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Sven Co-op Update Released [Build 1540619]
25 December, 2016 | by AdamR

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Merry Holidaymas!

We are proud to announce that we are finally releasing They Hunger: Episode 3, the final instalment of the They Hunger series! Explore the zombified countryside of Rockwell and the burned-out ruins of the Asylum, get mauled by zombie chickens and bulls, and stop Dr. Franklin and Sheriff Rockwood from carrying out their plans for world domination!

To play Episode 3, load "th_ep3_00.bsp", or play the series from the very beginning by loading "th_ep1_00.bsp".

If you are running a dedicated server please use SteamCmd to update your servers. Those of you that were using the public release candidate can remain to do so, as this branch now matches the standard branch.

Changes are as follows:

Notable changes

  • They Hunger Episode 3 has been included in its entirety.


Game library

  • Fixed crash during kick-ban vote while player is not connected.
  • Fixed game trying to load "nonexistant.tga" font files on some resolutions like 1366x where the game wouldn't use correct prefix.
  • [Voting] Added highlander style check for administrator level instead of simply checking if the target is an administrator or not. (That means an ADMIN_OWNER can vote against an ADMIN_YES.)
  • [Voting] If a percentage required is less than zero this specific kind of vote is disabled.


  • Added write access to "/store" for both modules.
  • Fixed game crashing when attempting to load directory as a file.
  • Fixed path exploitation where scripts could go back in folders using "../".


  • Recompiled components for Linux to ensure they all share the same constants.


Single Player Campaigns

  • Reverted the removal of ZHLT textures from "barney.wad" and "Opfor.wad" to fix crashing issues in original Blue Shift/Opposing Force maps due to missing hint/skip textures.
  • [HL T00] 9mmAR and M16 are now both available in the shooting range, as well as their respective ammunition types.
  • [Uplink] "Male assassin" snipers dressed up as Human grunts are now named "Human grunt".
  • [Uplink] Added a func_clip to stop monsters from entering the magic seamless teleport elevator since they can't seem to be teleported.
  • [Uplink] Added a new ladder next to the elevator in the dish building for anyone that has a fear of unsafe looking elevators.
  • [Uplink] Added a weapon strip to the starter room to remove medkits from players, after players are moved into the map they will be resupplied with medkits.
  • [Uplink] Added floor grating for the clumsy players who kept getting stuck in a hole, floor grating has a door that only opens when you are exiting the underground area.
  • [Uplink] Adjusted medkit, mp5, and 9mmAR clip placement in red container.
  • [Uplink] Anyone stuck on top of the elevator can free themselves by shooting the button.
  • [Uplink] Changed timing of a wall toggle so gibs from the repelling scene no longer slowly fall down, it can still happen depending if gibs land on each other.
  • [Uplink] Elevator in dish building can now hold 4 - 5 players.
  • [Uplink] Fixed game_player_equip not giving 9mm ammo, also adjusted ammo given to players.
  • [Uplink] Removed the func_clip for the exit of the underground pipe area.
  • [Uplink] Shotgun on weapon rack no longer clips through the wood.
  • [Uplink] Slightly moved a repelling grunt so he no longer lands on the catwalk in the dish building.


  • Removed global model replacement as these aren't needed any more. (Also corrects 2 lines with non-existent files.)



  • [CROWBAR] Added 'candy stick' crowbar replacement for holiday festivities.
  • [V_DISPLACER] Fixed the Displacer's UVs, and fixed the smoothing on the hand.
  • [V_KNIFE] Fixed the Opposing Force knife viewmodel's spindly fingers.
  • [W_HUNGERCROWBAR] Deleted unused 't' model.


Map Scripts

  • [Classic Mode] Added missing argument to Scheduler call. Fixes "CScheduler: could not add function 'StartClassicModeVote', function not found" error message.



  • Added missing spawn flag "Start On" to "func_guntarget".

Game manual

  • Updated credits to reflect the release of They Hunger Episode 3.


  • Added VGUI fonts for 1680x and 1920x resolutions.
  • Fixed Opposing Force / Blue Shift installer's directory search batch file (FindHLDirectory.bat). Installer should now be able to correctly find installation directories for both mods.
  • Game will no longer bind F10 to "quit" by default.
  • Missing models have been removed from the command menu's model selection list.

Version details

Steam build ID numbers: Game 1540619, dedicated server tool 1540620, SDK tool 1540621.

Please use the steam build ID number as a reference when posting an issue or query on our message boards. You can find the build number you currently have within Steam by right clicking our game or tools, selecting Properties, then selecting the Local Files tab.


Sven Co-op Update Released [Build 1447117]
12 November, 2016 | by AdamR

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An update for Sven Co-op has been released. If you are running a dedicated server please use SteamCmd to update your servers. Those of you that were using the public release candidate can remain to do so, as this branch now matches the standard branch.

Changes are as follows:

Notable changes

  • Fixed several major issues with They Hunger Episodes 1 and 2.
  • Menu background / music have been restored to the defaults from their Halloween counterparts.


Game library

  • Added ForceItemRemap() method to ClassicMode. When enabled, the game will always perform item (item/weapon) remapping. FindMappedItem() was updated to use this new variable. This is a temporary fix until we can relocate the item remapping functions to the g_Utility interface.
  • Satchels can now be kicked again.


They Hunger (all maps)

  • Forced item remapping to work even when classic mode is disabled. Fixes an issue where players could vote to turn off classic mode, which made NPCs drop regular Sven Co-op weapons with HEV arms instead of the new script weapons.
  • Removed all model replacements for weapons that are replaced by script weapons.
  • Removed all unused weapon modes from map configuration files.

They Hunger Episode 1

  • [TH EP1 04, TH EP1 05] Added clip brushes around a few beams with sloped bottom parts. Should prevent players from getting stuck on them.
  • [TH EP1 04] Added a monsterclip to the window that Otis appears in. Prevents him from running out onto the ground.
  • [TH EP1 04] Made the train not user controlled until after the crash occurs. Fixes an issue where someone could climb onto the train and reverse, getting the train stuck on the initial set of paths and not allowing the train to move forward.
  • [TH EP1 04] Reduced the size of the train user control brush so that you have to stand at the top of the steps to drive the train, rather than anywhere in the booth. Should reduce incidents of trolls forcing the train to not move at all.
  • [TH EP1 05] Fixed players gibbing on respawn during the jail cell outro sequence after being placed in observer mode, an issue which only affected servers where survival mode was turned off.
  • [TH EP1 05] Made the secret door in the church open when the crate blocking it is destroyed.

They Hunger Episode 2

  • [All Maps] Changed all zorks to use "zork.mdl" instead of "hungerzork.mdl". Fixes an issue where servers that have installed the 'Resident Evil: Awakening' map pack override the default model with a hungerzork player model, causing 100% CPU usage when players first encounter the model, making TH EP2 02 unplayable.
  • [TH EP2 00, TH EP2 01] Dead human grunts are now monster_generics to prevent them from making pain sounds.
  • [TH EP2 00] Added trigger_push to fast flowing water in sewer to prevent people from standing under the jump-down spots and causing leg breakage in other players.
  • [TH EP2 00] Rocket tank can no longer be controlled until after Barney gets down from the jeep.
  • [TH EP2 01] Added an invisible func_wall in front of the parking garage window so players can't injure barney with a grenade and break the sequence. Set all three NPCs in the cutscene to classification 'Alien Monster' so that Barney won't attack anyone if he somehow gets injured.
  • [TH EP2 01] Changed Dr. Franklin into a monster_generic so that he won't play 'scared' animations if players fire at the window. Gave him infinite health.
  • [TH EP2 01] Guy who opens the front door to the mansion is now a monster_generic with infinite health. Should prevent people from using/killing him and breaking the door opening script.
  • [TH EP2 01] Hid a sniper rifle in the vent in the water treatment plant.
  • [TH EP2 02] Added Alfred's missing use/un-use sentences.
  • [TH EP2 02] Alfred is now a monster_generic that cannot be used. Fixes a bug where players could break the map by use-spamming him.
  • [TH EP2 02] Changed a trigger behind the door where the second and third zorks break through to "No Clients".
  • [TH EP2 02] Changed the last zork to a squadmaker so that you can't hear him through the walls from the map start.
  • [TH EP2 02] Door to underground lab properly closes when players enter the next area and trigger the forced respawn.
  • [TH EP2 02] Dr. Franklin is now a monster_generic so that players can't repeatedly use him and break the script. Also Gave him infinite health, in case of grenade damage.
  • [TH EP2 02] Electric floor grate outside the laboratory security booth can no longer be turned back on once it is turned off.
  • [TH EP2 02] Fixed gap in the door at the end of the map.
  • [TH EP2 02] Made the door in the parking garage an actual door entity so that the button in the security booth opens it instead of doing nothing.
  • [TH EP2 04] Added more medkits to the room with the truck before the final battle.

Half-Life Campaign

  • [HL C05 02, HL C05; 03] Fixed misaligned floor textures on the platforms lining the inner silo.
  • [HL C07 A2] Fixed missing faces on sloped surfaces above the area where two grunts are having a conversation.
  • [HL C07 A2] Fixed rocket launch control room door closing and sealing players in the launch room.
  • [HL C10] Fixed alien grunts getting stuck in the pods that come out of the floor, which would force the pods back down. Players can also no longer block the pods and force them back into the floor.

Stadium 4

  • Map no longer tries to pre-cache "ospreyt.mdl".

Version details

Steam build ID numbers: Game 1447117, dedicated server tool 1447119, SDK tool 1447120.

Please use the steam build ID number as a reference when posting an issue or query on our message boards. You can find the build number you currently have within Steam by right clicking our game or tools, selecting Properties, then selecting the Local Files tab.


They Hunger Episodes 1 & 2 Revised / Sven Co-op Update Released [Build 1427770]
30 October, 2016 | by AdamR

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Happy Halloween!

In celebration of all the ceaselessly starving zombies out there, we're releasing a completely overhauled version of They Hunger Episodes 1 and 2! We've merged the maps into chapters and implemented survival mode, and the maps now feature completely new custom scripted weapons created by Norman Roger, Der Graue Fuchs, and KernCore. The game menu has also been updated with an excellent Halloween-inspired theme song created by Zodemon. To play the series from the start, simply load th_ep1_00.bsp.

Alongside the They Hunger series update, we also have a plethora of game updates. If you are running a dedicated server please use SteamCmd to update your servers. Those of you that were using the public release candidate can remain to do so, as this branch now matches the standard branch.

Changes are as follows:

Notable changes

  • AngelScript server plug-ins are now allowed to register custom entities.
  • Fixed a noticeable delay (or sometimes temporary freeze) when entering a map caused by the sentence parser.
  • Improvements to "item_inventory" and item trigger rules.
  • Roll angle has been restored from pre-Steam Half-Life. The player's view will now roll slightly when strafing from side to side. It is controlled using the "cl_rollangle" and "cl_rollspeed" CVARs. (To disable view rolling, set "cl_rollangle" to 0.)


Game library

  • Added "Append Map CFG" flag to "game_player_equip". When used, weapons in the map configuration file will be given along with any additional weapons or items specified within the entity itself. This overrides the previous entity behaviour which caused the map to ignore configuration file load-outs entirely. The Sven Co-op FGD has been updated to reflect this change.
  • Fixed a memory leak with the scoreboard icons.
  • Increased weapon slot count to 7.
  • Initial update for more realistic weapon dropping.
  • Inventory trigger rules: Fixed a crash when trying to drop, return, or destroy an item specified in a trigger's inventory rules when the item entity no longer exists.
  • Inventory trigger rules: Fixed incorrectly returning items by group name when they were specified for destruction.
  • Inventory trigger rules: Item triggers (use, drop, return, or destroy) can now be ignored.
  • Inventory trigger rules: Moved the inventory rules check within "trigger_once" and "trigger_multiple" so rules are only looked at after things like filtering, flag handling (enter/exit), and reset delay are all handled.
  • Ladders will no longer be virtually unusable if they contain an origin brush.
  • NPCs will push players out of the way during scripted sequences. (Experimental - Possibly want to move this to an entity flag.)
  • Removed "You must wait" messages for "medic" and "take cover" calls. (The delay still exists though.)
  • Revamped our Linux build process.
  • Roll angle has been restored from pre-Steam Half-Life. The player's view will now roll slightly when strafing from side to side. It is controlled using the "cl_rollangle" and "cl_rollspeed" CVARs. (To disable view rolling, set "cl_rollangle" to 0.)
  • Spore effects are removed if the entity state is stale.
  • The "drop" command will now drop all "item_inventory" of which are blocking you from using weapons. (If you have any.) This is so a player can quickly get back to their weapons.
  • Updated PM_PlayerShouldBypassEntity() to account for walking NPCs. Players will now be pushed out of the way of NPCs playing scripts.


