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News Archive:


April 2007

Minor Update
27 April, 2007 | by Sniper

We've got a lot of new team members on board now, looking good. We're still in need of a sound artist though. If you're a skilled sound designer (Weapon sounds, monster sounds, etc.) please send an email to

We're looking for your thoughts on the VIP and Assassination Game Modes to be included in v3.5 Bronze. In case you're wondering, the VIP game mode consists of players playing the role as Bodyguards and VIP, while Enemy NPCs attack using a collective AI messaging system.

In the Assassination game mode, the players are the Assassins. The Bodyguards and VIP are run by a combination of NPC AI and a central AI which directs all of their actions based on when and where the players attack.

Be sure to post your ideas on how you expect the new game modes to play.

Also in the thread, there is a more recent v3.5 Bronze change-log available for viewing. Some new media updates will be posted at a later date. Until then, stay tuned!


New Positions Available for Artists
8 April, 2007 | by Sniper


We're looking for more people to hop onboard the team.

Available positions:

  • 3D Animators
  • 3D Model Artists
  • Texture Artists

If you're interested, please email


Tor back in Sven Co-op 3.5
2 April, 2007 | by Sven Viking


Well, unfortunately our plan from yesterday backfired. After receiving bomb threats from SC fans, Blizzard reversed all deals with Sven Co-op and cancelled Warcraft Adventures due to poor fan reaction. So Tor will be used in Sven Co-op again, 3.5 won't be released for consoles, and everything is back to normal. Apart from our having to outrun Gearbox debt collectors. And avoid legal action from Black Widow Games over our breaching their NDA for They Hunger: DS. If you need us, we'll be in Sealand for a while.



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