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June 2002

Official They Hunger Co-op Conversion Announcement
28 June, 2002 | by Sven Viking

Too scared to play it on your own? This might be your chance...

Neil Manke's They Hunger Trilogy won critical acclaim from across the web and the Half-Life community, offering Half-Life gameplay within a B-movie horror setting. The atmosphere and realism resulted in plenty of sleepless nights for many players.

The Sven Co-op team, in association with Black Widow Games and PC Gamer, is now proud to announce the They Hunger Co-op conversion. A mix of one of the best Single Player Modifications for Half-Life and Co-operative gameplay.

While changes will need to be made to They Hunger, through files provided by Neil Manke, in order to accommodate Co-operative play, we will strive to create the same tension and fear that made the original series such a classic example of gameplay, and to remain faithful to the original narrative.

Expect to see They Hunger Co-op Chapter One later in 2002, with the other two chapters released at a later date.

(Press statement (w minor edits) by Mad Jonesy).

What this means, is that once 2.0 Final is released, we'll begin work on converting They Hunger to co-op (while continuing work on the next version of SvenCo-op). A They Hunger Co-op section of the forums has been created, for discussion of the conversion.

Expect more information, as well as screenshots, a short while after 2.0 Final is released.

On another subject: A build of SvenCo-op has been submitted to Valve for consideration for their upcoming Mod Expo, at the CPL event. The mods to be shown are set to be selected in "early July".

Iname changed their mail system a while ago, and a lot of my mail ended up lost for about a month... some possibly permanently. I'd tell you all to refrain from using my dd2@iname.com address, but the problem is, svencoop.com mail still isn't accepting E-mail from Hotmail. Steb, the server admin, says he's looking into fixing that, though.

For the moment, if you're using Hotmail, continue to contact me at dd2@iname.com, and hope it gets through. If you're not using Hotmail, sven@svencoop.com is more reliable.

Umm, and on a fairly unrelated note: Remember the mentions of my witnessing a freak earthquake, unusually gigantic lightning bolt that damaged several houses, and full-sized cyclone going past (from basically outside the thing, luckily), on previous holidays/trips?

Went away for three days, just over a week ago, and it ended up as four due to all the water getting in the way (not to mention trees and large rocks) on the return journey. Whichever way you turned you'd just find deeper water still, or new trees across the road.

Returning to the nearest town, I found it to be in complete darkness... it was a bit like something out of They Hunger, come to think of it :). Due to the difficulty in finding good accommodation at 3am during a power cut, had to spend the night in the vehicle. In the morning, the waters had receded to a fordable degree, luckily.

I seem to be making a habit of this type of thing.


Yet Another Interview
12 June, 2002 | by Sven Viking

An interview with me (Sven Viking) has been posted on ModPortal.net... this one includes some exclusive screenshots. Umm, random quote:

GoldieLock: Given the choice to add one feature to the game engine, what would that be?
Sven Viking: The ability to set the sfx_t limit ourselves (max unique cached sounds)... it'd be nice if we could change the entity limit, too. Most people these days have (much) more than enough memory to handle higher sound/entity counts...


Fansites Galore
7 June, 2002 | by Mad Jonesy

While 2.0 Final is still a work in progress, rest assured it isn't long now until the release. Next update should include a definate release date. Maybe.

Most of our time at the moment is being spent on polishing and fixing various aspects of the mod, while 2.0 beta could be considered a rushed product, 2.0 final should be as slick as we can get it.

We're paying a lot more attention to supporting the server-side this time, and you can expect the linux port and server-side files to be released the day before the main download. You should also expect to see a few 2.0 linux servers appearing soon, testing the port, latest code and stability.

Just to sate your tastebuds, here's a few screenshots from the latest test:


These show off both BlackOps(an opr1a6 hack) and the Male Assassins. These guys have proved popular with testers and have featured in a number of 2.0 Final maps, including an update of Project Guilty and Infiltrate.

Creepsworld Svencoop

One of the most established Sven Co-op sites, Creepsworld Sven Co-op keeps going from strength to strength. Now boasting an experienced team of staff and a wide range of content, its a site to keep your eye on.

  • Review of sc_tomb
  • Review of Lab Flee
  • Interview with Nivekdev (lead coder)
  • Interview with Sven (the man)

    Here's an excerpt from the interview with Nivekdev (who has been doing fantastic work on 2.0 final and has actually managed to fix the extremely buggy MP3 player!)

    CW: How're plans shaping up for version 3.0?

    NivekDev: To be honest, I haven't paid much attention to SC 3.0. Most of my work has been heads down programming SC 2.0 Final. That is how so many of the bugs have been fixed so quickly. I know there are a few things in the works for 3.0 that even impressed me, so rest assured Sven Co-op isn't slowing down at all.

    As for the interview with Sven..:

    CW:Do you want SvenCoop to have the size of community that TFC or Counterstrike has?

    Sven: Though I know there are some problems that tend to come with a massive following, all things considered, it would be nice. I don't see it as likely at this point, though... if we'd had a better start, it might have been possible to achieve something somewhat similar (though the competitive nature of CS/TFC helps in certain ways... SvenCo-op tournaments just wouldn't work out that well). As things are, well... we have some surprises in store that might bring in a few more players :), but I don't expect radical changes.

    Interesting stuff indeed, head over to Creepworld Sven Co-op for the lowdown on those two.

    Keep watching those sites and SC.com. Not long to go.

    [Note: England 1 Argentina 0. Life doesn't get any better than that]

    FGD, evil otis, snipers and money
    1 June, 2002 | by Mad Jonesy

    You can always tell when things are close when the final FGD file gets posted. Thats whats happening today.

    The main update in the fgd file is the addition of the new monster entities, these changes are listed below:

    - Added New Monster: Robo Grunt
    - Added New Monster: Male Assassin
    - Added New Monster: Otis
    - Added New Monster: Gonome
    - Added New Monster: Zombie Barney
    - Added New Monster: Zombie Soldier

    Also, the site entity guide has been updated with the new entities and pictures. Check it out here:

    Sven Co-op Entity Guide

    Any further questions you have on the new entities can be answered by the team on the Forums

    Download the 2.0 Final FGD

    In terms of the mod progress, we're so close its scary, every day brings a new update or an updated file, and we're doing our best to polish the mod and make sure that everything is perfect before we release. 2.0 beta was rushed and we saw a lot of things we could have done a lot better, which we're doing this time round.

    It has been a long six months, but I'm pretty sure that most Sven Co-op fans will be very happy with 2.0 final.

    Just as a taster, here's some screenshots, taken from Sniper's test map.


    This set of screenshots shows off Barnabus's new buddy. Evil otis packs a Desert Eagle like regular otis, except he now uses his exceptional firing ability against you and your allies. Be Afraid.


    This shows off the Male Assassin sniper, you might have heard about this guy but never seen him so close up. Also pay attention to the friendly variant, who is just as great a shot.


    I just found this set of screens amusing. Dunno how they got so close in the first place, but the result was messy.

    Remember, if you wish to gain the bonus features in 2.0 final, then there is still time left to donate to the mod. You'll be contributing to the future of Sven Co-op, and the money will genuinely be spent on helping us give you a better mod. We won't spend it on Magic Beans or One-armed bandits (well, maybe not in Sven's case). Promise.

    Click here for information on donating to Sven Co-op

    Keep watching the site. Updates should be a lot more regular over the next few weeks



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