  • Updated AngelScript to 2.31.1.
  • Added missing add-on "scriptdictionary".
  • Brought back corpse gibbing.
  • Combined functions Inventory_ClearAll() and Inventory_PurgeOnRespawn() into Inventory_RemoveAllFromHolder(). This function now has 4 parameters:
    • CBaseMonster pHolder: Same as before.
    • bool fDrop: Set to TRUE to cause the items to be dropped regularly, otherwise they will be returned instantly.
    • bool fBlockingWeaponsOnly: Set to TRUE to cause only items that block weapon usage to be removed.
    • bool fHonourKeepOnRespawn: Set to TRUE to cause items using option "Keep on respawn" to be retained.
  • Removed redundant class ASDictionary.
  • Removed redundant class ASLinkedList.
  • Replaced deprecated functions in classes ASEntity, ASEntityFuncs, ASMapCycle, ASMonsterEntity, ASScheduler, ASScriptReflection, ASString, and ASUtil.
  • Server plug-ins are now allowed to register custom entities.


  • Added new model lighting for players and other entities receiving light from flash lights.
  • Exposed engine functions SV_AddPositionToFatPAS() and SV_AddPositionToFatPVS() in the engine interface so downstream libraries can tweak what makes it into the PAS/PVS.
  • Fixed a possible crash due to a null entity reference.
  • Increased weapon index read size from 6 bits to 7 bits, to support 128 weapons.
  • Removed NPOT texture check which exited the game. (OpenGL 2.0 and higher supports NPOT textures.)
  • Renderer now has a 24-bit Z-buffer and 8-bit stencil buffer.
  • Updated flash light display for players.


  • Changed evaluation order of sentence word files to look for WAV files first.
  • Fixed a noticeable delay (or sometimes temporary freeze) when entering a map caused by the sentence parser.
  • Removed stat() calls for Linux.

Non-playable characters

  • [Apache] Rotor sound effect now follows the entity properly.
  • [Apache] Scale calculation updates.
  • [Barney] Corpse health now uses default skill value.
  • [Heavy Weapons Grunt] A.I. schedule will now fail if a player is holding his minigun.
  • [Heavy Weapons Grunt] The "pickup_minigun" animation is now used. (This will not affect outdated models that lack the animation.) Animation event "12" has been added to signal the A.I. code when to grab the minigun from the ground.
  • [Human Grunt] RPG grunts now use head group option 4.
  • [Male Assassin] Increased sniper rifle range to 8192 from 4096 to match the player range.


  • [Barnacle Grapple] Barnacle will no longer bite brush objects.
  • [Barnacle Grapple] Barnacle's tongue no longer flies out from the centre of the screen.
  • [Barnacle Grapple] Reduced pitch to normal levels for impact sound effect.
  • [Barnacle Grapple] Reduced tongue size.
  • [Barnacle Grapple] Tongues now properly stop moving upon impacting any object.
  • [Item Inventory] All of the trigger targets (on collect, on drop, on return, etc.) are split into self (collector) and everyone else. (This is so you can have different actions for different people.)
  • [Item Inventory] Changed the "on return" triggers to be called at the start of the return process instead of when the item materializes again.
  • [Item Inventory] Fixed "trigger on use" not actually doing anything at all.
  • [Item Inventory] Fixed a crash if a trigger wants an item to be both dropped, returned, and/or destroyed. (Because you no longer had the item.)
  • [Item Inventory] Fixed an item not being destroyed by a trigger if you also set it to be dropped. (Priority is now destroy, return, then drop.)
  • [Item Inventory] Fixed incorrect default model.
  • [Item Inventory] New trigger "on destroy". This happens when the item is destroyed for any reason. (This cannot be split into self/team/others.)
  • [Item Inventory] New trigger "on materialize". This happens when the item materialises after a drop/return. (This cannot be split into self/others.)
  • [Item Inventory] New trigger "on wearing out". This will be accompanied by a numeric "wear out time", and happens when an item is due to be forcibly removed from someone. (Hold time running out.)
  • [Minigun] Now uses slot 7 position 2.
  • [MP5] Reverting weapon smoke regression.
  • [Satchel] Added a delay between idle sounds.
  • [Satchel] Avoids making idle noises when an enemy is visible.
  • [Satchel] Increased sound radius of idle sounds.
  • [Shock Rifle] Now uses slot 7 position 1.


Half-Life campaign

  • [All] Maps no longer use the "halflifemerged.wad" texture file. This WAD was also removed so that mappers don't use it by mistake.
  • [HL T00] Hazard Course: Deleted triggers that close doors after a player leaves each area so that people don't get trapped in previous training rooms.
  • [HL T00]Added four spawnpoints that turn on as players move through the map.
  • [HL C05 A2] Blast Pit: Elevator cables on the elevator that falls into nuclear waste are now longer.
  • [HL C05 A3] Blast Pit: A useless checkpoint at the end of the map was removed.
  • [HL C07 A2] On A Rail: The rocket launch control room door will now crush blocking players.
  • [HL C09] Residue Processing: Broken terrain geometry / items falling through a shelf were fixed.
  • [HL C11 A1] Surface Tension: Players should no longer get stuck on the storm drain hatch valve.
  • [HL C11 A5] Surface Tension: The garage door outside the mechanic's garage is no longer instantly breakable by crowbar and has more than 1 health.
  • [HL C16 A1] Interloper: A toggling invisible wall was added to prevent players getting launched off a platform to their deaths at spawn.
  • [HL C16 A3] Interloper: Fixed an alien slave that was stuck in a script in the Xen factory.
  • [HL C18] Endgame: The flying hoops no longer get stuck on players.



  • [Battery] Now glows in the dark.
  • [Classic Mode] All weapons now have our HD hands.
  • [Gluon Gun] Added a glow effect to the screen/buttons/green dot.
  • [Gluon Gun] Added a light blue glow effect at the front when you shoot.
  • [Gluon Gun] Fixed missing smooth groups.
  • [Gluon Gun] Fixed up the UV map, corrected any broken/misaligned or oddly placed mapping.
  • [Gluon Gun] Gave the tube on the right side its own texture that matches the rest of the model.
  • [Gluon Gun] Made some minor edits to the texture to make it look less flat.
  • [Gluon Gun] Re-rigged the left arm and fixed the sleeve part not rotating with the hand on fidget like it should.
  • [Gluon Gun] Removed the right arm since it isn't used.
  • [Gluon Gun] Replaced "fire3" and "fire4" with "fire1" and "fire2", since the gun just loops one animation and doesn't play them randomly when you shoot fire 3 and fire4 look bad when they are used.
  • [Gluon Gun] Restored the original 512x texture by H4wk.
  • [Medkit] Added a fancy strap texture.
  • [Medkit] Added glowing overlays.
  • [Medkit] Updated textures.
  • [RPG] Fixed missing smooth groups.


  • [Alien Grunt] New model with glowing textures and non-chrome metal armor by Der Graue Fuchs.
  • [Alien Slave] New model with glowing textures by Der Graue Fuchs.
  • [Cleansuit Scientist] Model now has the teleport_fidget animation.



  • [Barnacle Grapple] Impact sound effect updated.


  • "null.wav" is now completely silent.



  • Cleaned up some of the casts, now uses modern C++ casting.
  • Fixed chrome texture sizes which caused an engine crash with non power of two textures.

"item_inventory" test map

  • Updated capture the flag flags to make use of self/other triggers.
  • Various items make use of the wearing out trigger. (Like invincibility pentagram and quad damage.)



  • Updated bit size entries for m_iId to support 128 weapons.

Game manual

  • Credits have been updated to reflect recent additions to the artist / testing team, as well as the re-release of They Hunger Episodes 1 and 2.

Version details

Steam build ID numbers: Game 1427770, dedicated server tool 1427771, SDK tool 1427772.

Please use the steam build ID number as a reference when posting an issue or query on our message boards. You can find the build number you currently have within Steam by right clicking our game or tools, selecting Properties, then selecting the Local Files tab.


Sven Co-op Update Released [Build 1316415]
3 September, 2016 | by AdamR

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An update for Sven Co-op has been released. If you are running a dedicated server please use SteamCmd to update your servers. Those of you that were using the public release candidate can remain to do so, as this branch now matches the standard branch.

Changes are as follows:

Notable changes

  • Cross-map inventory now works for Internet game servers using fast downloads.
  • Fixed crashes caused by overlapping network messages.
  • Full bright texture support for models.
  • Lots of model and NPC collision box tweaks.


Game library

  • Added mode 6 to "r_drawentities": This will draw the collision bounding box for entities.
  • Added workaround for cross-map inventory not working on servers using fast downloads. (This change only applies to Internet game servers.)
  • Command "myinfo" now shows your entity index, origin, angles, class, authentication ID, and user ID.
  • Fixed crashes caused by bad pointers when initialising multi-player game rules.
  • Fixed crashes caused by network messages from secondary threads, because another message was already in progress.
  • Increased maximum weapons to 128 from 64. (Temporary.)
  • Removed duplicate functionality used when a player disconnects.
  • Reverting some of the force damage calculations to fix some issues with grenade jumping and MADWHACK launches.
  • trigger_camera has a new mouse click action that allows the player to leave the camera, but only if the camera isn't forcing the player to view.
  • trigger_relay has a new flag to pass through the original activator to its target.
  • trigger_teleporter can now make use of inventory rules.


  • Back-ported "r_drawentities" modes 5 (animation bounding boxes) and 6 (collision bounding boxes) to the engine.
  • Flashlights of other players now point to the direction they are looking rather than making a glow around the player.
  • Flashlights of other players should no longer flicker.
  • Implemented the QC flag "STUDIO_NF_FULLBRIGHT". (Textures with the flag specified will draw in full brightness at all times.)
  • Increased maximum weapons to 128 from 64. (Temporary.)


  • Fixed sentence files not being found outside of the primary content folder. ("svencoop")

Non-playable characters

  • Tweaked the collision bounding box sizes of some NPCs so they match their model more closely. The height increases will mean it's harder for players to be cheeky and jump on top of NPCs and bash their head in unharmed. (Not impossible, just harder.)
    • Alien controller: Raised height to 64 from 48.
    • Alien grunt: Raised height to 88 from 72.
    • Gonome: Raised height to 80 from 72.
    • Headcrab: Reduced height to 20 from 24.
    • Sentry turret: Changed to 12x12x56 from 16x16x64.
    • Shock trooper: Raised height to 88 from 72.
    • Tor: Raised height to 88 from 72.


  • Classic mode: Items that are mapped now obtain the "custom respawn delay" and "is not ammo item" values from the item they are replacing.
  • item_inventory: Changed default model to "key.mdl" as it's easier to position in maps.
  • Tweaked collision bounding boxes for collectable items. (This should fix some items sinking into the floor, though ammo entities must still be 16 units away from a wall.)
    • Weapon size: 1 unit cubed.
    • Ammo size: 16 units cubed.
    • Item size: 4 units cubed.



  • Balance improvements.


  • Fixed NPCs not always spawning with a random model body.



