New map, etc. etc. Date: 15/10/99
Updated by: Sven Viking
Kune sent me this co-operative map that he made... the r_speeds seem a bit high, and it's the first map he's created, so it may not be perfect. The map's called 'Torn', and is sorta a cross between Stadium and GargHunt, or something :).

BTW, in my last post, I forgot to add the link to PAK Explorer. It's really useful, just be careful if dragging files from a PAK file to a folder (they'll be moved, not copied.. use "Extract To", instead).

The message board is going pretty well, will have to wipe the older messages pretty soon... go and check it out sometime, there're some interesting messages in there (such as info on a Danish gaming magazine which is illegally distributing SvenCo-op, and other mods).

The SvenCoop2 alpha is nearly ready, BTW... got a lot of work to do within the next few days, though, so it's unlikely that I'll be able to finish it this weekend (to avoid misunderstandings, not the whole map, the alpha, which'll be somewhere around 40% of the full map). Here's a screenshot from the map, anyway:

- Sven Viking

SP maps again Date: 12/10/99
Updated by: Sven Viking
Regarding the last post, SP maps do work in co-op, now (not map transitions, though... you still have to change maps manually). This means that there's a virtually inexhaustable number of maps to play in co-op!

What I failed to mention last night, though, is that you need to have the MAPs, and any WADs (and possibly WAVs) that they need in your SvenCoop\ or Valve\ directory (that is, the maps in your svencoop\maps\ or valve\maps\ dir, etc.).

If the maps/etc. are in a PAK file, this can probably be done simply by copying it into the SvenCo-op dir. However: the PAK might contain files that mess SvenCo-op up, so you'd be advised to check things out using a prog suck as Pak Explorer, 1st. You could extract the BSPs and WADs and put them in the correct dirs, or whatever.

Warning: Please make sure you don't overwrite any files when doing any of the above, or other SvenCo-op maps/stuff might stop working.

Poll results:

Norway (16) 15%
Sweden (35) 32%
Denmark (8) 7%
Austria (3) 3%
New Zealand (16) 15%
Paraguay (1) 1%
Dreamland (31) 28%
110 Total Votes
The answer was New Zealand (not counting Dreamland), so most of you were wrong :).
- Sven Viking

Single-player maps Date: 10/10/99
Updated by: Sven Viking
I haven't tested this thoroughly, but it seems that, using Half-Life v1.0.1.3, user-created single-player maps (such as Freeman's Revenge and USS Darkstar) can now be played in co-op. To do this, first you need some single-player maps (check Radium).. then start a server as normal, using a svenCo-op map (such as GargHunt). After the map has loaded, go to the console and type:
changelevel mapname
Where I is the name of a single-player map... just as you'd do to use the normal Half-Life single-player maps (clients join as normal, they'll need to have the map you're using, of course).

If you'd done this using an earlier version of Half-Life, and the map didn't have an info_player_deathmatch entity, you'd normally spawn in the middle of the Void. Using v1.0.1.3 of HL, though, you seem to spawn at an info_player_start, instead.

If you can or cannot get this stuff working, please E-mail me and tell me about it.

- Sven Viking

Bla Date: 7½/10/99
Updated by: Sven Viking
Sorry about the last post... brain was low on oxygen :).

The correct answer is actually leading in the poll, at the moment, BTW (not counting 'Dreamland'). Maybe ppl are cheating ;).

- Sven Viking

Unimportant stuff Date: 7/10/99
Updated by: Sven Viking
New Halo mov! (well, it's generally the old one, but double the quality). Worth getting even if you have an older version, imho.

Haven't been feeling at all well just lately (6:45am at the moment, and haven't slept yet).. was feeling pretty bad a few hours ago, limbs started going numb and such... everything in general started moving (appearing to move), started feeling like going to sleep (somewhat suddenly, whether standing up or whatever). Felt sorta dangerous to me :), so I kept myself awake. Feeling better now, but still not good... toes/fingers tingling, and screen won't say completely still for that long at a time. Seems like a good way to die, to me (as things go)... almost pleasant, feels like Ur floating... don't intend to die anytime soon, though... too much work to do, don't have time.

Sorry if post sounds sorta weird, feel like talking/typing, but not much good at it just now. Will just upload this (hopefully), then go and see about breathing and such.

Oh yeah, P.S., poll so far shows that very few ppl have any idea of my nationality :).

- Sven Viking

Message Board Again Date: 6/10/99
Updated by: Sven Viking
Have altered the message board slightly... looks more like the SvenCo-op site, now. A few ppl have started posting messages in there.. if you want to talk about anything co-op related (or almost nearly co-op related, sort of), go ahead (keep things inoffensive, thanks :)

If the poll results are accurate (which is unlikely :/ ), 7% of SvenCo-op "readers" are female (2)... so those who wanted me to post porn on the site are out of luck, I'm afraid ;). <please note: that was a joke>

No work done on SvenCoop2 since last post... got faxes piling up everywhere and such, and am still feeling fairly unwell.

- Sven Viking

Message Board Date: 5/10/99
Updated by: Sven Viking
Gamespy's kindly set up a message board for SvenCo-op, BTW... there's a link to it on the menu. It might look a bit strange at the moment.. I'll be altering the colours/etc. once I get the L/P for the Gamespy FTP.

