Undeath Released, Upcoming Changes, Etc.

Date:  25/Oct/00

Ah, finally managed to get a working copy of Undeath, by DeathBog. It's a well-made, atmospheric map, in which you have to escape from a pitch-black house full of zombies and escape to a seemingly unlikely place of sanctuary. Can be pretty scary :).

The r_speeds are quite high in some places, but if you're not too worried about that sort of thing, or if you have a fairly high-end computer, grab the map from the Files page. 

Keen has been added to the team, due to his mapping skills and his insistent nature ;). Also, Maniac is no longer a team member - we wish him the best of luck in future endeavours. Looks like the site may be moving in a while, BTW... watch out for that.

If you have some free time at some stage, why not visit the SvenCo-op IRC channel?

IRC server is: irc.gamesnet.net              Channel is: #svencoop

Was asked to mention RE: The Escape (for HL) on the news. Not a big Resident Evil fan, myself, but the mod looks pretty fancy, and will apparently include a co-op mode.

Going away tomorrow, BTW... taking my computer with me, though, so unless something terrible happens, I'll still be able to update the site and such :).

Sven Viking


 New Operation Retribution Map, Etc. Etc.  

Date:  23/Oct/00

Update: FileLeech mirrors have been added for most files.

Sorry about the lack of updates, was waiting for a map, but unfortunately there've been all sorts of problems, and I'm unable to release it yet :/. Anyway...

The sixth Operation Retribution map has been released! It's very well made, and features one of the scariest sequences I've seen in any map. Definitely one of the best SvenCo-op maps released to date. Highly recommended! You can download it (and the first five OpR maps, if you don't have them), from the Files page. 

A new Operation Retribution skins pack has also been released. They're high-quality skins, and fit in well with the of the maps' theme. Get them from the Files page.

The Faraon maps 1 and 2 have been added to the Files page. These maps look great visually, and there are many good ideas and fun parts. Unfortunately, though, bugs and high r_speeds in some areas make the maps less enjoyable (especially in the second map, where the spawnpoints face a map transition. One wrong tap of the Forwards button and the previous map loads). Hopefully these sorts of issues could be addressed in a later release.

Deathbog has finished his Undeath map (actually, it was finished a few days ago), but due to trouble transferring the map, and such, I haven't actually managed to get a working copy, yet :/. Hopefully it'll be released soon.

Keen mentions that Area 3, the sequel to Sector E, is nearing completion. Information and screenshots are available at his MapFinger page.

A new version of Alfred's Half-Life Admin Mod has been released, fixing a major security bug... if you're a server op, check it out! Several people have reported a SvenCo-op-related question on Gamespy's new mod quiz... and I hear that that interview with me has been tidied up rather. 

Another1_real has been making some progress with the source code, by the way... I'm still not sure of how long it'll be before the next version of SvenCo-op's released, though. Also, there's been rather of a "falling out" with Maniac, and it looks like we'll be getting a new site design in the near future.

Sven Viking


RandMap 3.0     Date:  10/Oct/00     Updated By:  Sven Viking

Randmap 3.0 was just released, by the way... it's a program that generates random maps for SvenCo-op/etc. Pretty fancy, too. A list of new features can be viewed on the RandMap site... Make sure to set the game to "Half-Life SvenCoop" under Options/Set game.

No luck with the code, yet :/. Will tell you when/if we get it working.

A mirror for War3 has been added to the Files page.

<off-topic-again> I found a game with me in it, today! Downloaded the Cultures demo, started the first tutorial, and there I was... Sven the Viking! Pretty nice :), doubt that they'll pay me anything because of it, though :/.

Besides that, the game actually seems a lot better than I'd expected (though it is fairly close to being a Settlers clone). If you want to try it out, in can be downloaded HERE.</>

Sven Viking


Server Upgraded, etc.     Date:  09/Oct/00     Updated By:  Sven Viking

Hmm, guess I'd better archive some news next time I update. Anyway...

More problems with the source code :/. Seems that nothing ever goes easily for this mod. Working to get it sorted out.

The dedicated server I mentioned in the last post has upgraded to v1.35 (was v1.31 before), so the lack-of-weapons problem should be gone, hopefully making things considerably funerer. In case you missed it before, the server's IP address is:

Keen's getting close to finishing his new map, SectorE. Several screenshots of the current version can be viewed HERE.

<off-topic>In case you didn't know, the Monkey Island 4 demo has been released :). Unfortunately, as with MI3, it still doesn't seem quite as Monkey-Island-ish as I'd like (still don't see why LucasArts couldn't have made some sort of deal with Gilbert, or at least consulted him in some way)... and personally, I prefered the point-and-click control system to the one from Grim... but it's a good game in any case.</off-topic>

Sven Viking


War3 released, New Server     Date:  06/Oct/00     Updated By:  Sven Viking

Update: At the time of posting, FilePlanet is down (again). If, when trying to download files, you get an error message, please try again later.

Oops, sorry, wrote out (some of) this news a while ago, and thought I'd uploaded it (but actually hadn't :/  ).

Rhomboid has set up a permanent dedicated SvenCo-op server (many thanks to him and the SpaceMonster network)! The server is at:

(IP:  Port: 27016 ).

War3, the third in the War series by André, is now available from the Files page. Also, he's decided to make a fourth (and final) War map after this (War3 had previously been intended to be the last map in the series).