  • Crowbar: Fixed missing hand bone in the view model.
  • Desert eagle: Added Norman's updated model proper tritium sights that glow in the dark, minor animation corrections, and improved meshes.
  • Desert eagle: Made the green dots on the iron sight glow in the dark on the view and peewee models.
  • Gauss gun: The "glow" texture now glows in the dark.
  • Gluon gun: Added some green lights to the barrel.
  • Gluon gun: Fixed fidget animation rotating the whole model instead of the lever.
  • Gluon gun: Made the screen/lights on the control panel (right side of model) glow in the dark.
  • Gluon gun: Upped the contrast on the glow overlay.
  • HEV suit: New model based on the player model.
  • Medkit: Added Norman's new weapon with buttons and a screen that glow in the dark.
  • RPG: Monitor now glows in the dark.
  • RPG: Removed the weird fake red light that was cut off on the edge in the original monitor texture.
  • Saw: Adjusted the muzzle flash attachment on player model so that the sprite is outside of the barrel.
  • Security: New model including TFC skins.


  • Clean suit: Fixed unarmed run arm animations being used while holding weapons.
  • Clean suit: Replacing model with Slartibarty's build.
  • Construction: Replacing model with Slartibarty's build, with 100% less UV map shifting and visible seams between necks/hands/feet.
  • Zombie: Replacing model with Slartibarty's build, with 100% less UV map shifting and visible seams between necks/hands/feet.


  • Clean suit scientist: Replacing model with Slartibarty's build, with HD heads/hands.
  • Female assassin: Added full bright to the night vision goggles.
  • Heavy weapons grunt: Added Slartibarty's fixes for the HWGrunt's hands and UV shift errors, and other minigun appearance oddities.
  • Otis: Added Slartibarty's fixes for Otis' UV shifting and texture seam issues.
  • Stukabat: Fixed crashes caused by badly sized textures.
  • Tentacle: Fixed hit boxes caused by badly exported animations.


  • Added some extra prop models for mappers.
  • Deleted many model external texture files of which are no longer used.



  • Added "fullbright" option and all other missing "$texrendermode" texture options. ("nomips", "flatshade", "alpha", and "chrome".)
  • Fixes issues with texture coordinate alignment and improperly resized textures causing texture resolution issues.
  • Removed $cliptotextures and power-of-two texture resizing.
  • Removed -1/+1 math tweaks which appear to have affected texture co-ords.



  • Spore plants now have move type "FLY" (5) by default.


  • Added game icon for Linux.
  • Added a line break to the end of the default plug-ins configuration so the parser is less likely to break.
  • Events: Added M16A2 custom muzzle definition file used by human grunt NPCs.
  • Removed compiler specific textures from barney, nw, and OpFor WADs to prevent conflicts.

Version details

Steam build ID numbers: Game 1316415, dedicated server tool 1316416, SDK tool 1316417.

Please use the steam build ID number as a reference when posting an issue or query on our message boards. You can find the build number you currently have within Steam by right clicking our game or tools, selecting Properties, then selecting the Local Files tab.


Sven Co-op Update Released [Build 1239210]
23 July, 2016 | by AdamR

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An update for Sven Co-op has been released. If you are running a dedicated server please use SteamCmd to update your servers. Those of you that were using the public release candidate can remain to do so, as this branch now matches the standard branch.

This is a minor update mostly to fix a few issues that appeared in our previous update.

Changes are as follows:

Notable changes

  • Fixed donors not getting their extra features reliably. (This may still happen occasionally but typically resolves itself on the next map change.)
  • Fixed some people getting kicked from Internet game servers due to being mistaken for a WON2 ID.
  • Map Robination is back with a major revise. (Actually included properly this time!)

Code: Game library

  • Administrators and "sv_cheats" are now tied, so if "sv_cheats" is 2 your administrator level must be 1 (normal), if sv_cheats is 3 your administrator level must be 2 (owner), etc.
  • Fixed donors not getting their extra features reliably. (This may still happen occasionally but typically resolves itself on the next map change.)
  • Fixed missing end-of-line after the vote text in the server log.
  • Fixed numbers in command "myinfo" always being 0.
  • Fixed some people getting kicked from Internet game servers due to being mistaken for a WON2 ID.
  • The following cheats are now allowed while dead: give, teleport.
  • The following cheats now require you to be alive: giveall, godmode, noclip, notarget, nonsolid, healme, chargeme.
  • Weapon box: Added rockets key to key values to allow rockets be picked up from them.

Code: Engine

  • Chat messages produced by the server console are now logged as "<Server Console>" rather than using the hostname CVAR.
  • Commands say and say_team are now filtered from server to client execution.
  • Fixed a crash when trying to calculate the file size of the spray cache when it didn't exist.
  • Fixed assert message when the player model count is more than 4096.
  • Windows only: The console window for servers is now "Sven Co-op Dedicated Server" by default instead of "Console", though it will prefix the hostname CVAR if set. (For example "My Silly Server - Sven Co-op Dedicated Server".) -- This may not work until the first map change, and won't listen for CVAR changes.



  • Fixed an exploit allowing a player to enter a team portal before the initial voting has completed.


  • [Part 2] Fixed an exploit allowing a player to collect the Gauss gun before the lasers are switched off.


  • Map completely revised.
  • New BSP file name: sc_robination_revised.bsp



  • Sentences: Added a reference to BA_PQUEST0 with a value of "_comma".
  • Sentences: Added missing sentence keys to bodyguard.

Version details

Steam build ID numbers: Game 1239210, dedicated server tool 1239214, SDK tool 1239215.

Please use the steam build ID number as a reference when posting an issue or query on our message boards. You can find the build number you currently have within Steam by right clicking our game or tools, selecting Properties, then selecting the Local Files tab.


Sven Co-op Update Released [Build 1213242]
5 July, 2016 | by AdamR

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An update for Sven Co-op has been released. If you are running a dedicated server please use SteamCmd to update your servers. Those of you that were using the public release candidate can remain to do so, as this branch now matches the standard branch.

Please be aware that your FOV may be more zoomed out than normal. This is because of an aspect ratio fix particularly for wide screen users. We advise you change your FOV setting to the new default value in your game console as follows:

default_fov 70

Changes are as follows:

Notable changes

  • All components now compile successfully in Linux allowing us to provide an alpha state of the game client.
    • The Linux client is provided literally as is. (We know there will be plenty of bugs.)
    • No official presence on the Steam store will be indicated yet.
    • No official support will be mainstream as this is not considered a finished product at all.
  • Fixed a severe stability issue when the entity count exceeds 2048.
  • Fixed three causes of svc_bad drops.
  • Map Robination is back with a major revise.
  • Map Sector E has been removed by author request.
  • Removed software rendering mode.

Code: Game library

  • Added animation support for env_glow entities.
  • Clamped CVAR default_fov from 50 to 110, with a new default of 70 (not 90) to account for an engine fix.
  • Clamped CVAR sv_zmax (and subsequently gl_zmax) to 4096-16000 to prevent rendering artefacts (with the sky) and performance issues at greater distances.
  • Fixed a crash if a func_tank is removed while being used by a player or NPC.
  • Fixed a crash if a player tries to use func_tankcontrols that points to removed tank.
  • Fixed a crash if too many forced player models are in the list.
  • Fixed a crash when monsters try to calculate the last known position of a breakable door for attack.
  • Fixed a rare crash when a player is killed by the world, or by another player.
  • Fixed a rare crash when looking up an entity reference in utility functions.
  • Fixed a rare infinite loop case when searching through the node graph.
  • Fixed ambient_generic not stopping its sound when killed.
  • Fixed CVAR plugin_list_file being ignored by the server configuration because it was being looked at too soon.
  • Fixed CVAR sv_zmax not being initialised.
  • Fixed exploit with observers entering cheat codes that cause the player's solid to reset, enabling observers to touch objects again.
  • Fixed forced player model not being reverted after a map change.
  • Fixed forced player models list being carried over to next map, and still taking affect.
  • Fixed incorrect box position check for brush entities.
  • Fixed inventory UI not being cleared after a map change.
  • Fixed satchels for disconnected players being left on the ground. (Always attempt to remove satchel charges owned by the player, even if the player doesn't have satchel charges equipped.)
  • Fixed severe lag while dead due to HUD messages being sent every frame.
  • Fixed sky light colour and angle being incorrect due to some server CVARs not being initialised after a map change.
  • Fixed spore effects not being removed, causing a random floating spore to sometimes appear.
  • Fixed stats for disconnected players still being logged.
  • Fixed the view port storing map names in an array that is too small, now matches the engine size.
  • Fixed trigger_random being unable to set the same target index multiple times.
  • Fixed weapons showing their zoomed crosshair when you haven't zoomed in. (Any FOV below 50 is now considered zoomed in.)
  • On-line donor lookups for each player are now throttled to one query every 15 seconds to prevent excessive CPU usage (and thread count) whenever a donor feature is attempted to be used and the query had failed.
  • Removed a ton of redundant code and libraries.
  • Unregistered various CVARs from the game library as they are already registered by the game engine. (Fixes those "already registered" messages in the server console when a map starts.)

Code: Engine

  • All required components now compile successfully for a Linux client to work.
  • CVAR brightness is now 1 by default. (In case you delete your configuration file and it resets to 0.)
  • CVAR crosshair is now enabled by default.
  • CVARs bottomcolor and topcolor are now clamped to range to 0-255.
  • Fixed a crash on the Linux server if a player connects before a map is running.
  • Fixed a crash when gibs are produced due to CVAR r_decals being 0.
  • Fixed a crash when looking at an entity with no model and solid SOLID_BBOX.
  • Fixed a crash when opening the game options due to a null variable.
  • Fixed a crash when passing an invalid game to the game parameter.
  • Fixed a possible crash when checking light styles.
  • Fixed a severe stability issue when the entity count exceeds 2048.
  • Fixed FOV scaling in the incorrect direction, so wide screen users don't get some of their view chopped vertically.
  • Fixed issues parsing the hash '#' character in console commands.
  • Fixed particle effects not always working on Linux servers.
  • Fixed performance issues to due checking CVAR cl_lw constantly.
  • Fixed server UI not showing the map list if its longer than 4074 bytes.
  • Fixed server-side temporary beams (i.e. those produced by the Shock Trooper) having incorrect positions.
  • Fixed three causes of svc_bad drops.
  • Removed a temporary workaround for the client game library being loaded twice. (Proper fix is now in place.)
  • Removed a ton of redundant code and libraries.
  • Removed obsolete CVAR sv_voicequality.
  • Removed software rendering mode.
  • Removed spectator proxy.

Code: Sound

  • Fixed a memory leak when adding a sentence.
  • Fixed global replacement pitch being ignored by monsters if they had a hard-coded pitch.
  • Fixed sound origin not updating correctly when being heard via a camera.
  • Fixed an integer overflow when processing custom materials for footsteps.

Code: Non-playable characters

  • Alien Grunt: Added melee engage distance skill CVAR. (sk_agrunt_melee_engage_distance)
  • Alien Grunt: Added weapon options.
  • Alien Grunt: Berserkers deal 30 damage. (sk_agrunt_berserker_dmg_punch)
  • Alien Grunt: Reduced default alien grunt melee damage to 20. (sk_agrunt_dmg_punch)
  • Voltigore: Increased blast radius warning for NPCs.

Code: Equipment

  • Crowbar: Added unused primary attack animation.
  • Crowbar: Changed animation for throwing the crowbar.
  • Crowbar: Idle animation implemented.
  • Inventory: Fixed a crash when dying with an item selected.
  • Inventory: Fixed item not being destroyed if the collection limit has been reached. (No point in having an item on the floor that can never be collected!)
  • Inventory: Fixed item not being thrown forwards when return time is set to -1 (never).

