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December 2005

Sven Co-op Selected as PHL MotW
26 December, 2005 | by Sven Viking


Wow, Planet Half-Life has just selected Sven Co-op as their Mod of the Week (this makes it six times in the mod's history)!! Many thanks to them for thinking of us even though it's been so long since our last release. PHL writer D3pth Charge has fashioned an excellent, well-researched article for the feature, so be sure to check it out!

Even more numerous thanks to all of our fans for being so understanding about 3.5! The magnanimousness (yes, it's a word) shown by your responses is without equal. Truly, we have been blessed with some of the most excellent fans any mod developer could wish for :). A slightly late Merry Christmas to you all, and Happy New Year in advance!

-Sven Viking


Huge map pack, but no Sven Co-op 3.5 this Christmas
22 December, 2005 | by Sven Viking


I’d like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas... I’m afraid, however, that I have no good tidings to bring :(.

Over the last weeks, we’ve been hard at work attempting to get 3.5 ready for release before Christmas, but unfortunately some of the items needing to be finished have turned out to be bigger problems than expected, and everyone on the team has had a lot of things in real life taking up his time or causing him grief. It has become obvious that even a Christmas Day release won’t be possible this year, unless we were to release something buggy and incomplete. I think Sniper compared that possibility to giving players coal for Christmas instead of 3.5 ‘Bronze’... Not something we want to do.

I really apologise for the long wait for 3.5 :(. Please realise that we are as upset by this as anyone. Your patience and support is hugely appreciated.

If you need some things to take up some of your time, ]SK[ has released a humongous 697MB Sven Co-op map pack (Mirror), containing no less than four hundred and ninety maps(!!). It’s set up so that it doesn’t overwrite any newer existing files, which is pretty handy. (Please note that this is a third-party file, not officially supported by the SC team... We’ve checked it out, though, and didn’t notice any problems (except for a map or two that didn’t work with 3.0). You might need to make a copy of an existing SvenCoop\ .wad file and rename it to “Projectgcoop.wad”, for some maps to work).

And though this isn’t Sven Co-op related, you might want to check out Cave Story – a freeware game expertly blending elements of classics such as Metroid and Wonderboy. Great gameplay, multiple story paths/endings, etc. Remember to apply the English patch.

Also, I think Serenity came out on DVD yesterday...

We are still working on Sven Co-op 2, by the way – it’s just been on hold recently. Valve basically broke the Source SDK a couple of months ago when Lost Coast was released, and there hasn’t been a lot that we can do since then. Just waiting for the SDK to be updated.

P.S. - We won't ask you to vote for us this year, but just in case it's of interest to you, ModDB's yearly mod awards are on now.



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