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News Archive:


June 2006

New Tor Video
22 June, 2006 | by Sniper


Edit: Just to clarify, this video shows the HL1 version of Tor, which will be included with Sven Co-op v3.5.

Here's a video of Tor, playing his various sounds and animations. Tor's primary role will be as a boss monster. He's tough as nails, deadly, and he likes to keep his friends close by.

Tor's abilities include:

  • Dynamically teleporting in Alien Grunts to aid his fights. The Alien Grunts that teleport in will consider Tor to be their squad leader.
  • If too many enemies are near Tor, he slams his staff toward the ground. The staff creates a shockwave blast which jetisons enemies away from him.
  • For up close combat, he enjoys stabbing, slicing, and knocking his enemies with his staff.
  • His long range attack is a staff cannon which, when fired, creates a blue shockwave blast. It throws enemies into the air while causing massive damage.



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