Code: AngelScript

  • Added a catch-all for ammo entities, so that AngelScript ammo entities can be given to players.
  • Added capability to detect if a map is forcing player models.
  • Added IgnoreConditions() for monsters.
  • Exposed StartTask() for NPCs.
  • Fixed the CVAR as_script_log_max not being taken into account by the AngelScript log.
  • Regular expression functionality now available.
  • Removed a workaround for a crash when trying to create custom entities with CreateNamedEntity. (Proper fix in place.)
  • Removed unnecessary console output regarding player models having a ./ in the path.



  • C09: Fixed getting stuck in the vents between the vats of green goop.


  • The map now starts with a default load out for players. A pistol, an Uzi, batteries, medkit and hand grenades.
  • You must now +use the teleport pad to become the commander.
  • Increased credits on easy to 10000 from 8000.
  • Increased credits on non-easy to 6500 from 5000.
  • Button for the lift to the doctors office is locked during his cut-scene.
  • Adjusted timing in winning cut-scene.
  • Added a trigger_hurt to kill people who get stuck in the weapon room when disconnected.
  • Replaced grate between commander and his SAC-men with bars, so players can see the name of the commander.
  • Made the commander's elevator button more visible
  • Reduced Apache HP on ultra hard to 1200 from 2300.
  • The commander can now call the abort vote when you have less than 500 credits, instead of 100.
  • When you have less than 500 credits, a text and sound occur to inform you of the option of aborting the mission.
  • Blondi now has correct sounds.
  • Survival mode credits increased to 800 from 600.
  • Emphasized that easy mode should be played by beginners.
  • Added a button to show credits for non-commander players.
  • Added various informational signs and lore.


  • Map completely revised.
  • New BSP file name: sc_robination_revised.bsp

Sector E

  • Map removed by author request.


  • Wrench nerfed.


  • Buy Menu: Experimental new script.



  • Updated modelindex to 13 bits for our increased model limit.


  • Added SprGen tool.
  • Added StudioMdl tool.

Hammer Level Editor

  • Added ability to resize various windows.
  • Added model rendering to the 3D view.
  • Added option to export "map" format with floating point co-ordinates. (6 digit precision.)
  • Added option to set a default texture.
  • Added selection box width and height information to the 2D views.
  • Browsing for sound files will now include some non-WAV formats.
  • BSP point files can now be rendered in the 3D view.
  • Double-clicking an object in the 3D view will now open the properties window for it.
  • Fixed 1024 unit grid highlighting not working as intended.
  • Fixed a crash of an entity key name or value is more than 127 characters.
  • Fixed an empty entity been left over when merging two or more brush entities together.
  • Fixed clipping tool not working beyond 16,384 units from zero.
  • Fixed contents of multi_manager not being searchable.
  • Fixed duplicate entity key names not automatically getting an index number suffix.
  • Fixed entity spawn flag descriptions being cut off early.
  • Fixed GL error when closing Hammer while more than one map was open.
  • Fixed latter 12 entity spawn flag check boxes not persisting.
  • Fixed selecting an entity near the edge of the grid causing a huge selection box to appear.
  • Fixed sprites rendering in negative colour when their render mode is set to "color".
  • Including standard prefabs.
  • Increased maximum co-ordinate size to 131072.
  • Increased maximum zoom distance so twice as much can be visible in the 2D views.
  • Maximum 3D back clipping plane increased to match maximum co-ordinate size.
  • Prevented all entity key names being implicitly converted to lower case.
  • Removed full file path of WAD files from the texture bar so only the file name shows.
  • Removed redundant help links.
  • The texture browser can now be scrolled through with the mouse wheel.


  • Custom sprays can be disabled in the player advanced options, or a large cache size can be selected.
  • Default map settings now contains CVAR sv_zmax.
  • Materials file now contains the WAD file and descriptions so it's easier to find the source of the texture.

Version details

Steam build ID numbers: Game 1213242, dedicated server tool 1213245, SDK tool 1213246.

Please use the steam build ID number as a reference when posting an issue or query on our message boards. You can find the build number you currently have within Steam by right clicking our game or tools, selecting Properties, then selecting the Local Files tab.


4.0 Map Pack Released
17 April, 2016 | by JPolito

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Just a heads up that the 4.0 Map Pack and an updated version of the 3.0 mappack are now available on our files page. The updated 3.0 map pack contains the same maps as it did before but now includes fixes for a few known issues. The 4.0 mappack contains a number of maps that were previously included in the game during the 4.x version era. You will find plenty of excellent and classic Sven Co-op maps within. The full map list for this mappack is as follows:

  • Abandoned
  • Activist
  • Afrika Korps
  • Auspices
  • Escape Series
  • Hammerhead
  • It Has Leaks
  • Jumpers
  • Murks
  • Reflux
  • Richard Boderman
  • Royals
  • Shattered
  • VGER
  • Zero

To install, simply extract the archive into your svencoop_addon folder located in Steam/SteamApps/common/Sven Co-op/



Achievements cancelled :-(
2 April, 2016 | by Hezus

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Our announcement of the addition of achievements to Sven Co-op was met with so much enthusiasm that the development team decided to pull an all-nighter and think up way more cool and fun achievements for you and your friends!

Earlier this morning we finally reached the ultimate achievement:

When we compiled all those achievements into our latest Beta build and loaded up the game, it completely crashed. It seems we achieved the unachievable: too many achievements for the game to handle. There was no other choice than to scrap the work we did and go back to the drawing board. Thus, sadly, the announced achievements will not be featured in the upcoming version of Sven Co-op. We figured that merely enjoying yourself while playing Sven Co-op might fill our players with enough sense of achievement already!

PS. April Fools ;)


Achievements finally coming to Sven Co-op!
1 April, 2016 | by Hezus

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Hello everyone,

Sven Co-op's move to Steam as a stand-alone game has not only given us the ability to supply you with instant updates, it also enables us to add achievements to Sven Co-op!

Later today we will be releasing a whole batch of fun achievements for you and your friends to well.. achieve! Here's a preview of just a few of the new achievements.

We're sure you're all going to love these! Of course we are open to suggestions for new achievements in the future, so make sure to head over to the forums and let us know!


Sven Co-op Update Released [Build 1005159]
2 March, 2016 | by AdamR

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An update for Sven Co-op has been released. If you are running a dedicated server please use SteamCmd to update your servers. Those of you that were using the public release candidate can remain to do so, as this branch now matches the standard branch.

Changes are as follows:

Code: Game library

  • Fixed the map vote class no longer adding maps to the list.
  • Map votes started using maps pulled from the map cycle now work properly.
  • Fixed crash when starting on Windows XP or 2003.
  • Fixed the static donor list being iterated every time a donor feature was checked if an on-line look-up failed.
  • Particle offsets can now be specified for attachment-based muzzle sprites, in the muzzle-sprite definition file.
  • Property "onground" of each player is now transferred to clients.

Code: Engine

  • Fixed a crash when creating a custom entity class not present in the game library.
  • Fixed engine loading the client game library twice.
  • Fixed crash when starting on Windows XP or 2003.

Code: Sound

  • Added a log message to the sound engine so that when the server fails to write the sound cache, it reports the error.
  • Fixed issue where unsigned integer overflow would result in an access violation in the materials lookup code.

Code: Non-playable characters

  • [Houndeye] They now wake up properly again.
  • [Scientist] Fixed not being able to guide scientists when they have a classification allied to players.

Code: Equipment

  • Fixed not being able to pick up items when only the "Use Only" flag is set.



  • [HL C04] Fixed "no spawn points available" error after players arrive in the bunker.
  • [HL C13 A4] Made the map correctly restart when the scientist running the portal generator gets killed, instead of players constantly respawning and exploding instead of the map changing when survival mode was turned off.
  • [HL C17] Triggered the multi_manager that ends the map directly, instead of relying on cryptic Nihilanth code to teleport a single player to the end-of-map trigger.

Single Player Campaign Portal

  • Added text to the campaign doors telling the player the area is locked by cvar or not installed.


  • [Part 1] Re-compiled map with full lighting. (Partial compile got slipped in by mistake!)


They Hunger

  • [Civilian] Fixed the Civilian being invisible in one of the early They Hunger maps.


  • [Survival] Added a newline at the end of the Survival mode enabled message.



  • Added variable "onground".


  • [CSG map tool] Removing the ability to not null "AAATRIGGER" textures because there's little reason to render those.
  • [VIS map tool] Added a check that causes BasePortalVis to trigger an error if the requested portal buffer size exceeds the maximum size.
  • [VIS map tool] Increased the "max_portals" limit to 131,072 from 32,768.


  • Reduced grenade damage. (Updated to correspond with various AI/gameplay improvements related to grenades.)

Version details

Steam build ID numbers: Game 1005159, dedicated server tool 1005161, SDK tool 1005162.

Please use the steam build ID number as a reference when posting an issue or query on our message boards. You can find the build number you currently have within Steam by right clicking our game or tools, selecting Properties, then selecting the Local Files tab.


Sven Co-op Update in Release Candidate [Build 997953]
26 February, 2016 | by AdamR

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Hello everyone,

Apologies to all our players on Windows XP and 2003 that have been unable to play Sven Co-op or run their SvenDS since Sunday. We have been working hard throughout the week to find the exact cause of this (which is more complicated than just blaming Visual Studio 2015), but have come up with a temporary solution.

In order to let those of you that want to test this update over the weekend, you can switch your game to a branch called "release_candidate_public". Steam will then download this update for you. You will not be able to play on any public servers while on this branch unless they have also opted in to this branch.

The update primarily consists of:

  • Unable to start client or server on Windows XP and 2003
  • Crash with CreateNamedEntity (maps using custom entity names)
  • Crash with materials handling under certain conditions
  • Unable to move allied scientists with +use

If this update is successful we'll migrate it to the public branch with a full change log.

Updating your game

Follow these steps to switch your Sven Co-op or Sven Co-op dedicated server installation in Steam to the public release candidate:

  1. Right click Sven Co-op or Sven Co-op Dedicated Server in your game/tools library.
  2. Select Properties then select the branch called release_candidate_public in the drop-down list.
  3. You should then see a notice that you've now switched branch, so you can click Close.
  4. Next time you launch your game (or soon enough automatically) Steam will download the update for you.

To switch back to the public branch follow the same steps, but choose NONE from the drop-down list instead.

Updating your server

If you wish to put your server onto the release candidate you need to add this to your SteamCmd statement:

Replace: +"app_update 276060 validate" for +"app_update 276060 validate -beta release_candidate_public".

Simply remove the beta instruction if you wish to revert your server back to the public branch.

Remember: You can receive email notifications about upcoming updates with some timely warning to prepare by subscribing to our server announcements mailing list.

Version details

Steam build ID numbers: Game 997953, dedicated server tool 997955, SDK tool 997957.

Statement about Windows XP/2003 support

Windows XP and 2003 no longer working was entirely a mistake. Unfortunately only 1 person on our team still uses Windows XP, which is why we didn't notice the issue until it slipped into the public.

However the fact is we're going to have to stop supporting Windows XP and 2003 indefinitely at some point. We've already dropped support for Windows 2000. While we recognise that not everyone has a computer capable of running Windows Vista or later (or you just don't want to), we cannot delay progression forever because of this. We are very lucky that the issue this time could be worked around, but this won't always be the case.

You should also know that it is not our choice to discontinue Windows XP/2003 support and that may ultimately rule, because other libraries from upon parties that we depend upon (and have no control over) may move to no longer offer this support. This could simply be in the form of using a feature from the Windows kernel only present from Windows Vista or later.

Windows XP and 2003 have been dropped from official support for 2 years now, and other big names are starting to stop supporting it (and Windows Vista) too. The specific reason for the crash is that the Windows XP/2003 kernel does not support initialising thread-local static variables. This is a huge problem for a multi-threaded application, of which there weren't many in the XP days to notice it. The only work-around is to disable thread safety in the game libraries, which is also a huge trade-off.

An official statement from Microsoft states that while they recognise this as a bug and provided an unsafe workaround, they simply won't degrade the performance of their current products in order to keep unsupported products working with modern applications.

