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News Archive:


March 2005

[news title here] - (April Fools)
31 March, 2005 | by RICHARD BODERMAN

Hello fellow Sven Coopers!

As announced in the previous news post, Sven has given me the task of turning this mod around, and I've accepted his challenge! Just thought I'd tell you a little about myself.

I'm 37, heterosexual, single and live in Birmingham in the United Kingdom, not the rough part of course, the nice part. I have a dog called Rolls who likes sleeping, playing with his favourite ball and sniffing wallpaper, who is shown below.

I work as a night shift supervisor at my local supermarket, which means that I have plenty of time during the day to supervise the mod. My favourite motivational technique is to tell my staff "Work harder!".

My favourite games include MS Flight Simulator (of course), Dune 2 and Civilisation 3. I've ordered a copy of Half-Life and Half-Life 2 off Amazon, which should be arriving shortly.

Sven also asked me to carry on his map series involving Cubby and Thor, and I'll be trying to learn Worldcraft as soon as I've found somewhere to download it, if anyone has any ideas on where to find it, please e-mail me.


I'm new to Sevencoop but I already have lots of exciting idea's that you will definately love! For starters I've asked Nev and Sniper to work non-stop on inserting a flight engine into the game as I want him to combine the code with my "MS Flight Simulator 2002 Boeing 737 realism mod". They've made alright progress as you can see below.


I'd like to include a new feature, "Richard Boderman's Picture of the update", where I'll add in a new funny picture every time I update! Here's a picture from CounterStrike of a terrorist shooting a watermelon that I found on


If you need to contact me, then please e-mail me at Please do not try to contact me through the forums as I don't believe in posting on internet forums.

Bonus vos gauisus april fossor!
Richard Boderman


Change of Leadership - (April Fools)
31 March, 2005 | by Sven Viking

Hi all,

Really sorry about not being able to answer my mail :(... I'll do my best to catch up on that over the coming weeks, although there are very few net cafes in the Bahamas.

Recently, Sniper and Mad Jonesy found certain accounting irregularities in the Donation Fund. Rather than trying to explain these figures, I've chosen to resign as the leader of Sven Co-op with immediate effect. For full information on the situation, please see my goodbye thread on the Forums.

Due to the terms of my contract with the mod, I will of course be awarded a generous seven-figure severance package, plus retirement and health benefits (this will be funded through selling off some reproduction and intellectual rights to Valve Software). Additionally, my secretaries' salaries will be covered for the next two years.

I've also asserted my right to choose a successor, by the way. Rather than choosing someone off the mod team, who would have neither the imagination nor leadership to run the mod exactly as I see fit, I've instead chosen my long term friend Richard Boderman - leader of the highly successful "MS Flight Simulator 2002 Boeing 737 realism mod".


Richard has a lot of experience with running a mod team, and won the "Most accurate Boeing 737" award in the "MS Flight Simulator community awards 2003". He assures me that his staff on MSFS2002B737RM all esteem him as a mentor and father figure, and that he will do a better job with the mod than I have ever done. I hope you all welcome him and his vision for Sven Co-op!

Bye everyone, and please keep donating.

- Sven Viking



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