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February 2005

Case Closed Co-op Conversion Released
18 February, 2005 | by Sven Viking

The much-anticipated cooperative conversion of Steven "EraSerX" Delrue's popular single-player mod Case Closed is finally here! Download from one of the mirrors below, then extract to your Half-Life\ directory.

Sven Co-op Central | Goanna Sven Co-op | GamePhilez

Case Closed Co-op puts players in the role of janitors caught in the middle of the Black Mesa disaster, taking them through ten action-packed maps - each thoroughly reworked, recompiled and rebalanced by forum moderator Hezus!

In other news, our fondest farewells to Sven Co-op 3D artist Caldwell, who is now working full-time in the gaming industry! His past work includes (but is not limited to) the SC player model animations, Tor, and various 3.5 weapon models. With his level of skill, I'm sure he'll have a great career over at Blue Tongue!


Golden Spanner Awards Results, New Sven Co-op 2 Media
5 February, 2005 | by Sven Viking

Update: Afraid I'll be out of town over the next few days (just FYI). Please go easy on my mailbox :).

Guess this is a little late :), but: The results of the 2004 Golden Spanner Mod of the Year Awards, a "People's Choice" contest encompassing mods for games of genres, have been announced on ModDB.com. Sven Co-op came in second for the coveted Mod of the Year award (just below Red Orchestra for UT2004), and won first place in the Best Action Mod category!

In addition to this, Sven Co-op for Half-Life 2 was selected as Best Upcoming Mod, winning the team a number of games and two T-shirts from Electronic Arts! We're currently considering using these (or proceeds from their sale) for SC competition prizes sometime in the future.

A huge thank you to everyone who gave us a nomination in any category! Remember to head over to the Golden Spanner Awards results page and check out the other great mods which received awards.

New screenshots from Sven Co-op 2 were released along with the award results, by the way (Valve even e-mailed to let us know that they'd be showing some of them during a talk Jess Cliffe and Mike Dussault were doing at a local game development school!) -- Here they are, along with some extras. Please note that these show work in progress, not completed work.

We're calling the map you see in the shots (being made by MarGon), "Depot", for the moment. The Gordon Freeman player model was created from scratch by DoktorAce... skin by DoktorAce and TeddyBear. Thanks to all three of them for their brilliant work, and to Nev and IchII3D for arranging the screenshots!

Hopefully we'll have more SC2 content for you over the coming weeks -- a lot has been done, but we're not ready to show some things just yet. We should also have a couple of new missions for Sven Co-op 1 available for download sometime soon, by the way, so keep an eye on the site. Also, if you have experience with UV unwrapping/3D art in general, make sure to check Sniper's news post below.

P.S. - Due to having been busy over the holidays, afraid I'm even further behind with my e-mail at the moment :(. Heartfelt apologies to everyone still waiting for a reply from me.


Looking for A Few Good Men
2 February, 2005 | by Sniper

Hello everyone. Just writing to say we're looking for about two additional team members to work on Sven Co-op v3.5.
If you have experience with UV unwrapping & 3d art, etc. please send applications with a portfolio of your work to sniper@svencoop.com. Previous mod experience a plus, but not required.

Major features are being worked on at the moment, while dealing with college :*(, and an internal mapping SDK will be released to a select number of people in the next week or so.

In regards to donations, those who have donated after v3.0's release will gain bonus features in the next patch.

Sven Co-op 2 is progressing and everyone on the team is working on that, hence our need for additional team members to work on v3.5.



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