So long story short, you're going to have to update at some point if you wish to continue to play Sven Co-op indefinitely.


Mailing list for server operators
23 February, 2016 | by AdamR

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Hello all, or particularly SvenDS server operators,

A mailing list has been setup at the suggestion of our team member Duggles to help you server operators know in advance when updates are expected to go public. We will also try to include relevant notes in update announcements you may find useful for that particular release.

You can subscribe (or unsubscribe) to the mailing list and view previous announcements here:

This mailing list will not be open to public posts or responses. Please direct any discussions and queries you have to our server message board here:

There is probably little point of subscribing if you do not operate a full time Sven Co-op server. You will more than likely become bored of the messages, of which will often be technical and of little use to players.

Thank you all for contributing to Sven Co-op with the server resources you have put in.


Sven Co-op Update Released [Build 986278]
20 February, 2016 | by AdamR

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An update for Sven Co-op has been released. If you are running a dedicated server please use SteamCmd to update your servers. Changes are as follows:

Code: Game library

  • Added check to prevent invalid sound names in the media player playlist file from causing a negative array index to be used.
  • Added new CVAR "sv_log_player_deaths" that controls whether player deaths are logged. (On by default)(
  • Converted more file loading operations to use SteamPipe via the engine file system.
  • Fixed "multi_manager" causing stack corruption when using the trigger type feature.
  • Fixed "trigger_changemodel" trying to change the player's model if it was already overridden to the given model.
  • Fixed "trigger_transition" having the wrong name.
  • Fixed a file handle leak when loading the maps for voting.
  • Fixed a freeze when the sound/model replacement code tries to open a file that is really a directory.
  • Fixed a memory leak and garbage value read in "trigger_condition".
  • Fixed a string null termination using the wrong index when getting the machine IP address.
  • Fixed alerts on the client not outputting warnings and errors when developer is set to 1 or higher.
  • Fixed excessive thread consumption (particularly on Linux hosts) when retrieving donor information fails.
  • Fixed player's next decal spray time resetting on death or suicide, or when the player has killed another player.
  • Fixed players disappearing from the score board when various values become not a number or infinite.
  • Fixed server administrators list sometimes becoming corrupted when parsed.
  • Fixed to the KeyValues parser so it can now parse empty blocks correctly.
  • Fixed to the KeyValues parser that caused it to parse }{ as one token, instead of as 2 tokens.
  • Fixed voting menu not always listing all players.
  • Game libraries are now built with Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 (instead of Microsoft Visual C++ 2010) on the Windows XP compatible platform tool kit.
  • Improved reliability of Linux hosts retrieving donor information from the on-line database.
  • Made CVAR "sv_log_monster_kills" affect monsters killing players.
  • Observer mode no longer strips player weapons and items when exiting it.
  • Partially fixed Linux hosts not returning the correct IP address for the machine when requested, so a loopback address will be ignored if a non-loopback address is available. (This is still dependent on the hosts configuration of the system having one machine host name entry pointing to a real NIC's address.)
  • Re-factored all "trigger_random" entities into a single entity, and fixed various unsafe operations. (The old entities, i.e. "trigger_random_time", can still be used but will be mapped to "trigger_random" with the timer enabled)
  • Re-factored func_breakable and door attack vector code so it no longer duplicates code or leaks memory.
  • Removed all references to the memory debugging code, since it no longer works in VC++ 2015.
  • Renamed CVAR "sv_player_log_frequency" to "sv_log_player_frequency".
  • The log classes will now only open a log if the output isn't empty.
  • The media player no longer reloads the playlist twice when the reload playlist button is pressed.
  • When a player is killed the game rules now correctly checks if an entity is a player, instead of checking if the class is CLASS_PLAYER.

Code: Engine

  • Core: Changed hard-default value of various CVAR's:
    • cl_cmdrate: 200
    • cl_logocolor: "Ltblue"
    • cl_updaterate: 60
    • name: "New Player"
    • rate: 50000
  • Core: Custom entities defined by the game DLL (and scripts) can now be spawned by engine functions.
  • Core: Disabled reading the network rate setting from the Windows registry.
  • Core: Increased maximum GL textures to 6144 from 4800.
  • Linux server launcher: Fixed incorrect auto-update application ID.

Code: Sound

  • Fixed a bug that caused materials with the maximum allowed name length to overwrite the material type for it.
  • Fixed client not loading custom materials for foot steps.
  • Fixed incorrect origin of impact sounds.
  • Fixed two potential crashes when reading CVAR's.
  • New CVAR "s_mute_unfocused" (on by default) to determine if FMOD should mute all sound output while the game window is not in focus.
  • Sound replacement now uses a more optimal memory allocation approach.
  • Sounds loaded at runtime will now also get OGG compression.

Code: Non-playable characters

  • [Osprey] Added default case to a switch so Ospreys can never drop a null entity by accident.
  • [Scientist] Fixed being able to control/guide enemy scientists.

Code: Equipment

  • [Displacer] Fixed bug where the displacer's tertiary fire would never play client side effects.
  • [Displacer] Reworked how the displacer's tertiary fire works so the delay between shots still applies.
  • [Inventory] Fixed a crash on map change when a player is holding a map inventory item.
  • [Inventory] Fixed entity sometimes causing an infinite loop (and stack overflow) when the collect limit has been reached and the item/entity is being deleted.
  • [Inventory] Fixed the inventory dialog causing a crash after being respawned by a map entity (trigger_respawn).
  • [Uzi] Added entity "ammo_uziclip" to supply 9mm rounds at the Uzi's clip size, and used when players drop ammo while wielding an Uzi (or two).

Code: AngelScript

  • Added "pev" as a member variable to all custom entities.
  • Added a space between 2 words in the Angelscript description string.
  • Added additional checks to NetworkMessage to prevent the wrong message from sending messages begun by another.
  • Added CEntityFuncs::CreateGib.
  • Fixed text menus being removed on map change. (Scripts are now responsible for cleaning them up.)
  • Added CEntityFuncs::PrecacheMaterialSounds.
  • Added CGib to the API.
  • Added checks to prevent server administrators from being kicked or banned by scripts.
  • Added constant to indicate the size of the buffer used to contain the result of a ClientConnect rejection.
  • Added CPlayerFuncs::CreateBot and BotDisconnect.
  • Added CServer: a singleton class that keeps track of server wide state.
  • Added date to the Angelscript log opened message.
  • Added m_szAnimExtension variable to CBasePlayer.
  • Added overloads to CAdminControl that allow plug-ins to slay/kill/kick/ban players without having to specify an administrator.
  • Added PrecacheGeneric method to CGame.
  • Added PrescheduleThink to ScriptBaseMonsterEntity.
  • Added return statement in null pointer test.
  • Added string debugging features to CAutoString and CHashStringPool.
  • Changed how per-module globals are handled: they now use global accessor functions instead of manually declared and initialized globals, allowing them to be used during global variable initialization. (Removed the old method completely.)
  • Clearing the scheduler's timer list now removes all references to other objects held by each timer, so as to avoid memory leaks due to circular references.
  • Fixed g_AdminControl.SetReservedSlots and GetReservedSlots crashing the game.
  • Fixed incorrect use of a bitwise AND operation being used to determine whether or not to call map scripts (code was intended for client side scripting).
  • Fixed scripts failing to load on Linux in particular locations.
  • Fixed typo in Angelscript documentation. (Console command)
  • NetworkMessage is now a scoped reference type to prevent copy construction from creating an invalid message.
  • Reloading plug-ins no longer calls MapInit on them.
  • Removed all references to the memory debugging code, since it no longer works in VC++ 2015.
  • Removed CEngineFuncs::CreateFakeClient.
  • Removed CEntityFuncs::TeamsMatch.
  • Removed fUpdateClient from KeyValueBuffer::SetValue.
  • Removed m_szTeamName from CBasePlayer.
  • Renamed a variable to prevent variable shadowing.
  • Replaced the game's string pool with a more efficient one.
  • The Angelscript log now outputs to the console after logging instead of before to ensure consistent output.
  • The log classes will now only open a log if the output isn't empty.
  • Updated Angelscript's module builder to use SteamPipe.
  • Updated CAutoString so it compares with empty strings properly.
  • Updated UTIL_FindAbstractResourcePath to use SteamPipe.
  • Updated worldspawn to precache required files using SteamPipe.


Black Mesa: Special Tactics Sector

  • Fixed include path for AmmoMod not going up one directory.
  • Prevented players from changing model to a different team colour than they are.

Dead Simple Neo

  • Made final cut scene skippable with a vote.
  • Prettified objective screens.


  • [HL C11 A1] Added "weapon_hornetgun" to the equipment configuration as of this map, when players first find it.
  • [HL C14] Fixed players being trapped in a black box at the start. (Mostly.)

Momma Mesa

  • Updated display name of the author as per author's request.

Richard Boderman

  • Map has been removed. This map will be available with the 4.0 map pack instead.

Single player campaign portal

  • Added a few lines to the map information to tell players that some areas might be sealed by the administrator or because the conversion is not installed.


  • [Part 1] Fixed non-solid wall at Catapultator (TM) area.



  • Removed model Junction Punch. (It will be available in the optional player model pack)
  • Removed model Seini. (Missing polygons)
  • Removed various models that could cause copyright controversy.


  • [Entity Manager] Removed command "!addfakeclient".
  • [HL C11 A3] Fixed map not using up retries when the map restarts using survival mode.
  • [Survival] Added checks to prevent negative time intervals from being set.
  • [Survival] Fixed survival persistence not carrying over.
  • [Survival] Script now registers the hooks for "ClientPutInServer", "ClientDisconnect" and "PlayerKilled" itself, eliminating the need to do so manually.
  • [Survival] Script now tracks its state more thoroughly.
  • [Survival] Script now updates the time until activation so players are more aware of it. The delay between updates is configurable.
  • [Vehicle] Fix vehicles decelerating in the air and getting stuck.



  • "trigger_random_time" and "trigger_random_unique" have now been absorbed into "trigger_random".


  • We will be including internal test maps along with their sources for new features for teaching purposes. These can be found in the "examples" folder within the "mapping" folder of the SDK.
    • [displacer] How to use displacer targets.
    • [item_inventory] Example uses of "item_inventory" as shown in Adam's demonstration video.


  • Advanced player settings are now ordered by group, with a few extra settings added.

Version details

Steam build ID numbers: Game 986278, dedicated server tool 986281, SDK tool 986282.

Please use the steam build ID number as a reference when posting an issue or query on our message boards. You can find the build number you currently have within Steam by right clicking our game or tools, selecting Properties, then selecting the Local Files tab.


Sven Co-op Update Released [Build 953373]
29 January, 2016 | by Sniper

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An update for Sven Co-op has been released. If you are running a dedicated server please use SteamCmd to update your servers.


