Back... New maps soon.    Date:  15/08/00    Updated By:  Sven Viking

Well, I'm back. Actually got back yesterday, but had a dentist's appointment, and didn't feel like updating the site after that ;). 

It was an interesting trip, actually... witnessed an earthquake, a really big lightning bolt that damaged some houses, and the fringes of a tornado (didn't actually see the tornado). Maniac's back too, BTW.

Not too much news at the moment, except that there are quite a few maps waiting for me to check out and upload (if they're reasonably good). Will see about that tomorrow if nothing goes wrong...

One of them is Osprey Attack, which features (as you may have guessed) an Osprey that drops grunts... It's a really nice map, imho -- if you check back tomorrow it'll hopefully be available for download.

Sven Viking


Site Changes, New Msg Board   Date:  7/08/00   Updated By:  Sven Viking

Hi all... just finished updating various parts of the site. Noticed yesterday that Maniac had removed the banner code from all pages somehow (guess it was an accident... PHL wouldn't have been happy about it, though), so I went through and added that...  and some of the links were broken. Fixed those that I found.

Anyway, while I was fixing that stuff, thought I might as well change some other things that the team and/or fans have had problems with, and some incorrect information (e.g. I've been handling map submissions since sometime in February... Maniac was just taking care of it while my computer was messed up, back then. There must have been some sort of mix-up).

Also, removed the anti-right-click script... people would know to use "Save As" if they for some reason wanted to steal images saying things like "SvenCo-op" or "Maniac" on them, so all it did was annoy people... hopefully this'll cut down on hate-mail ;).

Made it a bit easier to skip the "Pre-loading Images" script if people wish to do so, since some people were getting stuck. Added SvenCo-op Mapping World to the links again... removed images that weren't loading (they were messing up the moving-logo thingy), etc.

Also, Gamespy has kindly updated the SvenCo-op message board for us... update your bookmarks.

And I'm going away once again... leaving in a few hours. Hopefully It'll only be a few days, and may have net access some of the time.

Cya all

Sven Viking


Maniac Mod   Date:  3/08/00   Updated By:  Maniac

I'm going on holiday tomorrow for a week so everything should be sent to sven ( while I'm gone, including map submissions etc.

Also, I've just released the Maniac Mod for Half-Life.  Please check it out at Planet Maniac.



Site Clean Out   Date:  31/07/00   Updated By:  Maniac

Things are really hotting up around here. The release is nearing and I've updated the site's design, once again.

1.4 is gonna rock, take it from me...

I'm sorry I haven't updated in a while - but I've got to admit that Sven has been doing a great job. I'm going on holiday on friday for a week, so Sven will still be handling the user made map uploads until I get back. When I get back I will finish setting up the first Sven Co-op official fan site... More news on that when the time nears.