Have got a bit of work done on SvenCoop2... getting close to being beta-able. Have sent the Tor WAVs to someone to be altered, since I'm not feeling like it and am not that good at it anyway... Once I get them back, about the only thing that should need to be done is to put them in and get the timing right.

- Sven Viking

Stuff. (Again). Date: 3/10/99
Updated by: Sven Viking
To answer several people's questions: No, I do not intend to sell SvenCoop2. If, however, anyone is willing to pay $US 889.90 for a floppy disk with a Half-Life map on it, I'd be more than happy to change my mind :).

Have done generally no work whatsoever on Svencoop2 since the last news update :/. Have lots of other stuff to do, and am sick, yet again, so don't feel like doing anything at all. Again I refer to this comic :). And this one.

Umm.. there's probably more to say, but I can't think of what. Chubby's happy to have won the character popularity poll, BTW, and says that he'll help you out in SvenCoop2 if he get's the chance. BTW, if anyone feels horribly healthy, and needs a disease or two, contact me... I'll pay for the postage :).

Chubby (23) 37%
A new, SvenCoop2 character (13) 21%
Tor (9) 15%
Barney (9) 15%
Undecided/Multiple (4) 6%
None/Other (4) 6%

- Sven Viking X-p

Computer Technicians Narrowly Escape with Lives Date: 30/09/99
Updated by: Sven Viking
Hi all, sorry about not updating yesterday, went to sleep B4 I had the chance. Got my new system back yesterday, and everything appears to be working :), typing this stuff on it, at the moment (AQ2 looks great on a 32meg TNT2 card! Dark, though).

As you can see (or should be able to, if you're reading this), I've increased the size of the news frame. Sorry to any1 using 640x480... try 800x600 for a while, it's nicer.

BTW, if you haven't seen the Halo mov, you're missing a lot :). It's worth D/Ling just for the music, imho, but along with the video, it's pretty amazing (you'll need Quicktime).

Have been working on SvenCoop2 a bit, trying to get it working well enough to be able to release a beta...
Does anyone knows how to "lock" a func_button (in Worldcraft), like the button that starts the rotors in the start of Half-Life is locked, at 1st? (it's not really the cover that's protecting it). Alternatively, does anyone know how to make a button, or another brush with an (on/off-type) animated texture, that can be toggled by a trigger, but not pressed? If so, E-mail me the info, thanks! Had something working B4, but I think v1.0.1.3 broke it :/.

Regarding the voice acting stuff:
The 'actor' chosen to portray the Friendly Grunt is Kevin Stempien (the guy who made the logo, above)! The 'actor' chosen to portray Tor is... Tor! (really!). Tor Stokka.

They both get 10% off pre-ordering SvenCoop2.bsp, which I'll be selling on disk for only $89.95* ( +799.95* p&p, non-refundable). Buy now! >;)
Special Offer: Get a Chubby soft toy with any two SvenCo-op products, or any order of over $1500*! (just don't tell Valve).

* All prices in US$, or your local currency, if it's worth more
- Sven Viking

Speech samples chosen!... nearly Date: 28/09/99
Updated by: Sven Viking
Just so as to annoy everyone, I'll put the boring, off-topic stuff first >:).
Just made a SvenCo-op banner... anyone who wants to use it (or the button, above) to link to this site is welcome to :). For non Atomic Half-Life readers, it's a take-off of my old Atomic banner.
Update: Sorry all, forgot to add the links :) (see here!)

New poll up, BTW. In the last poll, most people said they'd like a beta of SvenCoop2 to be released (23 said Yes, 9 said No). Will probably release a beta sometime... nothing's definite, though.

Now, on to more important matters...

I've just chosen the voices for Tor the alien grunt, and the friendly human grunt. It wasn't an easy decision, there were lots of great entries (several different accents for the human grunt that sounded really good, etc.).. I might release "alternative voice packs" sometime after SvenCoop2's released... it'd be a pity to waste some of the samples.

Haven't been able to decide which Kaag voice to use, yet... However, as you meet Kaag at the end of the map, and considering that I'm nowhere near making the end of the map, yet, I don't actually need the sounds straight away... So, if anyone else would like to try out for Kaag's voice, go HERE for general info, then E-mail me and I'll send you the lines. Thanks.

Thanks to everyone who tried out for any of the parts!!!

I'll be posting info on the "winning" 'actors' tomorrow, (unless "something" goes 'wrong'). I like using the "quote" key! ;). '"'"'"'"'"'"'"'"'"!

- Sven Viking
P.S., if I don't get a working computer in the mail, tomorrow, some technicians are going to have unfortunate accidents.

Poll Stuff Date: 27/09/99
Updated by: Sven Viking
Hmm, according to the poll, quite a few people use 640x480 as their desktop resolution... far more than I'd expected... (unless they thought I was asking what resolution they used in Half-Life, or something).
640x480 (?!) (10) 13%
800x600 (23) 31%
1024x768 (27) 36%
Higher (15) 20%

Now I'm not sure of whether to expand the news frame or not... I think I might do it anyway, actually (sorry to any 640x480-ers... try using 800x600 for a while, you might like it).

New poll is up, over there... relatively important, this time (although obviously not as important as the Little Dance Poll™).
- Sven Viking

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