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December 2009

The Community Map Project Released!
24 December, 2009 | by Nih


While you’re all waiting for the contest maps to be finalised and hopefully enjoying the unexpected release of Land of Legends, we’ve decided to bring you another Christmas surprise. Can you guess what it is? Well you don’t need to, as I will reveal it in the following paragraph:

The project was originally started in December 2002, and it might even be argued that the project is older than that. Long-gone forum poster OmEgA came up with the idea of a joint mapping project, where multiple mappers would collaborate in the creation of one large mappack. The project quickly gained interest from a lot of people, and it ended up involving a total of 15 different mappers, 8 of which have had previous maps included in official SC releases. Work on the mappack, dubbed the Community Map Project, fluctuated, with periods of low and high progress, and the project was frequently declared to be dead, only to later be revived.

Well, it’s done now. These 7 high quality maps will take the players through an epic ride of interesting environments and exhilarating gameplay experiences. Enjoy

Download links:


Land of Legends released!
21 December, 2009 | by Hezus


After we've announced Land of Legends a year ago a lot of work has been done, a lot of problems were solved and issues tackled and I'm proud to announce that Land of Legends - Heroes of Loria has been released!

 Land of Legends Ingame Screenshots Land of Legends Ingame Screenshots Beta 4 Screenshots

For the sake of nogstalgia, I'd like to give you a quick tour through the history of the MOD. It was Sphinx and I, back in 2005, who started off with "Chubbyland", a regular map for Sven Co-op. We created a lot of custom content of which only a few fragments remain in Land of Legends today, because we then took a step further to a larger concept of a map series. This is where Goanna joined us and from 2007 and on the project started to see some serious development. Scotsman joined us as our "sounds dude" and helped testing our maps. In November 2008 the MOD went public and January 2009 it hit ModDB. 2009 was a very engaging year, since Goanna left and Katana joined us and we also took a 2 month break from development, making all the difference. I'd like to thank all people who've helped making Land of Legends what it is today. Even though the Half-Life community isn't as big as it used to be, many people stuck with us during the development and I would also like to thank those people as well! The result of years of work lays before you now and I hope you're enjoying it as much as we do!

Even though SvenCo-op 4.0 has already been released, Land of Legends uses a 3.0 code base. Because of version inconsistencies and new errors, we were not able to make a special SvenCo-op map-pack release, so this release is stand-alone. Once all bugs are worked out of 4.0, we'll also release an update for SvenCo-op!

So head over to our website and grab your copy! While downloading, why not take a look at our manual to find out about the things that make Legends special! If you like our project, please vote for us in the MODDB Mod of the Year award! Thanks!


SC Mapping Contest: And the winner is...
14 December, 2009 | by CryoKeen


After a long wait and many play-test's with the judges I am proud to declare that the winner is...

1st place - sc_psyko by Lemonsoda

Congratulations Lemonsoda! The innovative gameplay, unique use of custom textures, sounds, monsters, and puzzles combined to make this a favorite among the judges. This map has everything a good co-op map can ask for, varied and diverse environment's, fun and funny gameplay as well as a plethora of monsters.

2nd place - sc_propanic by TrEmPlEr

This massive map is chalk full of great monster battles, crescendo moments and varied locations comes in second place! One of the biggest entry's to our contest and brimming full of content, this map delivers a huge wallop of gameplay with challenging battles, masterful architecture and great use of environmental effects.

3rd place - deadsimpleneo2 by Nih

Coming in at close 3rd deadsimpleneo2 just manages to pull of 3rd place with style. It's reminiscent almost arcade style gameplay pits the players against 4 different gameplay modes with varying degrees of difficulty, a very hard map but quite fun with a group of dedicated players!

Congratulations to all contestants! I'm sorry if you didn't win, but you still have a good chance of your map being included in an official Sven Co-op map pack. Now unfortunately we will not be able to release the maps right now, as we were pretty insistent on anyone submitting any maps even if they had some bugs, some maps need some work to properly run. So in order for us to give you the best playing experience possible, and for all of the maps to work correctly, we need a couple more weeks to allow the contestants to fix some of their major bugs and get their maps back to us. Anyone who submitted a map, please keep a close eye on your emails in the next coming days for a list of suggested changes.

In consolation, I have prepared some screenshots of all the maps taken by myself, click the comments in the upper right or click here to go to the thread containing pictures.

Thank you for holding in there and congratulations again to the contest winners!


Santa Garg is checking his list, Half-Life: Nightwatch Textures Released
8 December, 2009 | by Sniper


Just a little over two weeks until Christmas. I wonder what that means?
In other news, Andrew "KungFuSquirrel" Weldon, founder of the now defunct Half-Life: Nightwatch Team, has recently released the official Half-Life: Nightwatch textures. If you make Sven Co-op maps, I strongly urge you to download this package. While not as high-resolution as the Half-Life engine can handle, they are extremely well-made.

Discuss the Half-Life: Nightwatch textures on our forums.

Nightwatch Texture Collection - Download Link:



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