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December 2006

Contest Notice
29 December, 2006 | by Sniper


We've become a bit desperate, and so, we're letting a little bit of information out into the public about v3.5 Bronze. You can probably guess what will be coming.

We're holding a contest for the best Gman Bodyguard NPC model. The new Bodyguard NPC will have a variety of weapon options, including Dual Uzis and the Minigun. Using the new game systems, the Bodyguard's AI will communicate with other Bodyguard NPCs much more effectively, for the sole purpose of killing assassins (the players) and ensuring the VIP reaches its destination in one piece.


You can find the contest details at the HIT Forums.
The contest will end once we find the winner.

Regarding the new feature information (check the previous post), we haven't announced that yet. It'll be a short video posted in a few days. Stay tuned.


Vacation? Oh?
27 December, 2006 | by Sniper


Hi everyone. I'm still alive; I haven't gotten into any car accidents recently. I've only been in the emergency room about two times within the last four months.

You're probably wondering what's going on with the mod. Well, there's good news. A lot of features have been finished, even though progress has been slow. I've been held up frequently by college and work, and I apologize for that. We're not trying to act like 3drealms.

Currently, we're in need of additional weapon model artists. In all likelihood, we'll be looking for even more team members once we continue working on Sven Co-op 2.

A few other co-op mods have started working on Half-Life 2, and you're welcome to try them out. Turtle Rock Studios has also begun work on some sort of retail zombie slaughtering co-op game with the source engine. I guess we jump-started the co-op gaming industry.

Just keep in mind, Sven Co-op 2 will play much differently than what is or what will be available. We have a lot of fresh-as-muffins ideas.

Half-Life 1 isn't dead yet, but we're not stupid either. As what was said before, we'll be sure to move to the Half-Life 2 engine when we're properly finished with the first.

We'll be showing off a small new feature for v3.5 Bronze soon.

Edit: It looks like the Sveney Sven Co-op Server is back online. Visit their new website at www.sveney.com



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