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News Archive:


July 2004

New Media, Join the Team, New Team Member, Various Information
28 July, 2004 | by Sniper

Below are some videos of our new weapon models in Sven Co-op v3.5. The models and their animations were created by Shannon Caldwell, our Lead 3D Character Animator/Designer.

We recommend you download the latest version of DivX before viewing.

Currently, these weapons are undergoing skinning by Josh "Flewda" Powers and Ben "Zeropulse" Mitchell. Other weapons will also be revamped for Sven Co-op v3.5, but we're saving those for later.

Join The Team - We are currently looking for the following talents:

  • Sound Designer - Realistic and super-natural sound effects.

  • Texture Artist - Photorealistic or surreal texturing for characters and weapons.

If you fit one of these descriptions, please email examples/past work. Online galleries are OK. We look for dedicated individuals that understand what proper grammar is, are not currently on more than one other project, and have the ability to meet reasonable deadlines.

We'd like to welcome James "Osidio" O'Donnell to the development team. He is a 3D and 2D Artist, and he will be injecting your eyeballs with pleasure in the next news update.

We've just upgraded the forum to vBulletin 3, be sure to check out all the new features. We'd like to thank those of you who have donated. The money from that has allowed us to upgrade to the latest version.

Winners of the Screenshot Contest will be announced in the next news update. Stay tuned.



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