Welcome To Sven Co-op

What's New In Version 1.3?
List is in order of remembrance (NOT importance).

Non-Coding-Related Changes:

  • Player models added! (Some are pretty funny). Select one in Multiplayer/Customize
  • Maps added: Landing, Tunnel, Space Monkeys
  • Maps tweaked (Don't expect any major changes) - Stadium1, SvenCoop1, SvenC2, Helebat, Helebat2, GargHnt2, Horde, Nightc15
  • Readme updated, WhatsNew added.
  • Console font altered, new console background, new menu background.
  • Skill.cfg tweaked.
  • Hundreds (well around 90) of CFGs added for HL SP maps, to help make the Half-Life Single-Player game more playable (e.g. likely weapons given to players at the start of each map).
  • Gamespy tab included in mod directory ( svencoop.qst ).
  • Single-player game more challenging (can be made easier/harder, see FAQ for info).
  • Suicide, drop deapon and radio commands added to control setup.
  • Stuff that I've forgotten about, or that isn't worth mentioning.

Coding-Related Changes:

  • Map transitions generally work now! There're still some bugs, though... hopefully to be fixed in an upcoming patch.
  • Radio voices added! (bind keys to radio commands in control config). Servers/maps can use either Scientist or Grunt voices (or disable radio).
  • Grunts and Barneys no longer drop weapons. Fixes thousands-of-weapons thing.
  • (Almost) all monster corpses fade.
  • Less player corpses to help to keep frame-rate up.
  • "Door Fix" added (tiny fix for looping door sounds, taken from a Wavelength tutorial).
  • Map CFGs added. Individual maps can now have different settings.
  • Stuff such as Flashlight, Timelimit, Realistic Falling Damage and various physics stuff can be set in map CFGs.
  • Weapons changed to be more SP-ish (gauss jump can be re-enabled in map CFGs).
  • Skill level can be set in map CFGs (1=Normal, 2=Monsters harder to kill, 3=Monsters harder to kill and players easier to kill).
  • Player starting weapons and ammo can now be set in map CFG (including no weapons/ammo).
  • Can give longjump module or take away suit in map CFG.
  • Anti-telemerging feature for single-player maps (players can fly through each other/etc. for 1.5 secs after respawning). Can be enabled in map CFG (off by default).
  • Players get frags for killing monsters, and minus frags for killing scientists/Barneys. Can be disabled in map CFGs.
  • Team damage removed (No more server ops killing people with Egon as soon as they join).
  • Cheats removed (No more crashing servers with /give commands).
  • Trigger_loadsaved-s restart the map (better system will be worked out later).
  • Obituaries (death messages) changed/added.
  • Player IDs didn't work out, I'm afraid :/. Hopefully in later version.
  • Description changed, so GameSpy tab is now possible, etc.
  • Use "Drop" to throw current weapon (can bind in control config)
  • Monster dancing added. Monsters start dancing when nobody's looking. If you look around quickly enough, you might see them! Can be disabled with mp_monsterdance 0.
  • Domestic iceburg-related accidents reduced by 17.5%.
  • Monster dancing removed. Monsters got so busy dancing that they didn't want to fight anymore. Dancing code to be used in the upcoming SvenDance-A-Thon mod, currently being developed for both Half-Life and Wolf3D (big bug in the func_foxtrot entity at the moment, mod may be delayed for quite some time).
  • Code added that allows Sven Co-op team members to give electric shocks to players whom they do not like.
  • Above four list items found to be bogus.
  • Other stuff that I forgot, or didn't know about in the first place.