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February 2003

Status Report, New Team Member, Linux Server Test
23 February, 2003 | by Sven Viking

Hi all! I'm finally getting some free timeagain, and am beginning to catch up on my E-mail/etc. Thought I'd betterwrite a news update to let you know what's going on at the moment.

For one thing, Jerig has joined the SvenCo-op team. He's the main tools programmer for Camelot Software Planning (Golden Sun, Mario Golf, etc. etc... Check Here for some game info). Pretty impressive! He usually works with Linux, but should be able to help us with Win32 server code as well.

He already has a Linux server port of v2.1 virtually complete (!)... there're just a couple of bugs to iron out before we can release it. A few public Linux test servers are running right now, by the way, so you're quite welcome to jump onto one of those and see if you can find bugs or cause crashes (using fairly standard methods, I mean... not with CrashLinuxServers2000ULTRA.exe or anything :)  ), if you want.

Sniper's been doing an incredible amount of work on the SvenCo-op code... here are some of the most recent changes/additions:

- Free Roaming option for mappers - Monsterscan roam a level that has info_nodes. (This allows monsters to wander arounda map at random, a bit like in Deus Ex or similar. No longer will you be able to memorize all monster positions :)   ).
- Fixed problem with Sniper male assassins reloading a second time if failing to a complete a task in their schedule.
- Hud properly outputs health, armor, and ammo values. (No 250 limit)
- Fixed crash bug with monster relationships.
- Fixed problem with turrets and apaches not triggering their triggertargets.
- Opposing Force Grunts
- No Reset Entity added to scripted_sequence
- Fixed crash bug that occured with func_tank classes that are set to kill enemies.
- Fixed bug with newer talk monsters (Otis) not being able to have a use/un-use sentence from worldcraft.
- Fixed crash bug with aiscripted_sequences and +using TalkMonster right when the script finishes.
- Short game freeze for servers with Babygargs fixed.
- Bug with node graph generation fixed. Node graph file sizes can be reduced quite a bit, as well as greatly improved monster navigation as a benefit.
- Fixed NPC "Hello" actions.

There might be a few surprises by the time we're ready to release... keep an eye out :).



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