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» News Archive:


October 2011

4.6 Status Update
23 October, 2011 | by Nih


It has been a while since the last progress update, but we can assure you that Sven Co-op is still being developed and that we are getting very close to releasing. Version 4.6 is currently going through the final phase of testing and the new version is set to include a considerable amount of new features, fixes and tweaks as well as maps.

A few of the more interesting changes include:
  • trigger_setcvar: Allows mappers to dynamically change certain game cvars in-game, such as gravity or skill settings.
  • func_breakables and func_pushables can now be immune to player damage, making the creation of defense maps far more practical.
  • Mappers can now set players to be invulnerable during camera sequences.
  • trigger_changemodel is now fixed.
  • The shock rifle can now be used to charge other players’ HEV suits.
  • The bodyguard NPC now uses his own set of sounds.
  • A new NPC: The Kingpin:
    Instead of wasting precious characters describing this new semi-boss NPC we have decided to show him using images shown in rapid sequence:

(Note: the video may not be an accurate representation of the Kingpin’s strength.)

On top of this, 4.6 is also going to include converted coop campaigns of Half-Life: Uplink and They Hunger: Episode 2, as well as 3 new maps: Momma Mesa, Turret Fortress, and Toad Snatch.

Each of the three new maps offers a unique style of gameplay instead of the traditional walkthrough map.

  • In Momma Mesa, the missions you must complete depend on how well you performed in the previous missions.

  • In Turret Fortress, the goal is to defeat 12 waves of swarming monsters by constructing sentry turrets and buying special npcs. One player must manage the construction of defenses through an in-game GUI, while the other players construct turrets, manage power failures, and defend the base infrastructure against attacks by infiltrating soldiers.

  • In Toad Snatch, players must divide themselves into an attack and defense team. The defense team must protect an Obelisk from destruction by monsters that increase in difficulty over time, while the attack team must reach the end of the map and bring back a “Chumtoad Deluxe”. Any player who dies will be unable to assist the attack team.



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