Code: Game library
  • Added check in say text to prevent the local player from blocking their own chat.
  • Added notify message when players try to vote kick or ban server administrators.
  • Added protection from ban and kick votes towards server administrators.
  • Fixed a client-side crash when entering a null reference sequence in the console.
  • Fixed a possible infinite loop when the memory debugger is enabled and loads the virtual file system.
  • Fixed a possible server-side crash due to a leaking thread.
  • Fixed a server-side crash if a negative model animation sequence number is called.
  • Fixed the game rules class not always initialising the number of players correctly.
  • Fixed the scoreboard never showing player #32.
  • Fixed forced player models sometimes reverting back to what the player had before.
  • Menus that are enabled after being hidden by another menu are made visible explicitly now.
  • New server command kicksteamid that will kick players by steam ID case-insensitively.
  • Partially fixed a client-side crash on start-up. The game should now start up faster as well.
  • Updated various functionality to use the SteamPipe file system. (BSP entity reader, global model replacements, memory debugger, network profiler, and voice ban manager)
  • Vote pop-ups no longer close the current menu. This prevents menus that are synced to server state, like cameras with mouse enabled, from breaking.
Code: Engine
  • Added DPI awareness to the client launcher for Windows users.
  • Fixed some exploits with the player info.
  • Increased MAX_GLTEXTURES to 6144 from 4800.
  • Removed r_dynamic from the list of cheat CVARs. (We now allow players access to this CVAR in multi-player for performance reasons on AMD hardware.)
  • An update for player information is only sent if the info buffer key actually changed.
Code: Sound
  • Added checks to prevent text menus with 0 items from causing crashes.
  • Fixed all sounds cutting off due to a client sound engine issue in some circumstances.
  • Fixed text menus appearing again if no option was selected and the map changed.
  • Text menus now handle the exit condition properly.
Code: Non-playable characters
  • [Alien Controller, Alien Slave, Baby Gargantua, Gargantua, Kingpin, Tor] Fixed possible race conditions in the effect entities.
  • [Alien Controller, Alien Slave, Baby Gargantua, Kingpin] Fixed effect entities not being removed when the monster is forcibly removed.
  • [Alien Slave] Run and fire is now disabled.
  • [Turret] Fixed active sound not stopping when the turret is forcibly removed.
  • [Turret] Fixed red light sprite not being removed when the turret is forcibly removed.
  • [Turret] Fixed trigger conditions not always working when hit with light damage.
  • [Turret] Fixed trying to repair a turret being treated as an attack when repairing at the shield side.
Code: AngelScript
  • Added FollowerPlayerUse to CBaseMonster.
  • Changed slap player to use the world instead of the administrator for slapping. This should prevent friendly fire from blocking damage.
  • Fixed a bug in the hook system that caused object methods to cause a crash if passed into RegisterHook
  • Fixed the text menu manager releasing references to text menus that it didn't have.
  • Removed PreSpawn, Spawn and PostSpawn from the CBaseEntity API. (CEntityFuncs:: DispatchSpawn should be used instead.)
  • SayParameters now handles quotes in input correctly.
  • SayParameters now uses CCommand instead of a string array.
  • Updated various functionality to use the SteamPipe file system. (Globals, memory debugger, and server manager)
  • Updated console output to also output the object type name.
Desert Circle
  • Fixed incorrect texture file name reference in the map resource list.
  • Invisible wall in the doctor's office lasts until end of cut-scene.
  • No longer freezes players in cut-scenes after the attack has started. (Fixes players getting stuck in weapon room)
  • Now only one teleporter door can be open at a time. Prevents telefragging.
  • Removed two Otis at the station entrances
  • [HL C00] Players are now forced to respawn in case they somehow end up outside of the train and start triggering stuff that they shouldn't.
  • [HL C02 A2] Made a func_wall_toggle brush larger to prevent players from getting thrown off the elevator after a forced respawn.
  • [HL C03, HL C04] Set the shotgun and MP5 to respawn, thus allowing all players to pick them up at the point where they make their first appearance in the maps.
  • [HL C04] Added a missing shotgun.
  • [HL C04] All fire door buttons now lock while the fire door is moving. As soon as the door completely closes or completely opens, the button is turned back on. Fixes super-long delays on fire doors that trap people while others rush through the map.
  • [HL C05 A2] Converted railings in the outer silo to func_illusionary with clip brush centres to allow players to shoot through them.
  • [HL C05 A2] Recompiled the map without draft lighting settings.
  • [HL C10] Added a 1-unit tall clip brush before the stairs to prevent the box in the laser gun room from being shoved down the stairs.
  • [HL C11 A3] Added a script that calls a vote to either restart the map or go to the next one, but only if survival mode is enabled. (If survival mode is not enabled, the map restarts.)
  • [HL C12, HL C15] Fixed two instances of next_survival_map having the wrong values set in the map configuration.
  • [HL C12] Added a monster clip to prevent Barney from falling into the ladder tube and getting stuck, blocking all players.
  • [HL C13 A2] Reactor valve buttons now delete themselves once they have successfully triggered their multi-managers.
  • [HL C13 A2] Reactor valves now lock each other until the rising water reaches a path_corner.
  • [HL C13 A4] Door to Lambda Core portal lab now instantly gibs anyone blocking it.
  • [HL C13 A4] Scientist is now set to 'prisoner' to keep his scripts from breaking.
  • [HL C15] Added a clip brush arch that may prevent the gonarch from flying through the ceiling brushwork.
  • [HL C15] Gravity is now 0.6 times the normal value in the CFG file.
Half-Life: Uplink
  • Certain scripted sentences that had 'sound radius' set to 'play everywhere' are now set to 'large radius'.
  • Grunt that spawns in nulled box is instantly moved into position with a scripted sequence, the grunt should no longer bug out and look like it's repelling down or idling if people rush.
  • Intro music now plays.
  • Moved grunt spawner for second Barnacle eating script into a nulled box, he spawns at the same time as the first grunt that gets eaten.
  • Moved script for sewer scientist back a bit so he's more flush with the wall.
  • Reduced vote to start map from 20 seconds to 15 seconds.
  • Removed a human parts gib shooter from a explosive barrel.
  • Removed monster clip below second grunt being eaten no longer needed.
  • Seamless teleporters for the elevators are turned off after 25 seconds instead of half a second.
  • Set elevator doors and certain doors around the map not to open for monsters.
  • Set scripted sentences 'sentence time' at start of map from 3 to 30, you should no longer be able to interrupt them.
  • Should no longer be able to revive scientist dying in sewer, or interrupt his speeches set 'sentence time' from 3 to 30.
  • Trigger hurt in slime area for the second grunt being eaten should always be on.
Momma Mesa
  • Added signs that indicate what all of the buttons / indicators represent on the uplink computer.
  • Added signs to indicate the recommended number of players for each difficulty setting at the map start.
  • Added two houndeye spawns to the satellite uplink control room that are always houndeyes regardless of the difficulty level. Should fix problem with alien slaves being unable to attack and break the uplink computers.
  • Fixed map crash with invalid model errors when monsters spawn in the tunnel on nightmare/hard mode.
  • One of the super alien slaves is now a super alien grunt in the uplink mission.
  • Removed the button on the side of the destroyable computers that turns on the powerbox outside the uplink control room. This now turns on automatically after the mission is explained.
  • Retextured the uplink mission computer.
  • The alien that spawns in the control room in the portal experiment mission is now a Headcrab on easy mode.
  • The aliens that spawn in/close to the control room in the satellite uplink missions are now alien slaves on easy mode, Hound eyes in normal, and alien grunts in hard and above.
  • The baby Voltigores in the tunnel mission are now Snark nests on hard mode and above.
  • The giant red button labelled "Establish Signal" now locks and plays a buzz sound when it is not pressable.
  • The Pit drones/Alien slaves in the tunnel mission are now Shock troopers on nightmare mode.
  • The red-glowing Zombies in the tunnel mission now have default health on easy mode. In normal mode and above, they have 500 health. On hard and above, they are turned into Zombie soldiers.
Single-player campaign portal
  • Disabled two debug outputs in the map's script.
  • Fixed the Opposing Force doors always being locked because of checking for an invalid map name.
They Hunger
  • [They 11] Fixed the train going in reverse only if players move the train backwards during a small window of time.
  • [They 14] Disabled cross-map inventory to the cut-scene map.
Turret Fortress
  • Added extra Gauss ammo.
  • Reverse mode is now recommended by the map.
  • [Opposing Force: Shepard] New model.
  • [Opposing Force: Shotgun] New model.
  • [Checkpoint] Fixed bug where the last player in the player list wouldn't be respawned by point_checkpoint.
  • [Entity Management] Updated to use g_EntityFuncs.DispatchSpawn so it works, now that CBaseEntity::Spawn has been removed.
  • [Player Management] Added missing newline in a ClientPrint.
  • [Player Management] Added new command admin_teleportto to teleport one player to another player.
  • [Player Management] Added new feature to admin_teleport: if no coordinates are specified, use the administrator's origin. (Specified coordinates override those coordinates, can partially override, or specifying 'c' as a coordinate uses the administrator's coordinate for that axis.)
  • [Player Management] Updated admin_slay so it uses g_AdminControl.
  • [StringUtils] Fixed bug in the token parser code that caused it to skip a single '/'.
  • [Survival] Removed various debugging messages.
  • [Survival] Survival mode now turns off checkpoints if survival mode itself gets turned off. It also turns them on again if needed.
  • [Survival] Updated with a retry system: Players can now retry up to CVAR survival_retries times, or forever if the CVAR is set to -1. Once all retries are used up, players can vote to restart again, or change to the next map.
  • New map image for Stadium 4.
  • New or vastly updated maps added to the notable features section.
  • Plenty of spelling and grammar corrections across many pages.
Version details

Steam build ID numbers: Game 953373, dedicated server tool 953375, SDK tool 935168.
Please use the steam build ID number as a reference when posting an issue or query on our message boards. You can find the build number you currently have within Steam by right clicking our game or tools, selecting Properties, then selecting the Local Files tab.

Have a good weekend!


Sven Co-op 5.0 Released!
22 January, 2016 | by JPolito

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If you've donated to the mod at any time, you should automatically receive the in-game bonus features in the Steam version of Sven Co-op. If you don't see them after trying on a couple of different servers, please send me your Steam ID (e.g. STEAM_0:1:23456) together with the real name and e-mail address you used when donating so we can identify the donation.

After installing the game, Sven Co-op's SDK and Dedicated Server will be available under Tools in your Steam Library (use the dropdown at the right of the Search box). For information on how to set up your own dedicated server, check the "Running a Server" section of the game manual. You will need to forward port 27015 (TCP/UDP) to run any server.

To disable Survival Mode, add the following line to your server.cfg and/or listenserver.cfg file:
as_command survival_enabled 0

Known issues:

  • If your mouse isn't working correctly in the main menu, or the game window is too big and extends off the edge of the screen:
    • Navigate to your \Steam\steamapps\common\Sven Co-op\ folder
    • Right-click svencoop.exe and choose Properties
    • Switch to the Compatibility tab
    • Enable the checkbox for "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings"
    • Click OK
    Hopefully this won't be necessary in future versions.
  • With the massive influx of players following the release, a few servers have been somewhat overloaded. It appears Windows servers are currently more stable than Linux servers. We'll investigate this further.
  • Metamod is currently not compatible with Sven Co-op 5.0 servers. We're working on updating it, but for now do not attempt to use it.
  • Apparently the Install_OpFor_Support and Install_bshift_Support scripts in the Steam\steamapps\common\Sven Co-op\svencoop folder aren't working for some people. Make sure you have Opposing Force or Blue Shift fully installed and working on Steam before running the scripts. If they still don't work, let us know the details on the forums.
  • Do not change the Renderer to "Software" in Video settings. Leave it set to "OpenGL". If you change it accidentally, try closing and loading the game once or twice and you should see a popup allowing you to click OK to reset your video settings.


Sven Co-op Release Party
21 January, 2016 | by JPolito

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To celebrate the launch on Steam, we're holding a release party on IRC.

Sven Co-op's IRC Channel is hosted by GameSurge. If you don't have an IRC client installed, you can join the chat by using Gamesurge's web-based client:

The exact time of release will be announced during the chat. We'll also be answering questions and providing assistance throughout the night. Hope to see you there!


Sven Co-op's 17th Anniversary, Imminent Steam Game Release!
19 January, 2016 | by Sven Viking

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On this day in 1999, two months after the release of Half-Life, I posted the first public version of the Sven Co-op mod to the Atomic Half-Life fan site. Now, seventeen years, thousands of custom maps, and millions of downloads later, Sven Co-op is about to be released on Steam as a stand-alone game.

Sven Co-op will be available to download for the bargain price of USD$0 this Friday, the 22nd of January! All donors past and present will keep their bonus features in the Steam version.

The stand-alone game includes many hundreds of features, fixes and improvements, as well as new maps and content. Valve have also kindly allowed us to include their original Half-Life campaign free of charge, playable cooperatively even by people who don't own the original game! New features have allowed the co-op version of the storyline maps to be reworked in a way that stays true to the original game while remaining challenging for multiple players.