On the subject of maps, Sobek is close to completing the sixth Operation Retribution map. I was able to check out a beta version recently, and it's looking pretty good!

Regarding the current situation in general: There are a few problems with the latest source code... something's gone wrong with CFG support, and there's a crash bug which is causing some trouble. BigGuy's currently working at sorting it out.

Sven Viking


SvenCo-op: Ressurection     Date:  01/Oct/00     Updated By:  Sven Viking

Won't bore you with the details, but as you may have guessed we've been having some general problems over the last... well, year or two. Anyway, important thing is that I now have the latest SvenCo-op source code (thanks to BigGuy for that)...

What I'm intending to do is get it compiled and tested rather... If there's nothing that needs fixing too badly, we'll probably release a version of some sort shortly after that. Don't expect the fancy stuff such as friendly monsters yet, though... they were set up for the old SDK, might be a while before they're working with HL v1.1.

Another1_real (Coder) and Sniper (various) have been officially added to the team, as well as Alfred (who's helped us a lot in the past, and will hopefully be porting any future releases of SvenCo-op to Linux).

I notice that SvenCo-op was featured in Gamespot's Mod Week, in a list described as "the best Half-Life mods" :). Not bad considering that the version they would've been using is temporary with minimal features.

Sean's map, TheBase, has finally been added to the Files page, and at least one new map should be released tomorrow. On the subject of maps, Sniper's currently in the process of finishing a new version of the Osprey Attack map.

And lastly, if you keep an eye on JackIn over the next few days, you might see a SvenCo-op interview pop up.

Sven Viking


Lotsa Stuff:     Date:  3/Oct/00     Updated By:  Sven Viking

Don't have that much time, and aren't feeling that good, so am going to write this fairly quickly... sorry if there're mistakes or things don't make sense. Anyway, here's a general update so you all know what's going on:

I've had a really nasty flu for the last few days, and have spent most of the time in bed. Still not feeling great... voice hasn't fully returned yet/etc.

Erich got his moth smashed in by a baseball a while ago :(, and he's been too doped up on pain killers to be able to do anything much.

BigGuy's so busy with school and advanced classes and such that he's not going to be able to do much coding for quite a while. We're looking for more good coders to help... E-mail me if you know of anyone who'd be willing to help, thanks.

Light_dud's extremely busy with school/etc. also, and has had to leave the team... maybe only temporarily.

Mad Jonesy passed 10 GSCEs with various grades, and, last I heard, is in a stable condition.

I'm going to be moving about for the next few days, and won't have computer access...

We'll probably be officially hiring Another1_real to help with coding and Sniper to help with mapping/2D art, when I get back. Another1_real is working on a lot of other mods, though, so one more coder would be extremely useful.

We're in need of a good weapon animator... if you know of one who'd be able to help us, E-mail me, thanks!

Sean made a map that I should have posted before, but couldn't 'cos I was sick... and now I don't have time :/. You should be able to temporarily download it from HERE, however.

Well, Cya all.

Sven Viking


New Map Pack:  Invasion     Date:  27/Sep/00     Updated By:  Sven Viking

The Invasion map pack, by DeathBog, is now available from the Files page. It consists of four maps, which should keep you busy for a while, and includes floating flying saucers with red tractor beams! :).

FileLeech mirrors for both it and Bunker should be available soon (seems that either I forgot to submit Bunker, before, or it just didn't get mirrored for some reason :/  ).

A note to people trying to create a message board account: If you don't get an E-mail with your password/etc. within a reasonable time, it may be that you've accidentally entered your E-mail incorrectly. Try again and make sure that your E-mail address is correct.

BigGuy has been doing some work on the new version's code, BTW... had to port the old 1.4 code to the new SDK and such, and has ended up taking longer than had been expected. If all goes well, I'll be posting a status report here in 2-3 days. 

Sven Viking


Another New Map:  -  Bunker    Date:  18/Sep/00    Updated By:  Sven Viking

Sorry about not updating yesterday, but the power was out for quite a while :/. A new map, by Kenny, is now available from the Files page

It's a walk-through-style map called Bunker. Several stages require two or more players to complete, and I was checking it by myself, so I wasn't able to test it fully... it seems to be a very well-made map, though - recommended (2 players required).

A FileLeech mirror for the Osprey Attack map has also been added to the Files page -- one for the Bunker map should be ready shortly. Also, there are still some maps I haven't been able to check out... hopefully they'll be online within the next few days.

Looks like I'm going to be away yet again, starting from tomorrow :/... I'll be taking my computer and should actually be able to use it, though. Will double-check that I have all the necessary components this time :).

Sven Viking


New map - Osprey Attack    Date:  16/Sep/00    Updated By:  Sven Viking

The Osprey Attack map is now available from the Files page. The map was made by Sniper (who's currently working on some of the Co-op Crisis maps), and is of a high quality. A recommended download. BTW, Sniper wanted me to mention that this isn't a "grunt-fest" -- the grunts can be held off fairly easily if you organize things slightly.

Afraid that some things came up today, and I didn't get to check out the other maps. Hopefully there'll be some more available tomorrow... there might be a FileLeech mirror for the Osprey Attack map then, too.

P.S. - Added links to FileLeech mirrors for several other maps, too.

Sven Viking