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July 2010

Good News And Bad News About Sven Co-op 4.1
30 July, 2010 | by Sven Viking


The bad news is that it's taking longer than expected, and won't be ready until -- at the earliest -- Christmas, 2011. :(
The good news is that so much is being added, we've decided to call it Sven Co-op 6.0!

Just kidding. We're actually in the process of putting together a release candidate, at the moment, and looking to release before the end of August. (2010!). Here are some of the things you can expect:
  • No more sound-related (fmodex) crashes, and other major stability improvements
  • Full compatibility with non-English language settings
  • No more endless reconnect/retry loops when joining servers
  • All ambient sounds working correctly
  • Advanced new mapping features allowing for impressive gameplay customizations
  • Two new weapons
  • Many new and improved maps
  • Beta Opposing Force storyline support
  • A secret monster ability
  • Literally hundreds of smaller additions, tweaks, and bugfixes
More to be announced, in more detail, over the next couple of weeks.

Speaking of which: If you were planning to donate, please make sure to get your donation (and Steam ID) in before the 14th of August to ensure that you receive your bonus features in version 4.1. If you already donated but never received a reply saying your ID had been added, please send me a message with your Steam ID (not username) plus the name and e-mail address used when donating. Donors and server admins now get special scoreboard icons, by the way. :)

In the meantime -- SMB Crossover, Harmony Harmony, NS2 Alpha if you pre-ordered, and of course Alien Swarm.

Update: In other news, Silencer released version 3.9 of SHLT with bugfixes from vluzacn. Most major change is a fix that stops holes and invisible walls from appearing in solid geometry which remained from ZHLT 3.4. Check it out here!



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