Additionally, thanks to Valve providing us with a Goldsrc license, the team had been able to update the engine itself to allow Sven Co-op and its maps to surpass the limitations of standard mods. The Steam release will also allow for easy installation, frequent iterative updates, and eventual Steam Workshop support.

I wasn't closely involved in 5.0's development, but I remain in proud awe of the team's dedication and the countless hours of work put into accomplishing this Steam release. Ever since the first custom map (GargHunt) was created for version 1.0, Sven Co-op has also been a community-driven project. The SC team and I would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all the mappers, artists, server ops, donors, and others without whom we would never have come this far. We hope the new Sven Co-op SDK, scripting language, updated level editor and server tools will be of use to many of you as you continue to create endless imaginative content and generally keep the community running!

This 5.0 release is dedicated to Brent "BackAssward" Holowka, who left development and more important matters against his own will on October 9th, 2015. He is sorely missed.


Sven Co-op 5.0 Trailer
12 January, 2016 | by Nih

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Greetings Svencoopers! Our front page has been silent for a while, but I can assure you that a lot has been going on behind the scenes. Releasing a game is a lot harder than you'd think, I swear! In fact, we had been hoping Santa Garg would be bringing a big present this Christmas - as he often does - but out of the blue his leg got broken, and well... Christmas had to be cancelled. Luckily, Santa Garg's leg has now fully healed! Too bad he only delivers presents on Christmas. That's just how it is, we hope you can understand. Thankfully, there are other occasions for gift-giving.

Today we'll be talking about a couple of things. First off, there is a really important thing that we would like to mention here on our front page. It's mostly of interest for level designers. A while back on our forums, banan2288 posted a new entity guide he had been working on. This entity guide covers all current entities in the game; information that could sometimes be hard to find before. But now we finally have a fully comprehensive guide, which should be very useful for all mappers. Thanks a lot banan2288!

You can find the entity guide in this link.

Now, here's some really cool news which we hope you will all like: Our trailer for Sven Co-op 5.0!

We hope you will enjoy this 2 minute introduction to our game, which also includes footage of some new maps and features. Also featured: Our new main menu theme by Pavel_Perepelitsa! The video itself was created by Mr. Mazur.

Since we still get a lot of questions about this: Remember, Sven Co-op 5.0 will be available for free on Steam, even if you don't own Half-Life 1. And this includes our Half-Life Singleplayer conversion.

That is all for now. Expect more media and information about 5.0 in the near future!

As a side note, the first version of Sven Co-op was released on January 19th, 1999... That means SC's 17th birthday is in just 7 days! Wow! Who knew Sven Co-op was so old, huh? I don't know about all of you guys, but here on the Sven Co-op team we will be celebrating that day!


SC developer Brent Holowka (BackAssward) has passed away
18 October, 2015 | by Sven Viking

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Brent Holowka, known as BackAssward on the forums, passed away on October 9th, 2015. He was 37 years old. The exact cause of death was unknown at the time his wife contacted us, but the ER doctor put down coronary.

Brent helped with testing, planning and programming on Sven Co-op in addition to several miscellaneous tasks. More importantly, he was a great guy who genuinely cared about other team and forum members. I enjoyed his company, and he'll definitely be missed by myself and the community here. While it of course provides no consolation, the team intends to dedicate the 5.0 release to him.

Our thoughts and deepest sympathies go out to Brent's wife, who is naturally the most affected by this tragedy. Condolence messages posted in the comments will be passed on to her, but if you need to get in direct contact for any reason, please let us know.

Sven Co-op Closed Beta Test Signup has Begun!
29 August, 2015 | by AdamR

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Sven Co-op Closed Beta Test Signup has Begun!

Apologies for the slight delay, but we are now ready to receive your beta test applications! If you follow the link below you will find the sign up form along with a list of requirements that we have for our beta testers. The sign up will close on Saturday, September 5th at 12:00 PM EDT (Convert Time), so sign up before it's too late! At the end of the sign up period, you will receive an email telling you if you were accepted into the beta test.

Rules of signing up

  • 1 sign up per person, you may NOT sign up for other people
  • You must have an account on the official Sven Co-op forums
  • You must have a Steam account
  • You must be over 16 years old
  • You must be proficient in English, preferably fluent
  • You will be expected to participate in group testing and report any issues you find to the official Sven Co-op forums

We've had a lot of forum registrations since we announced the closed beta, but only 50 beta keys are available. This means that not everyone currently expecting a beta key will get one.

Remember that you are expected to actively participate in a reasonable number of test sessions set up. You are not signing up just to download the game early and waddle about for a bit then disappear. With the limited number of keys available we will certainly revoke any unused ones for others more deserving.

Sign Up Form Here


Closed Beta Testing Announcement, Classic Mode for Half-Life Single Player, & Current Changelog
22 August, 2015 | by Sniper

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Closed Beta Testing Announcement

We're excited to announce that we will soon begin closed beta testing on Steam. We're looking for 50 dedicated gamers to join us in our testing sessions and to provide us with valuable feedback. An application form will be available next Saturday, August 29th at 12:00 PM EST (Convert time) so please mark your calendars! Sign up will close on Saturday, September 5th at 12:00 PM EST.

The fine print: Not everyone who applies will be selected. You must be at least 16 years of age to apply, have a valid Steam Account (you must provide us with your Steam ID), and have a valid Sven Co-op Forum account - sign up on our message forums ( if you haven't already! Additional requirements include participation (if selected) - inactive applicants will be removed to give others a fair chance. Please avoid emailing us to request access to the closed beta test - direct requests will be ignored.


Classic Mode for Half-Life Single Player

One of the more notable features coming in the Steam release is "Classic Mode" for the Half-Life single player co-op campaign. It's a special mode that will revert things like weapons and various gameplay mechanics to classic Half-Life. Some things won't be reverted (e.g. Co-operative changes to Barnacles, Player Medkits, the Gargantua's ability to feast on Players, etc.). We'll continue to refine this mode after receiving feedback from the community.


Current Changelog

Here's the current changelog in case you're wondering what we've been up to these past few months. We've made a decent amount of progress so far. The team has fixed countless numbers of crash bugs, memory allocation problems, engine issues, and provided a large assortment of new enhancements & features.

Current Changelog (August 22, 2015)

If you have any questions, feel free to post in the message forums. We'll continue to post more updates as we get closer to releasing on Steam. Have a good weekend!


The maps of 5.0.
18 May, 2015 | by Nih

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Today we would like to present the new maps arriving with version 5.0 of Sven Co-op, as well as a major map update. We hope what you see will be to your liking.

Desert Circle
Created by the-middleman, this map places the players in a wide-open desert where they must infiltrate a heavily defended castle and kill the king inhabiting it. The players must select a class and then sneak around in trenches outside the castle, hiding from snipers, and capturing flags along the way.

Black Mesa: Special Tactics Sector
In this brand new map by Trempler, players are divided into 4 teams who must build up a force of NPCs to fight the other teams' NPCs in various arenas. The teams can upgrade their NPCs using points gained automatically over time or received by winning rounds. The teams also gain points in random bonus rounds where the players must fight each other in the arenas themselves. In these bonus rounds, points are sometimes scored purely by killing other players, but occasionally they also have objectives, such as retrieving certain objects for extra points.

Fortified 1: Assault on Death Station
In this level by Nih, the players must assault a space station/death station constructed by an insane Super Scientist. One player assumes the role of a commander who is provided with an overhead view of the map. The commander selects which weapons and items to equip players with, calls in airstrikes, spawns allied reinforcements, and generally guides the players in their mission. The remaining players must work together to hack terminals on the death station to gain rewards and delay the activation of a doomsday weapon.

Reverse Turret Fortress
A major update has been prepared for the Turret Fortress level by Nih, which showcases the new item_inventory feature. A new gamemode called "Reverse Turret Fortress" is now available for players to choose on map start, and this gamemode is essentially the opposite of the original turret defense gamemode. The players must now assault the fortress themselves, and they must do this by carrying a flag to 4 checkpoints, while protecting the carrier against enemy guards and turrets. The players are able to damage the fortress defenses or otherwise gain advantages by infiltrating the fortress and using certain items inside, such as an EMP device to disable turret construction. The players must also choose between a selection of different classes.

That's it for now. Many other smaller map updates have also been prepared for 5.0, and you can view some of them in the changelog we posted last year. Many changes have been made to the game since the posting of that changelog, however, and there will probably be a few other map-related surprises later on... If you want, you can play both Desert Circle and Fortified already, by downloading them from our Map Showcase forum. Both of the maps have been improved for the 5.0 release.


Scorched Battalion
16 May, 2015 | by Sven Viking

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Update: Scorched Battalion was just selected as a finalist, which means it'll be played by a panel of unusually impressive judges including John Carmack! It was also featured here.

Hi all,

As some of you know, I've been having some neck problems over the past 2+ years which have made it difficult to use a computer for any substantial length of time. Last month things began to improve after some changes in physiotherapy etc., and I recklessly entered this Game Jam, expecting to most likely need to drop out part-way.

Things went unusually well, though. My neck actually continued to improve as the contest progressed and, together with my two brothers, I was able to complete something more ambitious than I'd initially thought possible. My neck even stood up to some 20 hour days towards the end of the contest, when 20 minutes had previously been problematic. I'm pretty happy about that.

Scorched Battalion is a virtual-reality artillery game with a twist. If you happen to have an Oculus Rift or Samsung Gear VR headset, you can try it yourself using one of the links on this page. A video is also available, here. Community voting is currently open, so don't forget to vote for your favourite entry if appropriate :). The voting link is on the right -- if it asks you developer questions, you can scroll to the bottom and click "I'm a voter" to skip them.

A news post with new Sven Co-op 5.0 information is coming very, very shortly, so be sure to check back soon. Best wishes to all of you, and to the team, who have been putting a huge amount of effort into getting 5.0 released!



Rapid Aggressive Darwinism
4 April, 2015 | by Hezus

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The other day we announced our new feature 'Sven Co-op Monster Mix (tm)'. While we were very excited with the first round of playtests we encountered a slight problem. Within a few hours we started noticing that certain combinations appeared more often than others and after a day of playing, the variations of monsters started to decrease more and more. It appears our system suffers of Rapid Aggressive Darwinism. With every 'evolution' a certain species becomes more dominant until it infested nearly every monster and eventually took over the entire system.

We could have never guessed it but the species in question was:

The Snark!
The Snark!

As we speak, the development version of Sven Co-op is made up for 95% of Snark. Chubby ratings are down by 37%! Therefore we have decided to pull the plug on the 'Sven Co-op Monster Mix(tm)' feature. It's the only way to stop the epidemic from spreading. Hopefully we'll be able to redesign the system by next year around the first of april.


Sven Co-op Monster Mix
1 April, 2015 | by Hezus

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Feature-hungry people rejoice! After announcing a ton of new features in the last months (item_inventory, Survival Mode and Angelscript) we bring you yet another feature for the upcoming release! Today we'd like to present to you:

Sven Co-op Monster Mix (tm)

What is SCMM(tm)?

We realised that, even with our 40 different types of monsters, combat might become a bit stale after playing Sven Co-op for over 15 years. To counter that we came up with a revolutionary system which combines different aspects from different monsters into one new foe! The system combines up to 3 different aspects into a new monster so the amount of monsters we'll feature in Sven Co-op 5.0 Final is virtually limitless*! And the best part is: generating the monster happens completely at random, so you can never guess which enemy you will face next! This way every round you play is different and exciting!

Meet the SCMM(tm) Family!

Because it's hard to imagine the awesomeness of this new feature we'd like to introduce a few examples of Mixed Monsters(r). Note that the chances of you encountering one of these random creations is extremely rare (roughly 1/3 of the enemies), so you'd best enjoy looking at these as long as you can.

SCMM(tm) works for you!

