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News Archive:


February 2008

Moving moving moving...
13 February, 2008 | by Sven Viking

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Because we're currently moving the to a new server, the site and forum may behave erratically for a while as the DNS updates. Please bear with us.

P.S. - I highly recommend the mind-bending single-player co-op game Cursor*10. Cooperate with yourself!


Join the team
10 February, 2008 | by Sniper


We're looking for a few individuals to join the team. On our todo list, we have a handful of weapon models that need to be textured. The weapons currently waiting for textures are already UV Unwrapped, for convenience.

If you've got what it takes, send an email to Be sure to send some examples of 3d objects you've textured.

Other than that, we're getting closer. We're thinking about calling the next release "Sven Co-op v4.0."



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