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» News Archive:


March 2007

Tor No Longer Featured in Sven Co-op 3.5
31 March, 2007 | by Sven Viking


Tor, the Alien Overseer, will no longer be included with Sven Co-op 3.5 due to the sale of his name, voice and likeness to software company Blizzard Entertainment. I realise that this may be a disappointment to some, but hope that you will all come to see that this arrangement benefits all parties. Blizzard has been very enthusiastic about Tor's role in World of Warcraft, calling him a "perfect fit" for the game. Tor will be a level 64 Elite mob (though smaller Level 2 versions will be used in the Blood Elf starting area) with the ability to summon monsters to aid him in battle. If you play WoW, you should be seeing Tor in-game after the next scheduled update.

With annual revenues from World of Warcraft exceeding US$1 billion, Blizzard was able to be more than generous with their offer for Tor. The settlement has allowed us to engage Texas developer Gearbox Software to complete work on Sven Co-op 3.5 -- Meanwhile, the team and I will be taking a well-deserved rest.

One of the major advantages of Gearbox taking over is that 3.5 will now be ported to all major consoles. A hand-held version is also in the works, running on a proprietary engine created by Black Widow Games.

This chain of events has really opened our eyes to the benefits of selling off this sort of content. We are now open to offers for any and all Sven Co-op intellectual property -- Please direct enquiries to Edit: Our apologies to interested parties, but the Headcrab is currently unavailable due to copyright issues.

Our dear and loyal Sven Co-op fans,

We are currently negotiating the sale of our trademark “Viking Assault”, to be used as a quest title in the upcoming WoW expansion pack “Warcraft Adventures: Lord of Clans”. Blizzard, however, is not convinced that players will find this title suitably irresistible. As we need this money to buy the Principality of Sealand (for reasons we are unable to disclose), we ask that everyone reading this would please Click Here to send Blizzerd an e-mail threatening to boycott Warcraft Adventures if 'Viking Assault' is not used as a quest name. Do it RIGHT NOW! Thanks.



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