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News Archive:


July 2006

Problem Solved... Hooray!
31 July, 2006 | by Sniper


Looks like we've found the issue. It was just a one line fix.

As to why there was a performance difference between the old Half-Life WON engine and Half-Life STEAM is still pretty strange. Querying of CVARs causes a lot of overhead in STEAM.

Other than that though, Sven Co-op v3.5 under STEAM is running great now. There shouldn't be any more surprises like this.

In other news, my car just recently crapped out. A faulty oil pump caused the engine to seize up. Surprise!


Quick status update
30 July, 2006 | by Sniper


We've run into a problem with v3.5 Bronze. Half-Life 1's engine on STEAM appears to be causing some sort of performance issue. This is something the beta testers, server admins, and myself have just recently realized.

We're getting massive framerate drops and high CPU usage on servers or client-servers at regular intervals. We've identified that the problem is linked to the NPC movement calculations. Finding a resolution to the issue is proving to be difficult, however.

The reason why it wasn't caught up until now, is because the development code was being run under the old Half-Life engine. This performance issue simply doesn't show up under the Sierra Retail (WON, Non-Steam) version of Half-Life 1.

When we do figure out how to work around this problem, we'll be sure to post an update.



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