Working conback.lmp fix? Date: 21/06/00 Updated By: Sven Viking

Well, I'm back (actually, got back a while ago, but PHL FTP was down).

Have been talking to a lot of people who've experienced the conback error, and I think a real way of fixing it may have been discovered (don't know why this works, but quite a few people have said that it does)...

The fix seems to be simply to load Half-Life using a shortcut, with the "-console" argument in the command line (e.g.:

hl.exe -console

). If that doesn't work, try adding the -dev argument, also.

Do not use the -game argument to run SvenCo-op by default, (or any other mod), as this may be what causes the conback error. Instead, swap between mods using the Custom Game menu option.

For detailed instructions on making a shortcut to HL, CLICK HERE! Reports on whether this works or not would be helpful, thx.

Again, thanks to all those who worked out or helped to work out the fix above! I'd list them all, but there're a lot, and I'd be afraid of missing someone out.

BTW, BigGuy is seeing about taking his HDD/etc. out of his computer so he can send it (the computer) in for repairs, about now. The v1.4 source code is on that HD, so if something goes wrong (e.g. a herd of elephants charges through his house and tramples it), SvenCo-op is going to be in definite trouble. So everyone cross their fingers and/or eyes. Thanks.

Conback.lmp fix info Date: 19/06/00 Updated By: Sven Viking

Update: Take no notice of the below stuff, it probably won't help.

Jvstein mentions:

I haven't figured out exactly what directory it should be placed in, but if you copy the file into every Half-Life\SvenCoop\ directory it does work.

(he means every dir in the SvenCoop\ dir... such as media\ and maps\). Well, hope that helps... I'm off. Cya all.

Conback.lmp fix? Date: 18/06/00 Updated By: Sven Viking

Update2: Take no notice of the below stuff, it probably won't help.

Update: Someone's told me that the fix below had no effect on them... this might not be the case for everyone, but if it is, the only thing I can think of is that Half-Life is looking for the conback.lmp file in the wrong place...

Try installing the test fix below (if you need to), and if it doesn't work, try copying the conback.lmp file from your svencoop\gfx\ directory to your svencoop\ directory, then tell me how it goes, thx.

Just BTW, the Deus Ex demo is a lot of fun... Didn't like it so much as first, but that was because I was trying to shoot the enemies :). More fun sneaking about... just completed it without killing anyone (though Hermann knifed a few people). And the second, non-combative map can be more interesting than the first, if you do the right things (e.g. hack into everyone's computers and read their E-mail... and try to piece together some of the information). Hope I can get the full version before too long. Anyway, I'm going to sleep now. 'Night all.

Hi all... can hardly think well enough to type at the moment :), but will do my best. BTW, thanks to everyone who E-mailed me suggestions/etc. about the conback.lmp thing. Also, found out that it's actually conback.Lmp (An irregular or awkward gait), not .Imp (a small demon). Got it wrong in the last update :/.

In any case... if you've been getting the "couldn't load conback.lmp" error message when trying to load SvenCo-op, try downloading this zip file (35k) and extracting it to your Half-Life directory...

Since I haven't actually experienced the "conback" problem, I can't be sure of whether it actually works or not... so if people could E-mail me and tell me if the fix works/doesn't work/something else, it'd be quite helpful. Thanks.

On a non-conback-related subject, looks like I'm going to be away for hopefully no longer than 2-3 days, starting from tomorrow (Sunday in the US). Cya soon, all.

Conback.Imp bug... need help Date: 16/06/00 Updated By: Sven Viking

Hmm... a few people have been getting a "couldn't load conback.Imp" error message when trying to load SvenCo-op (HL then shuts down or similar). Unfortunately, we have no idea of what's causing this... don't know of anyone who does have a conback.Imp file, but it still works for most people. Pretty weird :/. You'd think it'd be .Bmp, rather than .Imp... maybe that's the problem, somehow.

If anyone knows anything about this conback thing, information would be greatly appreciated, thanks!! <E-mail here>.

BTW, Deus Ex demo is supposed to be being released tomorrow... looks pretty promising. Also, if all goes well, I'll finally be getting a copy of OpFor, soon :). Nice.

New temp fix file mirror Date: 13/06/00 Updated By: Sven Viking

There's now a high-speed mirror for the new fix HERE (still 401k). Thanks to FileLeech for this one!

