Single Player Maps:
Valve HL SP Map Instructions:

To play through Half-Life's single-player storyline co-operatively, full HLSP co-op support needs to be installed on the server (for example, if you were playing on a LAN, it would need to be installed on the computer the game was started on, but would not need to be installed on the client machines joining the game).

To install full HLSP co-op support after the installation of SC v3.0, download and run this installer, then follow the instruuctions.

Once full HLSP support is installed, you can play them by starting a game using the map "hl_sp_portal.bsp". Clients simply join as normal. The hl_sp_portal map allows you to choose from many different starting points in the course of the Valve SP maps... more choices are available in the second time zone (jump through the glowing portal).

If you wish to "save" your progress at a certain point, you can type "status" to check the name of the map you're currently on (e.g. c1a2e.bsp). To resume play from that map, begin a game then change to the appropriate map using the changelevel command in the console (e.g. changelevel c1a2e).

Custom Single Player Maps:

Sven Co-op supports all Half-Life single-player maps... There are no entities that are required for single-player maps to work, therefore anything that runs in un-modded HL will run in Sven Co-op. You may experience problems because the maps were not designed with co-operative play in mind, however. For example, a path might be blocked off behind a player as he progresses, leaving other players unable to continue.

Some map authors have converted, or authorized the conversion of, their single-player map packs to Sven Co-op. These can be found on the Files page.



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