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April 2009

Order has been restored
2 April, 2009 | by Hezus


As most of you must have noticed, the Forums were taken over by a communist splinter group. I was lured into their clutches with false advertisement; I was pretty certain it was an odd place for a bookclub once I arrived there. I did manage to escape their rather unpleasant socialist training centre, which was actually just the broom closet of the basement these guys were living in. My escape plan featured blackmail, telling their mom's upstairs and threatning to break the picture of Lenin that was hanging everywhere, including the broomcloset. This all didn't affect them too much, untill I got them hooked on one of the greatest things capitalism has to offer: World of Warcraft. 

After they were completely focused on the game, I snuck out of the basement and changed the passwords to the Sven Co-op website and Forums in the nearest internetcafé. I'm going to revert the Forums back to their origional state and hope those guys will not try to find me, as soon they find out that their copy of World of Warcraft is only a 10-day trial version.

Excuse me, I'm going to enjoy some Coca Cola and McDonalds now.


Victory for the new Socialist Order!
1 April, 2009 | by Hezus



The Revolution starts today! If you're reading this, we've successfully installed a new Socialist Order on this domain! Welcome the new era of Soviet Co-op!

As you will notice, the forums have been transformed into a new home for our cause. The Proletariat can now discuss the road to full Communism and say their praise to our Great Leaders, Marx and Lenin. The transition of the entire website will follow in the upcoming days. For now, we will converse in English, but an Esperanto version of the Forums is being set up as we speak.

This news post appears to been made by Hezus, but this is the case: your former administrator joined our cause without hesitation! He was willing to hand over to us, all accounts and passwords to serve our noble cause! We can assure you that we never applied any torture or violent interrogation to obtain these passwords. The reason why your administrator currently isn't on the Forum, is that he is too exhausted of all the excellent work he has been doing for the Socialist Revolution! He is currently recovering in one of our excellent socialist training centres, of which we can't give you the exact location, because of various reasons.

Soon, our Soviet Co-op coders will release a new version in the spirit of the great Marx and Lenin! This will end the days of the capitalist Counter-Strike pigs! Weapons will be divided equally amongst the players! The bonus features will be taken away to ensure this! The Mod's leaders will however keep their bonus features to ensure the process is fair. After all, some of us are more equal than others.
The Forum moderating will be done by my fellow Comrades Eugene Smith and his assistant Igor Brezhnekov! They will make sure the Revolution will be a complete success!

For Soviet Co-op and all it's glory!

Vasilli Slarottimov,
Supreme Leader of the Soviet Co-op Cause



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