To gain access to the bonus features in the next version of the mod, you need to check to see what your WON ID is. To do this:

Load Half-Life, then connect to, or start, an Internet game (/not/ LAN).

Once the map has loaded, bring down the console, and type:
(then press Enter). You should see something like this:

#          name  id  wonid  frag  - etc.
#  1  YourName  1  182826  3  - etc.

(There may be several players listed). Write down the WON ID (it should be where "182826" is in the example... the numbers to the left and right of it are not part of the WON ID), then E-mail it back to me.

We'll then code it into the next version of the mod. Once it's released, when you connect to an Internet server, it'll check your WON ID against a donor list, find a match, and give you the bonus features automatically.