Will Updates Never Cease? Date: 26/09/99
Updated by: Sven Viking
Added a hit counter to the bottom of the page, last night... I notice that the SvenCo-op site got over 150 (apparently unique) hits within 12 hours... not too bad for a small mod site that isn't updated much.

Should be able to pick the "winning" voiceovers tomorrow... if I don't have my new system back by then, though, I may postpone it for another day.. no reason to cut off entries 'till I can actually use the WAVs. Hopefully the computer was shipped on Saturday, and will be here on Monday (which would be Sunday, for Americans :) ), but I wouldn't count on it... "Four days at the most" they say. Heh :(.

Last poll results show that most ppl like the new design... BTW, I might move things around a bit so as to get more room for the news/etc... The poll being on the left now is the start of it ( <----- that way ;)...

- Sven Viking

Yet Another Update Date: 23 ½/09/99
Updated by: Sven Viking
Well, the poll results show that the majority of people would like monsters in SvenCo-op to do a little dance.

Less Damage (0) 0%
About the same damage (16) 36%
More Damage (5) 11%
A little dance (23) 52%
This may come to a shock to some of you, but "Little Dance Code" is already included in SvenCo-op v1.2... typing "sv_dance 1" into the console causes monsters, scientists, etc. to do a variety of dances as long as no1 is watching them. As soon as they hear you coming, however, they stop. If you look quickly enough, you might catch a glimpse of them dancing.

Just joking, don't have the expertise required to add Dance Technology to HL :(. Maybe it'll be in TF2.

Don't know if I'll have my new system back by tomorrow, as I'd hoped :/... if not, I'll ring them up and tell them I have mafia connections, or something :). A new poll is up, nothing important this time (unlike the Little Dance poll). Coming up next - a poll asking people whether they use polls or not !!

- Sven Viking

Another Update Date: 23/09/99
Updated by: Sven Viking
Heh, 2 updates in 2 days, that must be a new record or something (for the SvenCo-op site).

Have changed the poll already, sorry to those who didn't get to vote, but I think I've got the general idea of things.. final votes were:

Easier to kill - 6 (15%)
About the same - 13 (33%)
Harder to kill - 17 (43%)
Really hard, but less monsters - 3 (8%)
Don't know/Other - 1 (3%)

BTW, if anyone else wants to try doing any of the voices, don't take too long over it... Those who already have the lines/info, try to have the samples finished and E-mailed to me asap, thanks.

- Sven Viking

Speech Update/Poll/etc. Date: 22/09/99
Updated by: Sven Viking
Hi all... Quite a lot of people have E-mailed me regarding the voice acting ad, will probably compare the different samples and pick the best ones in a couple of days... might hopefully have my new system back by then, and actually be able to put the samples into the map :).

As you've probably noticed, there's a poll over to the right of the screen (that way -----> ). I'll change the questions every-so-often (next poll will be asking whether the monsters should do more/less damage). Please don't bother to cheat, I just want to find out what people think... I probably won't do what they want anyway :) (see here!)

BTW, the logo-type image above was created by Mr.Stempien.. didn't credit him B4 'cos I'd lost his E-mail :(. Thanks to him for making the pic!

- Sven Viking

New site design, etc. Date: 17/09/99
Updated by: Sven Viking
The new site design I mentioned earlier is here, as you can see (thanks to Maniac!) check the below post for info. If you have any feedback, send it to either of us.

I'm still in need of 'voice actors' for SvenCoop2. If you're interested, check this page! Thanks.

- Sven Viking

Sven Coop New Design! Date : 16/09/99
Updated by : Maniac
Well I've re-designed the site for all of you lucky people! I've known Sven Viking for a while now, and he asked me about a week ago to do it for him, as a favour. If any of you would like me to design your site, please e-mail me. I'm currently working on Quakezone, and Goldeneye (A mod for Half-Life). You'll know doubt here about the Goldeneye mod at Planet Half-Life, as I'll probably be getting the site hosted there. You can also see some more of my sites at my own planet, Planet Maniac. I would like to join the Aftershock team for all of you members of the Aftershock team reading this, doing websites for each of the mods/programmes. I can also do other useful things and have worked on mods before, such as making new console and menu backgrounds in Half-Life. If any member of the Aftershock team would like to get in contact with me, or anyone else, my ICQ number is 28649226.



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