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January 2007

Bodyguard and Xen Commander NPC Shots
5 January, 2007 | by Sniper


I hope everyone had a good holiday! I didn't, as I work in retail currently. Chaos beyond belief. :(

It looks like the video I promised is going to take a bit longer than expected. Instead, here's some shots of the new bodyguard NPC for v3.5 Bronze. The NPC was designed mainly for the Assassination game type, but mappers are free to place the NPC in other kinds of levels as well.

These are development shots, so please pardon the additional text on the screenshots.

In some of the shots, you can see a few dead (Alien) Commanders. The portals hovering in the air were recently created by them. The Xen Commanders generate the portals to summon reinforcements.

The bodyguard model pictured above was created by Erosion_84 with help from The Zxeno Prophet. They'll be enjoying bonus features in the next patch. Good job guys!

Thanks also goes to everyone else that somehow participated in the contest. :)

Additional media will be posted soon. Stay tuned!



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