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April 2006

Join the team!...
3 April, 2006 | by Sniper


Hi everyone. I've had some problems with my mail account in the last few days. If you recently applied to join the team, but haven't gotten a response yet, please re-send your emails. Thanks.

We do have some new team members on-board, but we're still looking for additional qualified artists to join.


SvenCoop.com Regained (from Sven's Discount Co-operative)
1 April, 2006 | by Sven Viking


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Whew... after having been shot, kidnapped, drugged, then later bitten while trying to remove Sven Mbtam's mask, I'm finally back. While being escorted to my plane by some of Mbtam's cronies, we ran into one of the riots which have been taking place throughout Britain (what the news media have been referring to as the April Fools Day Riots), and I slipped away during the confusion. Incidentally, the aforementioned plane apparently exploded somewhere over the Dead Sea...

In any case: Partly due to the riots (which are rumored to have been started by Sven Co-op supporters?), and with some help from Haribo (there were conditions... from v3.5 onwards, health kits will take the form of delicious Haribo snacks), we regained control of our domain and web server, and everything turned out all right after all. I am temporarily stuck here in Britain, but as I managed to pick up a truly excellent tent from a Sven's Discount Store going-out-of-business sale, and have located directives for the manufacture of sustenance, that's not a serious problem.

As for the various Sven's Discount Co-operative employees:

  • Robert Nobel got divorced from his wife because of his "other" relationship, became depressed and quit his job.
  • Charles and Larry Carling went into hiding because of death threats.
  • Brian suffered a nervous breakdown after finding that his bathtub had been filled entirely with frogs.
  • Jason Decksix became involved in drug dealing and was shot to death by rival gang members.
  • Sven Mbtam was run over by a mysterious guy in a car. He died and his company collapsed. A well-known construction company was among the many businesses adversely affected by the bankruptcy.
  • Nobody really noticed that Harry Wolfe existed... not sure of what happened to him.

And so everything went back to normal... with Sven's Discount Co-operative bankrupt, there's nothing to stop us from using the title "Sven Co-op" once more (it now appears that SDC never actually registered the trademark, in any case), so the Viking Assault site is now obsolete. Please revert your bookmarks to http://www.svencoop.com/

Hopefully beta testing for Sven Co-op v3.5 will be able to begin shortly. Happy April Fools Day, everyone -- and our sincere gratitude to everyone who helped or offered help to us during the tribulations!

Edit: In other news, we are currently being sued for trademark infringement by the Silent Heroes: Viking Assault mod team. Details to follow... (joking)



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