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September 2004

Surprise Birthday Party!!
29 September, 2004 | by Sven Viking

Today (the 30th of September, the same day on which Half-Life 2 was famously slated for release last year) is Sniper's birthday, and seems like as good a time as any to thank him for and congratulate him on the massive amount of work he's done on Sven Co-op over the last four years!

If you'd like to chip in a couple of dollars to help us pre-order him a copy of Half-Life 2, you can do so HERE (via PayPal. This can also count towards the bonuses if you want). Otherwise, you could always post a short message on the official birthday thread. Thanks everyone, and Happy Birthday, Sniper!


Donations, Sveney Coop, etc.
24 September, 2004 | by Sven Viking

OK, I should now be up-to-date with all donation e-mails. If you made a donation, but never received a confirmation from me, please contact me. Also: If you donated and submitted your WON ID only, remember to send me your Steam ID, since WON is gone now.

If you're looking for somewhere to play the new maps from the Content Pack (see Sniper's post below), the Sveney Co-op community has a number of servers running, incorporating some special features such as in-game downloads via FTP. They're also working on a project involving a map of a city in which you can buy apartment space, apparently :). Pretty interesting!

If you haven't tried Friendly Garg's Half-Life Park Custom Character Creator, head over there now and check it out -- it's really neat! :). Great for forum avatars... you can even give yourself a golden Uzi (here's me).

We'll hopefully be posting a huge map pack sometime before 3.5 comes out, by the way, containing various top Map Showcase maps we never got around to releasing. And if you haven't already done so, remember to scroll down and download the 3.0 Content Pack.


3.0 Content Pack Released!, Beretta 92f Render, Cyborg MP3 Remixes
22 September, 2004 | by Sniper

The Official 3.0 Content Pack has been released!
The following file mirrors are currently available, more to be added later:

Beretta 92f Render

This new handgun is a sign of things to come in v3.5.

Cyborg MP3 Remixes

Two Remixes of the original Sven Co-op theme song, originally composed by Blevo, are now available. These remixes were authored by Smaggy. They're definitely worth listening to, so be sure to download right away! Feel free to give Smaggy your comments by posting in the forums.

Download from the Files page


That's all for now, check back later for more details as we continue to progress toward releasing v3.5.


Not dead yet...
21 September, 2004 | by Sven Viking

Hi everyone... Sven here. Just writing a quick update to let you know what's been going on with me. The 3.0 Content Pack is currently uploading, by the way, and should be available as soon as we can get it to mirrors.

I'm really sorry about disappearing :/. I'm studying full-time as well as working part-time at the moment, and together with other things, I've been having a lot of trouble keeping up. On top of that, a power surge fried my system about two months ago, causing a lot of trouble... all my e-mail was on there, just for one thing. The system was on a surge protector, but I guess maybe previous power surges had worn it out. Luckily the hard discs turned out to be OK, and the system's back and working again now, but getting it fixed took up a lot of time (wasn't that cheap, either). The place that was supposed to repairing the system lost or forgot about it a few times, for example.

Because of all this, I'm way, way behind on my e-mail. If you made a donation over the last while, hopefully you'll hear from me soon. I'll post a news update once I'm up-to-date on that... if you haven't received a reply by then, please contact me again.

Afraid I might easily miss e-mails not relating to donations. If you e-mailed about anything really important, please re-send. If your e-mail is something that doesn't need to be specifically answered by me, I'd really appreciate it if you could try asking on the Forums instead... I'm really swamped at the moment. Thanks!

On that subject, special thanks to Sniper for running everything for so long!!! Thanks also to Mad Jonesy for helping out by getting the content pack together! I hope I can get some more time soon, but the way things have been going, don't know if it's that likely :(.


Upcoming 3.0 Content Pack, Brief Progress Update, Job Applicants, Donations
3 September, 2004 | by Sniper

An Official 3.0 Content Pack is currently being put together which holds a number of high quality maps and new player models. Stay tuned for the next news update, at which time the pack will be released. If you are interested in mirroring the file, please be sure to contact me.

v3.5 Progress

There are a large assortment of features, art, sounds, and levels that will be in v3.5. This will be a substantial release, and we hope to have it out before Half-Life 2. In the NEXT update, we are planning to provide more details on some of the new features.

Job Applicants

All available positions are now currently closed. Thanks to everyone that submitted an application to join the team. We'd like to welcome Brian "SoulEscape" Fieser (Sound Designer) and Teddy "TeddyBear" Bergsman Lind (2D Artist) to the team. We're very proud of their efforts.


A lot of people have been asking us if they can still donate and get bonus features for the next version. The answer to that is yes, you still have plenty of time.

When it gets to a point where it's too late to send us your STEAM ID, we will make an announcement. By that time, it'll probably mean we're ready to release. Even at the last minute, we make extraordinary efforts at getting everyone's STEAM ID into the mod.

Have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend.



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