another XXXXXX.

The medkit recharges slowly over time, even when empty. It takes a long time to recharge but you can fill it up by using a wall-mounted health charger if you are in a hurry. The medkit starts out with 50 health (ammo) and charges up to a maximum of 100.

XXX/Akimbo XXXs

Using the same ammo as the MP5/Pistol (9mm), the XXX is thought by some to be a poor man's MP5. Less accurate, no possibilty of contact grenades, and with a longer reload time, many XXXXXXs stick with the MP5 in combat if they have the choice, though the XXX's high rate-of-fire and slightly increased damage do allow you to pack quite a punch at short ranges.

However, you are able to pick up a second XXX (normally one dropped by a generous or fatally injured comrade). You can fire them both at once, and while having double the fire power turns the XXX into an ammo eater, it also makes it the most effective close range XXXXXX in the XXXX. Akimbo XXX's are valued by Veteran SC XXXXXXs and highly sought after. Having the ammo to keep them running is difficult, but while you have them, there will be little you won't be able to handle. Remember to watch your ammo, though! Reloading two XXXXXXs in the middle of a firefight can leave you vulnerable to attack.

Banana Bomb

Although not a XXXXXXable XXXXXX, you can throw a Banana Bomb by XXXXXing your alternate fire button while holding 10 Grenades. This will throw a Banana (cluster) Bomb that can clear a room extremely quickly. This does use up your entire stock of grenades, however, and the sheer size of the blast makes it dangerous to you as well as your XXXXXXX, so it should only be used as a last resort.

General Hints and Tips

- Always keep your XXXXXX reloaded, you never know what you might run into around the next corner. If you're ready for it, you'll stand a much better chance. If you have a XXXXXX with low ammo, switch to another that won't run out in the middle of a lengthy fire fight.

- The puzzles in Sven Co-op are similar in style to the puzzles in XXXX-XXXX, but may require multiple XXXXXXs to work together to solve them. For example, you may need to XXXXX two buttons at the same time to open a door. You cannot push both buttons on your own, so you will need another XXXXXX to push the other button around the same time you XXXXX yours. Puzzles like these turn up regularly in Sven Co-op.

- One difference from the original XXXX-XXXX is the introduction of a dialog that appears whenever you pass your crosshair over a XXXXXXX or XXXXXX. This dialog tells you the health of the XXXXXXX your facing, the XXXXXX of frags (kills) it has gained, it's name and then a single line stating its stance towards you. You can also work out its stance towards you quickly by the colour of the dialogue. Green means a XXXXXXX is friendly while a red dialog means the XXXXXXX is hostile towards you.

- Always keep your teammates well healed! If someone calls for a medic, then make sure you assist them. You might be the one that needs healing next time.

XXXXXXX Specific Hints

Although most XXXXXXXs in Sven Co-op can be harmed with any XXXXXXs, there are a few XXXXXXX that need slightly different tactics to beat. If you are unsure about how to beat a particular XXXXX or want to try out some of the tactics suggested, Stadium3 allows you to fight any opponent with a variety of XXXXXXs.

Gargantua (Garg)

Big and blue, this guy will make your life extremely tough the second you see him. The ultimate XXXXX attacker, the Garg has a projectile-resistant exoskeleton which makes him invulnerable to everything except explosives or experimental XXXXXXs, using anything else is a waste of ammo.

Although large, the Garg is fast and has a highly effective flame attack, which makes fighting it on a open field suicide. Seek backup or cover, trying anything else is pointless.

Apache Gunship

This military gunship is armed with missiles and a belly-mounted cannon capable of targeting anything below it in a 360 degree arc. This gun cannot target you if you are directly below the Apache, although staying in that position is extremely difficult in most cases.

Armoured, it is invulnerable to bullets over most of its surface other than its two engines and cockpit. Aim for those area's if you want to shoot it down as soon as possible. Preferably with rockets or experimental XXXXXXry. As it patrols the skies, hitting it with any major explosives can be difficult so if its available, your best option is the Gauss cannon.

Osprey Helicopter

Although not carrying any XXXXXXry or defences, the Osprey can provide the greatest threat if not taken care of quickly. It can drop up to four repelling XXXXXs to reinforce the forces on the ground regularly and quickly. If the Osprey not taken care of, these XXXXXs can make your life a lot more difficult.

As with the Apache, the Osprey is invulnerable other than around its engines or cockpit. Although flying slower than the apache, it also tends to have a large XXXXXX of hit points. You might want to wait for it to make its drop of XXXXXs before attacking, as it hovers directly above the ground, making it a lot easier to hit.

Your best option for attacking the Osprey is with rockets or experimental XXXXXXs. You should also keep something to hand to attack the XXXXXs it drops.


Although similar to the normal XXXXXs in strategy and XXXXXXry, these variants have heavy armour while means they only take minimal damage from projectiles or melee XXXXXXs. Explosives and energy XXXXXXs are your best option.

When a Robo XXXXX is near death, electrical pulses will surge through its body periodically. Touching a RoboXXXXX, or striking one with a conductive metal object, during one of these surges is not recommended.

Bear in mind that when a RoboXXXXX is killed, it XXXXXXXs after a few seconds. This can be dangerous if you stick around, but if you kill one RoboXXXXX in a cluster of XXXXXXX, its explosion will usually take out a XXXXXX of your opponents.

There are many more XXXXXXX you can encounter -- you will have to discover the best way to attack them and the best XXXXXXs to use, yourself. There is a right way and a wrong way to fight every XXXXXXX, but every one can be killed with the XXXXXXs you have at your disposal, you just have to find out how.

Sven Co-op site

Although this manual should hopefully cover most of your questions, you can find out additional information from the Sven Co-op site at http://www.svencoop.com including full XXXXXXX info, screenshots of all XXXs, and additional XXX packs and news about upcoming versions. Also remember to stop by the forums!

Whatever you do when you're XXXXing Sven Co-op, remember to have fun and don't take your score too seriously. That is all.

The Sven Co-op team


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