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Linux Installation Guide:
Installing HLDS and Half-Life
Open the terminal and enter the following commands to install HLDS.
  1. cd ~
  2. mkdir hlds install
  3. cd install
  4. wget
  5. chmod +x hldsupdatetool.bin
  6. ./hldsupdatetool.bin

A ToS will show up and you have to accept it to continue installation.

The following command might need to be repeated a few times before the download begins. It begins once the download progress shows up.

7) ./steam -command update -game valve -dir ../hlds

HLDS is now installed.

Installing Sven Co-op Game Content

Open the terminal and enter the following commands to install Sven Co-op Game Content.

1) cd ../hlds

Download from a server. You can find a list of available mirrors on the file mirrors page.

Make sure you pick the archive / server version!

2) wget

3) unzip

Sven Co-op Game Content is now installed.

Installing the Linux binary

All you need to do is extract the file in the archive.

NOTE! The binary for SC 4.6 is in beta. There may be issues. Please report any issues you find on the Sven Co-op forums.

1) wget

2) tar -xzf sc46_linux.tar.gz

Sven Co-op Linux files are now installed.

Configuring Sven Co-op

You want to edit some of the config files for Sven Co-op. Mainly server.cfg. Use "nano svencoop/server.cfg" to edit through the command line.

Additional configuration help can be found on

Start Sven Co-op server

cd to the hlds directory and enter the following to start a SC Linux server. You can change/add anything you want after "-num_edicts 3072" to fit your needs.

./hlds_run -game svencoop -num_edicts 3072 +port 27015 +maxplayers 5 +map sandstone


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