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November 2011

Hosting issues
25 November, 2011 | by Sven Viking


Update: RapidXen.net have very kindly provided us with a dev server! Many thanks to everyone who offered to help!!

For the last few years, Trinity Gaming have very kindly provided us with Sven Co-op development servers free of charge. Many thanks to them, and particularly Dave, for all their help!! Due to recent changes of circumstances, however, we unfortunately need to find new hosting within the next few days.

We've been looking at some plans in the $65/month range, but that may be outside our budget in the long term. I'm just posting this in case anyone can offer us any suggestions or help. This server would run four large Subversion repositories (several GB in total), a bug tracker, and preferably a couple of private game servers for testing. We don't mind paying something, but our funds are somewhat limited.


Regarding donations
18 November, 2011 | by Sven Viking


Just to mention that anyone planning to donate for the bonus features in version 4.6 should do so now, as the cutoff date is coming up soon. Be sure to include your Steam ID!

If you donated after the v4.5 release but did not receive a reply saying your Steam ID had been added, please follow these instructions to send me your Steam ID. There may have been a problem with your e-mail address.




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