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December 2002

2.5 and Creepsworld Top 50
31 December, 2002 | by Mad Jonesy

Happy New Year everyone! To celebrate the start of the new year, here's an update!

Sven is still away doing whatever Sven does, but work on Sven Co-op 2.5 is progressing rapidly. For example, the nice new Voltigores are nearly finished. Coded in by Sniper, these are a pretty accurate recreation of the Opposing Force monster, only slightly stronger. You can see some pictures of me and Sniper testing the Volti's in assorted maps below. As well as a nasty melee attack, the Voltigore can also fire balls of electrical energy at long range, zapping anything that gets too close, or in the case of the second picture. Sniper.


Creepsworld.com have been running their top 50 Sven Co-op map vote, the maps are actually voted for by the players using a whole bunch of different methods. I've been asked nicely to include some information about the vote in the SC.com news. So here it is, ripped directly from Creepsworld..

How to vote:

Posting a reply to the Top 50 Thread in the Creepsworld Forums...
Vote Here

Posting a reply to the Top 50 Thread in the SvenCo-op Forums...
Or Vote Here

Sending an email to The-Real-Game with the subject Top 50 SC Map Vote...Or Vote Here

Get voting, if you haven't already! Every vote really does count and theres plenty of time left to vote. Just make sure you run off to Creepsworld.com to check out the rules first!

Work on 2.5 is going really quickly, so expect more updates soonish, maybe even including a look at some of the three new weapons!!



SvenCo-op version 2.1 Released!!
19 December, 2002 | by Sven Viking

SvenCo-op 2.1 has been released! On almost the anniversary of 2.0B's release, actually (it's tomorrow)... thanks to Honking Donkey for pointing that out.

Speaking of which: Thanks to all team members for all the work they've put into the mod, especially Sniper, who's done a heap of coding on 2.1! Thanks to all the beta testers, the mirror providers, and also the fans/donors who've helped with the mod in various ways (running servers/etc)! Wouldn't have reached this point without all of you.

Anyway, head over to the Mirrors page to download the v2.0F to v2.1 update (you need SvenCo-op 2.0F installed before using the v2.1 update)! If your new to SvenCo-op, make sure to check the Files page for important map packs and other files.

You can Click Here for a full features/changes list... a few of the main features are:

  • Three new maps, several updated maps
  • Two and a half new monsters
  • One new weapon
  • New monster abilities/behaviors
  • Loads of small features and improvements added
  • Loads of bugs fixed
  • Latest WON ID list added

Discuss SvenCo-op v2.1 on the Forums


SvenCo-op v2.1 Release Tomorrow!
18 December, 2002 | by Sven Viking

UPDATE: The Release Party for 2.1 is on NOW! -- irc.gamesnet.net / #svencoop

SvenCo-op 2.1 is set to be released sometime within the next 24 hours. The final version is currently uploading (slowly)... The mirroring process will begin as soon as the upload finishes.

In the mean time, you can check some of the screenshots taken during the beta test (see right), and also look over the final Features/Changes List in the SvenCo-op v2.1 Manual. Just a few of the late additions are:

  • New Weapon:  Pipe Wrench
  • New Monster:  Shock Trooper
  • New Monster:  Shockroach
  • Heavily damaged RoboGrunts have a glowshell shock effect randomly. Touching it results in injury
  • Friendly monsters attacked by players become friendly again after being healed

Some more screenshots should soon be posted on Planet Half-Life.


SvenCo-op v2.1 News and Screenshots
14 December, 2002 | by Sven Viking

We've just kicked off a short beta test of v2.1... hopefully it'll only take a few days to dispose of the last few bugs. Expect a final feature list and probably FGD, shortly before the release. Anyone interested in mirroring the update (expected to be around 15meg) is welcome to E-mail me.

Anyway though, I'm mostly writing this news post to alert you to these screenshots of the Pit Drone working in v2.1, and these screenshots of the OpFor wrench, which have been posted on the forums... and also to mention that any donations made after Monday, US time (the 16th... in just under two days' time) may not be in time to receive the bonus features in version 2.1. Postal donations can't be guaranteed from this time on... not that there was exactly a guarantee before.

If you donate through PayPal, please include your WON ID in the Comments box, so your ID can be added as soon as the donation comes in. Information on checking your WON ID is available at this page.

Thanks to all those who've already donated!! We wouldn't have been able to get this far without your help.


v2.1 Changes List / RealDM Situation
6 December, 2002 | by Sven Viking

An update is in progress, and is, in fact, already nearing completion!! Here are some of the things that have been changed:

* Fixed friendly RoboGrunts/Male Assassins shooting Alien Grunts/Gargs
* Fixed model replacement bug for Male Assassin/Robo/Leech
(piranha time!)
* Changed 5 second wait for Gonome to 4 seconds (before throwing spit)
* Monstermaker monster properties for monsters only
* Fixed Houndeye pause problem
* Re-implemented eat for Houndeye
* Medkit uses skill settings
* SKILL entry for RoboGrunt's explosion damage  {Woohoo! Mad suicide Robogrunts! :)  - Sven}
* Robo Grunts, Human Grunts and Male Assassins do not throw grenades at dead enemies.
* Fixed Medkit mirror health
* Added sv_dropweapons for Deathbog's map
* Fixed minor problem with Valve SP maps

(At least a bit more will be added before the patch is finished). A new WON ID list will also be included, by the way... so if you'd been considering supporting the mod, now would be the time to do it, since you wouldn't have long to wait before you got access to the electric crowbar/gilded Uzis.

After a downtime of many weeks, CreepsWorld SvenCo-op, the leading SvenCo-op fan site, is back... and even better than before! Some of the improvements are as follows:

  • 5 new sections, which include: News Archive, Official Maps, Clans database, Map Centre and Weeklymapping
  • All existing sections have been re-written and are now at least 3 times as powerful and faster than before
  • Users can register an account and actually USE the account and DO something with it
  • Commenting system programmed into the existing reviews database, preview database, interview database, the Weekly Poll, and the news, so you can now actually review our reviews and let your opinion be heard.
  • We are now using our own home made newsscript, which will be released as a stand-alone script to the public in a few weeks
  • New website layout (hope you like it ;) )
  • Rating system applied to the modelbase and mapcentre
  • 2 job openings: Reviewer, 2 times.
  • New forum

Go and check it out!  If you're a mapper or modeller, I'd also suggest that you take a look at one of my favorite sections, the Modelbase.



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