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October 2002

v2.1 Patch On Its Way / CreepsWorld SvenCo-op Returns!
6 October, 2002 | by Sven Viking

An update is in progress, and is, in fact, already nearing completion!! Here are some of the things that have been changed:

* Fixed friendly RoboGrunts/Male Assassins shooting Alien Grunts/Gargs
* Fixed model replacement bug for Male Assassin/Robo/Leech
(piranha time!)
* Changed 5 second wait for Gonome to 4 seconds (before throwing spit)
* Monstermaker monster properties for monsters only
* Fixed Houndeye pause problem
* Re-implemented eat for Houndeye
* Medkit uses skill settings
* SKILL entry for RoboGrunt's explosion damage  {Woohoo! Mad suicide Robogrunts! :)  - Sven}
* Robo Grunts, Human Grunts and Male Assassins do not throw grenades at dead enemies.
* Fixed Medkit mirror health
* Added sv_dropweapons for Deathbog's map
* Fixed minor problem with Valve SP maps

(At least a bit more will be added before the patch is finished). A new WON ID list will also be included, by the way... so if you'd been considering supporting the mod, now would be the time to do it, since you wouldn't have long to wait before you got access to the electric crowbar/gilded Uzis.

After a downtime of many weeks, CreepsWorld SvenCo-op, the leading SvenCo-op fan site, is back... and even better than before! Some of the improvements are as follows:

  • 5 new sections, which include: News Archive, Official Maps, Clans database, Map Centre and Weeklymapping
  • All existing sections have been re-written and are now at least 3 times as powerful and faster than before
  • Users can register an account and actually USE the account and DO something with it
  • Commenting system programmed into the existing reviews database, preview database, interview database, the Weekly Poll, and the news, so you can now actually review our reviews and let your opinion be heard.
  • We are now using our own home made newsscript, which will be released as a stand-alone script to the public in a few weeks
  • New website layout (hope you like it ;) )
  • Rating system applied to the modelbase and mapcentre
  • 2 job openings: Reviewer, 2 times.
  • New forum

Go and check it out!  If you're a mapper or modeller, I'd also suggest that you take a look at one of my favorite sections, the Modelbase.



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