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April 2010

Meet&Greet Contest cancelled.
2 April, 2010 | by Hezus


We regret to inform you that the Meet&Greet contest we've announced earlier, has been cancelled. Once careful readers of the terms and agreements realised they had to pay for the team's plane tickets and hotel, the SvenCo-op HQ was stormed by an angry mob of Sven Co-op players. We managed to calm them down with exclusive information on the new features of the upcoming version of the mod. The players were so amazed that they instantly forgot what they were there for and went home babbling about all the awesome things they could do in the new version.

Even though the the contest is cancelled, we wouldn't want to hold back the nice entries we got over the last 24 hours:


Stay tuned for the upcoming Sven Co-op Cooking Contest! The secret ingredient is a Chumtoad. Happy April Fools everyone!



Sven Co-op Meet & Greet Contest!
1 April, 2010 | by Hezus


EDIT: Contest cancelled. Happy April Fools day ;)

In our last post, we've concluded the Mapping Contest and handed out prizes to the best Sven Co-op mappers out there. To be fair, we want to start another contest where everyone is able compete and be creative! We present to you:

The Sven Co-op Meet&Greet Contest!

That's right. This is your chance to meet up with the infamous development team of your favourite mod!* What would you ask Sven if you saw him in real-life, which features would you request from Sniper and wouldn't you love to share a beer with the forum admins Hezus and Nih? Well, this is your chance! All you need to do is be creative!*

For our Meet&Greet contest, we've chosen the following theme:

"Bring Half-Life to Real-Life!"

How does it work? Your task is to bring an element of Half-Life/Sven Co-op's universe to real life. Take a picture of your toilet and edit a headcrab in there, let a voltigore run through your back garden, release a pack of houndeyes in your school, hold a crowbar, dress up like one of your favorite characters or create a medkit out of cardbord. You can also turn the contest around and put yourself in the Half-life universe! Photoshop yourself into a Sven Co-op map, let yourself rappel down from an osprey, dance with the gonomes... in other words: Take a picture of yourself or your area and start editing!


The best, funniest and most clever entry will win the awesome Meet & Greet with the Sven Co-op Team at an as-yet unknown location!*

To sign up read THIS PAGE and from us all at Sven Co-op: good luck and we'll hope to meet you soon in Real-Life!   

* Conditions apply.



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