Net code update: Tweak guide didn't help, but things are continuing to run reasonably, so I won't complain. Nice to be able to snipe people properly, at least... <stupid boasting, do not read> got 4 people in 3 shots (in a row) on de_dust today :). Not amazing, but it was fun. Also killed five CTs in one corridor on cs_747 (luck), then shot another CT off a building to his death in the same round. Just like a movie (sorta :) ). </sb,dnr>

New temporary fix... Date: 12/06/00 Updated By: Sven Viking

Update2: It's been over 12 hours, and the fix doesn't seem to have been mirrored on ANY of the FilePlanet servers yet :/. Must be something wrong with FilePlanet again, I guess, 'cos it didn't used to take anywhere near this long.

'Till they get it fixed, you can download the fix directly from HERE! (this link actually works... or did at the time of posting, anyway). Thanks to Kune from the Seeking of Appolyon mod for the link.

There's a new, non-beta version of the temporary fix (v1.31) available HERE (401k), which includes a couple of bug fixes/etc. You don't need to install the beta fix before using this, but if you already did, it doesn't matter - just extract this version over the top of it.

On another subject, parts 1, 2 and 3 of the map pack being made by Seraph ("The Exhale Saga") are up on the Files page. The maps are pretty fun to play and quite large... parts 4, 5 and 6 of the series are intended to be released in about three months.

Regarding new net code: Been playing Counterstrike tonight, and it ran fairly smoothly (though my ping was still a lot higher than it used to be, for some reason). Have no idea of what's going on, now. Maybe it just works well sometimes and not others, or something?

SvenCo-op v1.31b ! Date: 11/06/00 Updated By: Sven Viking

Hi all... for those who haven't heard what's been going on, here's what I wrote recently (has since been archived) :

Hi again, all. As you may know by now, the new version of Half-Life is incompatible with all old mods, including SvenCo-op :/. This means that SvenCo-op won't run once you install the Half-Life update. BigGuy and Alfred are currently working together to create a temporary fix for this problem... hopefully it'll be ready within the next few days.

Because BigGuy still hasn't been able to fix his computer, he can't actually port any SvenCo-op stuff over to the new version of Half-Life yet, so the temporary fix will contain only a few basic co-op features (e.g. map transitions, no player killing, monsters in multiplayer). We'll try to arrange a full fix asap, but that might not be too soon.

Well, Alfred and BigGuy have been working on the fix for the last couple of days, and what appears to be a fully working version has been finished just now. Many thanks to BigGuy, who had to work under difficult circumstances, and to Alfred, who had no obligation to help us, but helped anyway.He also runs the HL Admin Mod, which happens to work with SvenCo-op! </plug>

Download the fix HERE! (401k). HL v1.1.0.0, and SvenCo-op v1.3 must be properly installed before you install the fix.

Note: Don't know if this only affects me, but it seems that when starting a LAN or Internet game from the Multiplayer menu, the console will come up, then you'll be returned to the menu. At this point, wait for about 5-10 seconds, click "OK", then click "Resume Game". Hopefully things should run smoothly from then on in.

We haven't had time to test the fix that thoroughly, so bug reports would be helpful, thanks... keep in mind that this is only a temporary fix, and contains only a few basic features... a full fix will have to wait 'till BigGuy's in a position to make one. Features that should be working are: Monsters/map transitions in multiplayer, monster fading, monsters don't drop guns, player-killing disabled.

On the subject of the new net code, I had re-adjusted my settings to what I normally used, but still experienced an unplayable level of lag... however, Mad Jonsey suggested reducing my fps_rate to 31, and it helped gigantically, as did lowering my screen resolution. This is all pretty weird, since the framerate and packet rate aren't supposed to be associated anymore, and the networking stuff should have priority over the framerate itself... have E-mailed Erik Johnson about it, hopefully he'll know what's going on. And tell me. Maybe.

Haven't been able to try the new tweak guide/s yet, BTW, 'cos I got into the Diablo II beta yesterday, and have been playing it pretty thoroughly today :). Will try it out tomorrow (the tweak guide).

P.S., there'll probably be a new map or so released tomorrow. Stay tuned for further developments.

P.P.S., Happy Birthday to Erich! (Lead Weapons Modeler)

Updated HTML Date: 10/06/00 Updated By: Maniac
I've updated the site so the links are more visible. Still waiting for Big Guy to sort his computer out, good luck man.

On the subject of the new netcode - WTF has gone on? I used to get an average ping of 150 on my 56k modem once I've tweaked it with my guide, and now I'm lucky to get below 220! Let me explain why the new netcode FEELS better to some people:

The old netcode worked like this. Press fire - wait - gun shoots

The new netcode: Press fire - gun fires - wait - hit

That's why it FEELS better to some people, but like Sven said, the new netcode is considerably worse. If valve don't sort this out, I will no longer play Half-Life online - that's how bad it is. It's a joke!

P.S the new smoke grenades are REAL cool in CS. I've updated my ping guide with new information.