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September 2002

E.T.C. Co-op Conversion
27 September, 2002 | by Sven Viking

Sorry about the delay, but there's been an unprecedented demand for v2.0F... several mirrors have had to remove the installation files because of overloading, and even though we don't host the main files ourselves, the server admin was threatening to close SvenCoop.com for a couple of weeks because of the amount of bandwidth we're using (20 gig per day, apparently... just from the forums and map pack downloads and such). Thought it might be safest to hold off on releasing E.T.C. 'til things calmed down a bit.

Anyway: In case you don't know already, E.T.C. (Earthquake Test Center) is a single-player mission pack by Dave Johnston, maker of de_dust for Counterstrike. The SvenCo-op conversion was done by Commando, and plays remarkably well -- The sniper assassins in particular seem as if they were always meant to be there. Head over to the Files page now, and download it!

P.S. - Many thanks to the BlueYonder Multiplayer Gaming Service and BulletFiles for mirroring this file, as well as many others!

UPDATE: The HellzKitchen admin reports that one of the ETC maps crashes AdminMod... so if you're running AdminMod on your server, you may want to watch out for this. We'll look into this fully in the morning (it's 2am, here :/   ).

Another update: It seems that the above was an isolated problem... other people have run the maps on servers with AdminMod without any difficulties. Weird...


SvenCo-op v2.0 Final Released!!
14 September, 2002 | by Sven Viking

SvenCo-op 2.0 Final is now available from the Files page, as either an update from 2.0 Beta or a full installation package. For a list of features and changes (there are a lot), click here! Additional information can be found in the manual

A Linux server port is in progress, and will be released as soon as possible (though I've been told it's not a simple business, and may take some time).

SvenCo-op 2.0F has been designed to work with Counterstrike Retail as well as Half-Life, by the way... though obviously the HL single-player storyline itself is not playable in CS Retail.

Project Guilty v1.1, the updated, 2.0F-enhanced version of the best-looking SvenCo-op (or Half-Life, for that matter) map pack I've ever seen, has also been released! I'd post screenshots, but I don't have any handy, and they probably wouldn't do it justice in any case. One can be seen while installing 2.0F, however (initial splash screen). It's a lot of fun, too, though at least three players are recommended.

Grab it from the Files page!

On a similar subject, Commando's SvenCo-op conversion of DaveJ's famous single-player mission "E.T.C." should be released within the next few days. Keep an eye on SvenCoop.com for further information!

Help Wanted: As it has become increasingly difficult for two of our team members to find time away from RL work, we're currently looking for an additional, experienced, programmer... as well as a modeller/animator. Reliability and a professional attitude are crucial. If you'd be interested in working on SvenCo-op (as well as co-op They Hunger), please contact me at sven@svencoop.com. Preferably have an example of your work handy.


v2.0F To Be Released Tonight! (US time). -- Release Party!
14 September, 2002 | by Sven Viking

Well, we're all running about like headless bullchickens trying to get everything ready in time for the release. I'm confident that we can get 2.0F out the door, before Sunday is legally over in the US... though it may mean foregoing sleep. (Nothing new there, I guess).

Anyway: Mad Jonesy and the #svencoop guys are organizing a release party: CLICK HERE for the details! In the mean time, I suggest that you check out the forums... interesting things are bound to happen this close to a release. (I expect).


Warning: Release Imminent
12 September, 2002 | by Sven Viking

Returned back last night to find that testing had gone particularly well. Only two real bugs were found, both of which have just been fixed(!). Barring a disaster, SvenCo-op v2.0 Final will be released publicly on Sunday, US time... give or take a day. It's been a long time, but hopefully you'll find it to have been worth the wait... especially due to the stability improvements.

In Other News:

- An interview with Deathbog and me has been posted on ModDB.com, talking about the Valve Mod Expo.

- Creepsworld, the leading SvenCo-op fan site, has sadly been taken down (though most archives can be browsed, and their forums are still open). Don't be too worried, however -- Creeping Death tells me it's not permanent.

- SvenCoop.de has re-launched as SvenCoop.net (in English). Looks like a good place to check out, especially while Creepsworld is down!

- SvenCoop.com E-mail is back up, and it's finally accepting messages from Hotmail again! So, once more, I can be contacted at sven@svencoop.com.



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