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What is Sven Co-op?

Sven Co-op is the ultimate Social XXX, ideal for XXX parties or for XXXXing with small groups of friends. There is a lack of competitiveness between XXXXXXs; you'll spend your time enjoying yourself rather than trying to beat the top scorer.

If you've completed XXXX-XXXX or almost any single XXXXXX XXX, only a small portion of the XXXXXXXs will come as a surprise, but you can fight them in far more situations and in greater XXXXXXs than you experienced in any other XXX. If you lived, breathed and loved combat against the AI in Half Life, Sven Co-op is for you.

Note: Before you XXXX Sven Co-op, it is recommended that you have run through the XXXX-XXXX hazard course or are at least familiar with XXXX-XXXX's controls and physics, it covers most of the basic skills you will need to survive in Sven Co-op.

How to Install Sven Co-op

After downloading the XXX, run the installer and follow the prompts. The installer should guide you through the process.

Joining a Server

You can skip down to 'first moves' if you are familiar on how to join a XXXX-XXXX server and set yourself up for a multiXXXXXX XXXX.

  • You should have a desktop icon for Sven Co-op, start the XXX with the icon (or XXXXXX it from the HL custom XXXXs XXXX)

  • In the main XXXX XXXXX on "XXXX Sven Co-op" and from the new XXXX that appears XXXXX on "customize" and XXXXXX your name and XXXXXX XXXel. Return to the multiXXXXXX XXXX once you are happy with your setup.

  • XXXXX on "XXXXXXXX XXXXs" and you should log onto Won and be presented with a bXXXk box and a list of options down the left-hand side of the screen.

  • At the top right hand corner of the serverlist page, there is a connection type box. XXXXXX your connection.

  • Next, XXXXX on "Filters" and in the filters page XXXXXX SvenCoop from the drop down XXXX and toggle the box that reads "are running XXXX". XXXXX "Filter" to get back to the serverlist page then XXXXX "Update" on the side XXXX.

  • If you've done everything correctly you should get a list of servers with either XXXXXXs or green stars next to each server. The more green stars, the faster & better the connection with your computer on that particular server (the lower the numerical ping the better)

  • First Moves

    When you first enter a server, you will more than likely start in a reXXXXX room. This is where XXXXXXs come back to when they die and it often contains ammo and armour chargers. You will reXXXXX with the default equipment necessary to fight the XXXXXXXs in the XXX in most cases, but be on the look out for extra goodies or ammo pickups. They could make the difference once you get into combat. Some regular XXXXXXs won't leave the reXXXXX room until they are full on both ammo and armour, but in most cases you will not need to wait.

    The reXXXXX room is a safe area, but you will not be able to stick around forever. If you haven't XXXXed the XXX before, simply explore or follow another XXXXXX. Get a feel for the objectives of the XXX and then head into combat.

    The XXXX-XXXX AI is a lot simpler than a Deathmatch opponent or even a bot. They cannot jump, use ladders, strafe, or in most cases move as fast as you. However they do not have any problems aiming for XXXXXXs and in some cases can take a lot more damage than you can. You need to use your strategy, XXXXXXs and intelligence to beat them. Working as a team gives you a better overall advantage.

    If you want to win, you will have to work together. This is at the core of Sven Co-op -- you can XXXX Rambo, but the superior XXXXXXs will get you eventually. If you progress and work as a group, you'll kill a lot more and die a lot less.

    Using the Command XXXX

    Sven Co-op uses Valve's VGUI system to include a command XXXX:

  • Vote XXXX

    Using this XXXX, you can vote either to kill (if a XXXXXX is blocking the way), kick or ban another XXXXXX. Each of these options needs a certain percentage of votes with ban needing the most. You can also vote for another XXX using this XXXX.

    To vote for a XXXXXX, first XXXXX on the XXXXXX name then XXXXX on vote-ban/kick/kill. To vote for a XXX, XXXXX the button, that will open a list of XXXs and you simply XXXXX on the XXX and then XXXXX voteXXX to start a vote whether to change to that XXX.

  • Settings

    Here you can change a XXXXXX of performance settings.

  • Team Messages

    These are pre-set text messages for a variety of situations.

  • XXXel XXXXXXion

    This lets you XXXXXX from a XXXXXX of XXXels included with Sven Co-op quickly and easily, without having to change your XXXel through the customisation XXXX.

  • Chase Cam

    Sven Co-op includes a third person XXXe, within this you can view yourself from a XXXXXX of distances and angles. There are also a XXXXXX of preset angles for you to chose from. This XXXe is not suited to action, but is good for checking out your XXXel or for taking screenshots.


    Sven Co-op has a in-build MP3 XXXXXX accessible through the XXXX. One track, exclusive to Sven Co-op is already in the XXXX. You can add additional tracks quickly and easily using the mp3 list generator in the Sven Co-op directory

  • Briefing/MOTD

    This will disXXXX the XXX's briefing, detailing the XXXXXXs' situation and/or objectives. If the XXX has no briefing, the servers Message of the Day will be disXXXXed.

  • Starting Off

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