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August 2004

Presenting Tor, Contest Winners, STEAM Update, Misc.
5 August, 2004 | by Sniper

Tor - The Xen Overseer

Below is a screenshot of Tor, the new Xen monster coming in Sven Co-op v3.5. He was modeled and animated by Shannon Caldwell, and his skin was produced by James "Osidio" O'Donnell.

Tor is an intelligent breed, and he ranks higher up than the Alien Controllers or Alien Grunts. He is an over-seer of the Xen forces, and he has the ability to call in a small number of reinforcements. Tor, unlike his fellow Alien Grunts, will be much more swift with his attacks, and he'll also carry some "smart" xen-grenades that'll have you running for your life.

Contest Winners - The following players have won the screenshot contest:

Gobanzo, Mad_Max, Dred_furst, JJ45, ORANGEKID

You'll be getting your prizes soon in the next Sven Co-op update. However, we're still not going to tell you what the new donation feature is just yet. Regardless, it should be pretty easy to find, and we're sure you'll like him, I mean, it.

Everyone who has donated to the mod will also be given the new feature in v3.5.

STEAM Update - Well, we're finally listed in Steam now. We're not downloadable via Steam yet (No mod is), but we're listed. At the #3 spot no less! As a result we've been getting a massive amount of players trying out the mod.

Our plans with Valve regarding automatic game updates/downloading and similar have not materialized yet, but we're sure they're working on it. It was a great move for Valve. It gets the word out that there are other modifications besides Counter-Strike. ;)

Job Applicants - We'd also like to mention that we've gotten a lot of applicants for the jobs we posted in the last news update (Sound Designer and Texture Artist)

That's great, but it appears hardly anyone has sent us example work. A simple "I'd like to apply for the job" doesn't get you the job, we want to see what you've done in the past. So please do get back to us, if you have sent this kind of email. The job positions are still open.

That's all for today. In the next news update, we hope to show more Sven Co-op v3.5 media.



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