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May 2006

v3.5 Beta Testing
28 May, 2006 | by Sniper


I wanted to post an update to let everyone know what's happening with Sven Co-op lately.

We're currently in the process of beta testing v3.5 Bronze. Testing is going well, and the testers have already found a few bugs that were recently squashed. A lot of improvements are still being made, and two rather significant features are nearing completion.

Some of the good things about v3.5 Bronze, is that the game is getting a major overhaul in the weapons and balance department. Client-side weapon bugs have been mostly eliminated, firing rates and damage has been tweaked for the weapons (mostly increases across the board), and NPC health and damage values have been re-balanced.

Stay tuned for updates within the next few days.

Edit: Oops, I lied. :)



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