Monday, 17 May, 1999

New Co-op Map! Updated By Sven Viking @ 15:15 NZST

Craig Londale sent me a co-operative map he just finished called GargHunt. It's an outdoor Arena-type map where you and your friends "hunt" a Gargantua (although it seems to me that the Gargantua's hunting you)..

There's weapons about, various objects to hind behind, a Bullsquid high up acting as a "sniper", etc. (both the Bullsquid and the Gargantua respawn a while after dying). It might not be the fanciest map in the world, but it looks good, and it's a lot of fun to play (imho). Download it from the files page (you must have SvenCo-op installed to use the map).

BTW, speaking of co-op maps, I'll be making a page trying to get mapmakers to make co-op versions of their current single-player maps, and/or make new co-op maps, as soon as I secure some reliable FTP space (have E-mailed about it, will see what they say).

Also, to those who're having trouble "getting past the Gargantua at the start of SvenCo-op", don't kill Tor the Alien Grunt at the very beginning (he's on your side). He's there to give you your briefing.. if you kill him, all sorts of nasty things'll happen :). Also, read briefing1.txt! It's short but pretty important to the storyline.

Friday, 14 May, 1999

Stadium missing WAD Updated By Sven Viking @ 10:55 NZST

AARGH, forgot to include stadium1.wad in the zip :(( ! If you've already installed Stadium, download the WAD HERE or HERE, and extract it to your \Half-Life\ directory. If you haven't downloaded Stadium, the main zip's fixed now, so download it as normal (from HERE).

Thursday, 13 May, 1999

I've just finished and released "Stadium", an add-on map for SvenCo-op. In the map you can spawn virtually any Half-Life creatures and watch them kill each other. You can help one side by using the Gauss Gun, or by teleporting into the arena itself.

The map's great in single-player, but you can also play co-operatively with your friends. You could make bets on which monsters will survive, or one could spawn monsters while the others are in the arena, or whatever. The possibilities are endless (generally :) ).

Download the map from the Files page! (you need HL v1.0.0.9 or above)


Monday, 3 May, 1999

The single-player version of the map's online... this can also be used in multiplayer as an easier version of the co-operative map, if you find the normal map too hard.

To start a single player game, go to Multiplayer/LAN Game/Create Game/, select svensingle1.bsp, and click OK.

P.S., SvenCoop only works with Half-Life v1.0.0.9 and above.

Sunday, 2 May, 1999

SvenCoop v1.0 is now available on the Files page! This includes the entire first map, which should be relatively bug-free... Three 'Known Bugs' (that I can't do anything about) are:

The first map is unfortunately only half of a story, which was sort of intended to be one of a series of stories. Because of my lack of time and severe lack of mapping skills, I don't know if I'll ever be able to make the second map, and I definitely won't be able to do the 'sequels' I'd sort of planned before I actually started making the first map. However, I'll be altering the first map to make it playable in single-player, soon.

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