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March 2004

New 3.5 Features
31 March, 2004 | by Commando

3.5 is well under way, and we have a lot in store for players once we release. In addition to the new game types, updated AI, and Team Deathmatch modes (now you can have clan play with monsters!), we have two unique weapons which were originally planned for Sven Co-op Half-Life 2:
  • Portable Headcrab
    Suprise your teammates and friendly units with this portable Headcrab. Provides hours of fun, sneak up on them and give them a suprise! Side effects may include lacerations, blood loss and zombification.

  • Otis Summoning Device
    Short on backup? Need some friendly units, fast? Pull out an Otis Summoning Device and watch those friendlys appear! Likely places to find Summoning Devices include- Cafeterias, Lockers, Lunchboxes, Security checkpoints.

In addition to Tor (The character that helps you in the svencoop maps - see below), another new monster is also making an appearance in version 3.5. Think you are safe indoors? Think again! First there was the baby garg, now there's a Miniature Apache! It might look like a remote control helicopter but it packs a sting! Usually flies in groups, can be found resting at night on powerlines. It uses complex AI routines to navigate the world and stays hidden when sneaking up on prey by checking for occlusion hulls in the world.

Well, have fun with 3.0 for now while we continue to work on 3.5. Sven has been away on holiday for the past 2 months in the Bahamas, using the donation money to pay his way. Sven Viking sends his thanks! If you would like to help us pay for more vacations, Click Here to support the mod!

Also, we're looking for a texture artist with experience in developing skins for weapon and/or organic models. Interested applicants should submit past examples of work or preferably link to an online portfolio of their work. Send applications to sniper@svencoop.com


3.1 Progress and The New Tor
20 March, 2004 | by Sniper

3.1 is progressing fairly well, though we're a bit short on man-power this time of year due to Real-Life™ issues. Hopefully a few of the team members will be back in working order not too long from now. This time of year always seems to play out that way.

Several new features and gameplay types are planned for 3.1. While still in the early stages, new entities like info_monster_goal will allow mappers to have better control over the AI to do various tasks, and flags like "Guard Mode" will allow the AI to guard and repair (if able to) different structures and fellow AI. We're also planning on giving mappers more control over weapon behavior, animations, sounds, etc. through script files.

Another addition of the next update will be the new Tor monster. Tor, the Xen character that helps you in the Sven Co-op map series, will finally be making his appearance as a unique monster class. Tor is still in planning, and is scheduled to have new attacks and new AI behaviors which will allow him to get an advantage over his enemies. For now, you can get a sneak preview/animation of the new Tor below, while he proudly walks:


There are so many things planned/finished for 3.1, that we're thinking about calling it 3.5 instead. We did first say the update would be just for fixing a few bugs, but we're now focused on getting out something more substantial. That's all for now, I hope everyone is enjoying 3.0.



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