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December 2011

Sven Co-op 4.6 RELEASED!
24 December, 2011 | by Sven Viking


We've finally finished testing Sven Co-op 4.6, and now it's time for the rest of you to have a go. Spread the word!

This release features:
  • They Hunger Co-op: Episode 2
  • A new boss monster: The Kingpin
  • Many new and improved maps
  • Greatly improved HLSP and Opposing Force storyline support
  • Half-Life: Uplink co-op
  • Lots of powerful new mapping features
  • Tons of bug fixes and changes (e.g. Shock rifle secondary fire can now charge player HEV suits)
  • AI improvements
  • All-new custom sounds for the Bodyguard
and much more! Check out the Full Changelog, here!

Remember, to play Sven Co-op you need to own Half-Life (NOT HL:Source). To play Opposing Force maps in Sven Co-op, you need to own Opposing Force. Both are currently on special.

Click Here for the download links!

(If you're able to provide permanent mirrors for the files, please e-mail the links to mirrors@svencoop.com or post them in this forum thread. Thanks!)

While downloading, why not check out the Manual?
Also remember to grab the Land of Legends map pack!
Server ops: When running a 4.6 dedicated server, you must add "-num_edicts 3072" to your HLDS commandline or Launch Options.

Due to other responsibilities, I'm afraid this may be the last Sven Co-op release I'm heavily involved in. Many thanks to all the team members, testers and other contributors who made this release possible, and to all of the fans for their support over the years!! Sniper and the others still have a lot of plans for the next version, so look forward to that.

Merry Christmas, everyone!



SC4.6 Release Party!
24 December, 2011 | by Sven Viking


Just to let everyone know that a release party is planned on the Sven Co-op IRC channel at about this time (click this link). Download links will be available there earlier than on the news, so you might want to drop in.



SC4.6 Release Date, Changelog & Screens!
22 December, 2011 | by Sven Viking


Sven Co-op 4.6 is set for a Christmas release (24th/25th depending on your time zone)! Here are some of the things to expect:

A new boss monster: The Kingpin

They Hunger Co-op: Episode 2, and Half-Life: Uplink

New and improved maps

Also check the 4.6 screenshots thread for more images.


Christmas is coming!
21 December, 2011 | by Sven Viking


It's that time of year again! A time of tradition. The traditional Santa Garg, for example, and of course the traditional Sven Co-op release.

Sven Co-op 4.6 should be released within the next few days, featuring things like:
  • They Hunger Co-op Episode 2
  • Half-Life: Uplink co-op
  • Greatly improved Half-Life and Opposing Force SP campaign support (including the HL tram ride intro!)
  • A new boss monster
  • New and improved maps
  • Powerful new mapping features
  • Tons of bug fixes
And much, much, much more!

Some possible things to do while you wait:
  1. Buy something for yourself or a friend in the Half-Life Steam sale.
  2. Buy the Humble Indie Bundle 4 and beat Cave Story's secret final boss, so that I can live vicariously through you.
  3. Download Land of Legends for Sven Co-op 4.x! LoL was originally released as a stand-alone mod running on SC3.0 code, but has now been converted to a Sven Co-op map pack. You can play it right now in SC4.5, or wait for the release and play it in 4.6.

Download from SCMapDB - Download from DevEd-Portal - Download from svencoop.fr


Half-Life sale, etc.
20 December, 2011 | by Sven Viking

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Quick note: All Half-Life games 75% off on Steam today! (and also 50% off until January). HL1 Anthology is at $3.74USD -- maybe grab a copy for a friend? Though Blue Shift co-op support isn't included with the upcoming release, it's moving towards completion. OpFor support has been improved in SC4.6.

More news coming very, very shortly.



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