Are you excited to face your first Torgantua? Or fight that Robocoptermedic? In the new release of Sven Co-op you can! And don't worry about themed maps. During playtests, we even experienced that the aesthetic value of the new models was far higher than their regular counterparts! They automatically blend in with the theme of the map**!

Now it's your turn!

What type of monster would you like to face in Sven Co-op Monster Mix(tm)? Leave your ideas in the comments below!

* well, almost..
** well, kind of..

On a sidenote, we are unhappy to announce that func_vent will not be ready for version 5.0. Our programmers and artists are hard at work and we expect the feature to be ready next year...


v5.0 Final Development Phase Reached
22 March, 2015 | by JPolito

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Greetings Svencoopers and other Interested-In-Sven-People!

Today we would like to announce that we have reached a new stage in the development of version 5.0. A short time ago we ceased adding new features to the game and are instead focusing on sorting out a handful of issues that are preventing the game from being as good as we want it to be. Henceforth, we'll be putting the last bit of polish on the game. Nih tried to write this as a run-on sentence but I would not let him.

We would also like to take this opportunity to reveal a bit more about what's in store for version 5.0 (The first version of Sven Co-op on Steam, available at no cost!):

One of the things we have been hard at work on is a complete rework of the Half-Life 1 co-op conversion. The new conversion will be much closer to the original Half-Life experience, with fewer Sven Co-op specific additions that ruined the original atmosphere of Half-Life. Many of the levels have also been merged, which allows for far less frequent map loading sequences, and player health and loadouts will be carried over between levels. The Half-Life co-op campaign has also been chosen to showcase a new major addition to the game: Survival Mode. When Survival mode is active, players who die will be respawned as 'observers', who observe the game in progress and will only be able to return once the living players have reached a checkpoint or until someone revives them. The result is an experience much more similar to Half-Life Singleplayer, where players can lose the level and must reload to try again. A video demonstrating Survival Mode and the checkpoint system can be see below.

Survival Mode has been scripted using AngelScript and the new 'Observer Mode' feature, and can be added easily to any level by loading the HLSP map script and adding the necessary checkpoint entities to the level. Alongside HLSP, several other official levels in the game have also been chosen to showcase Survival mode. Server operators are able to disable or enable the feature at will using a CVAR, allowing players to continue playing HLSP and other Survival Mode maps with the classic 'infinite respawn' mode typical of levels in our previous game versions.

We are seriously looking forward to seeing what kinds of creative game modes level designers will come up with using AngelScript and the long-awaited Observer Mode feature. And we'll try to keep you all updated as much as we can while we work ceaselessly to finally push this version out onto your doorsteps.


v5.0 Update
27 November, 2014 | by Nih

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Remember that news update we promised to deliver many weeks ago? Of course you don't, but in case you do, we are sorry. We ran out of Ritalin for our trained team of monkeys who write our news updates, and the only one who could hold his concentration long enough to write a news update was our top monkey Nih, who is writing right now. In this small update we would like to just go over a couple of the new features that are in store for 5.0. First on the table is Toon Run. Its creator Koelzk, has returned to give this beloved map series a makeover. Some areas have been reworked and some areas are completely new. And there are some pretty imaginative ideas. We're not going to spoil the entire surprise, but we are going to show you a couple of screenshots:

Next on the table is "item_inventory". This game entity can be seen in the change log we posted earlier, but we would like to introduce it a bit more. To this purpose, AdamR has recorded a video where he demonstrates some of the possible uses, seen below. We hope to be able to demonstrate how this feature can be used in a real map in our initial release.

That is all for now. We hope to be able to deliver another news update at some unspecified point in the near-to-far future. Perhaps before Christmas?.. Scratch that, let's just say near-to-far future.


v5.0 Progress Report
27 September, 2014 | by Sniper

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As we inch closer to launching Sven Co-op on Steam, I'd like to provide an update on our progress with the game. Since this upcoming release is important for us to get right, we've been taking extra time over the past few months to really get our ducks in a row. Even so, our team members have run into delays from real-life. However, now that summer is over, things are picking up again. The team has been working full-force on getting major milestones accomplished for the launch.

I'm going to discuss a few upcoming major features in v5.0. These aren't all of our upcoming features, but they will be fairly important to v5.0's release. Please bear in mind that we will be continuously updating the game after v5.0 is complete.

Upcoming Major Features in v5.0

The Angelscript Scripting Language

Sven Co-op v5.0 will feature the Angelscript scripting language. Angelscript is a powerful scripting language which models itself around the C/C++ language, minus the memory management headaches. If you're good at programming C, C++, Javascript, PHP, or other similar languages out there, you can jump right in.  

That said, this is the most groundbreaking feature coming to the next release. If you're wondering what the big deal is - well, let me explain by providing the following video:

Well, there you have it. It's that big of a deal.

Okay, so, now you're wondering what this will allow for... 

Map Scripting

Angelscript will allow mappers to change almost every aspect of the game. It's possible to create game entities, implement new styles of gameplay, trigger events, process and control NPCs, and much more. Each map will have the potential to be a "mod within a mod" allowing for the ultimate level of customization. 

Server Plugins

In v5.0, we will be bundling our own server administration toolset. A set of official plugins will be provided, but you can write your own using Angelscript. If you've ever used AdminMod or AMX Mod X, the transition should be pretty easy to follow. While it will be experimental at launch, we will eventually be recommending Server Administrators switch over to this new toolset as we stabilize on functionality and features. Sven Co-op's server administration toolset will have more integration points with the game, which should allow for the creation of more interesting and useful plugins. 

We've made a lot of progress getting Angelscript up and running with all thanks to our new programmer Sam "SoloKiller" Vanheer. Sam joins the programming team after being an active beta tester for many years. His current primary role is technical lead for Angelscript.

I personally look forward to seeing what the community can do with these new found powers.  We'll have more information regarding Sven Co-op's scripting documentation in the future, but for now I would recommend you start browsing the scripting language overview here to get an idea.


Scaled Model Support

NPCs can now be scaled during the game at any time. The AI and the Half-Life engine have been updated to account for scaling of hitboxes, eye positions, collision hull sizes, effect locations, and more. If you scale an NPC up, they'll be able to see over obstacles, move faster, and jump down from greater heights (because they're giants). If you scale an NPC down, they'll be able to get into smaller areas, find cover from shorter objects, and move slower (because they're tiny). Basically, scaling an NPC up or down has inherent advantages and disadvantages which will make for some interesting gameplay. We look forward to seeing what the community makes with it!


Streamlined Difficulty Settings & Modifiable Entity Attributes

We've heard things loud and clear from the community. We're in the process of addressing difficulty levels with NPCs and Players. We've cut out the fat from the skill system and added a few new features in the process.

Half-Life's numerous skill values for each NPC made balancing a difficult task. To address this, we've removed the "skill 1", "skill 2", and "skill 3" settings from the core skill configuration file. For older levels that relied on these custom skill values, they will continue to work through a backwards compatibility design that relies on the map's specified skill level. Furthermore, "skill levels" can continue to be used if the map author wishes for their map.

In the process of updating the skill system to be more streamlined and fair, we have added new values to existing game entities (mainly for NPCs).  Each entity will gain the ability to change their damage values in real-time through the use of per-entity attribute settings. Since each NPC or Weapon can have their own unique damage values, this allows for all sorts of gameplay possibilities.

A few quick examples could be:

  • Attack waves / tower defense (difficulty increases each wave)
  • Boss monsters
  • Class based weapons - Players of a certain class might spawn with the same weapon as their team mate, but have a higher degree of accuracy and/or damage.
  • Tech trees - Individual players can research upgrades that increase or decrease damage and health.

Current Changelog

Without further ado, here is our preliminary v5.0 changelog. We'll post a more up-to-date version of the changelog as we get closer to launch.


If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post in the forums.

Be sure to check back next week for more updates on v5.0. We have a few more things in store.


Community Feedback on SC2 release
2 April, 2014 | by JPolito

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Yesterday we've released our original design document for Sven Co-op II along with an early build of the work that had been done back in 2005. We expected our fans to be happy with the given information on something they've been waiting for since 2003.

We were right. The fans were pleased. Very pleased even. But not in the way we imagined. Shortly after the news post our email inbox overflowed with e-mails from SC fans. I'd like to quote some of them:

"Thank God you guys never finished that project! Those ideas made my eyes bleed!"
"u guys 4 real? 0_o that supposed to be SC2?"
"When I read you were going to add FUNC_VENT to the MOD I was thrilled but then I read the rest and it's just pure crap! Good thing this was never released!"

It seems our ideas for SC2 were not that well received by the public. In hindsight, putting Rick Astley into the game might have been a bit too much. We're going back to the drawing board for our concept document of Sven Co-op for Half-Life 3. Be sure to check this website again somewhere around 2029!

In other news, development on the original Sven Co-op continues steadily! A new version of Sven Co-op on our own modified Goldsource engine will definitely be released earlier than 2029, so don't forget to visit this page regularly!


Half-Life 2 turns 10! Sven Co-op releases SC2 build!
1 April, 2014 | by Hezus

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In 2004 Valve released the long awaited sequel to one of the most popular game franchises in history: Half-Life! Half-Life in its turn gave birth to incredible games and MODs such as our own little corner of the universe: Sven Co-op! Back in 2003 the first plans for a Source version of Sven Co-op were discussed and over the next 2 years SC released several work in progress shots of the upcoming SC2.


With the anniversary of Half-Life 2 we really wanted to do something special for our fans. Today, on the first of the fourth month, we are releasing all content that was created for SC2 from 2003 to 2006! As a teaser we'd like to start off by showing you the extensive design document created to highlight the groundbreaking features of Sven Co-op II.

Click to view the original Sven Co-op II design document!


Next to showing you what we had in store for our players, we'd also like to release the very first build of Sven Co-op II. Please note that this version does not represent final quality and lacks certain features to make it work properly but you can get a feel for what we intended. Just unzip the files to your sourcemod folder and restart Steam.

Download the early build of Sven Co-op II here! (revision 0401)

We're confident that by opening the SC2 vault we were able to bring a little of SC2 to your doorstep!


15 years of Sven Co-op!
19 January, 2014 | by Hezus

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So. It has become that time again. The one day in the year where we all dress up in our finest blue Sven Co-op shirts, dance around a pile of dead toads coated in purple paint, while singing praise to our savior Sven Co-op, who has given us the most precious gift of all: Entertainment.

Yes, today is Sven Co-op's birthday. How old is Sven Co-op you ask? 15 years to be exact, with the first version being released on January 19 1999. That makes Sven Co-op really old. Older than some of its' players. And yet, it just keeps going with no signs of stopping. People keep developing it, and people keep playing it. We on the development team still feel there is a lot to do before our vision of the game is completely fulfilled, so there's no reason to believe development is stopping any time soon.

If this was a TV show, this news update would be a clip show, where instead of providing any new story development, we just show what has happened previously in the series. We won't do that. Because we can't. This is not a TV show. Instead Nih is going to briefly summarize what has happened with the mod in the past 5 years (for the preceding 10 years, I will direct you to Hezus' excellent summary written in 2009 for Sven Co-op's 10th anniversary.)

December 24 2008
Release of Sven Co-op 4.0 Beta
5 years. That's how long it took to get this release out of the door. I have to admit, it looked grim at times, but in the end, we prevailed. Many people were excited about Sven Co-op entering a new chapter, but the release was also met by a lot of criticism, making this possibly the most controversial release. The cause was in part due to some major bugs that resulted in frequent crashing and people getting stuck in reconnect loops. It was also due to some major changes to the weapons and NPC's, changes which some people felt strayed too far from the original Half-Life experience. In the end however, these changes managed to revitalize the game.

This version introduced several new enemies (including Tor), weapons, as well as the ability for some NPC's to move while attacking, drastically increasing their fear factor. It was also a release defined by the large amount of new map series, rather than single maps, it introduced: Tetris, Escape, Last Stand, Royals, Infested, and Activist all consisted of at least 3 maps each. This release also finally introduced the coop conversion of the HL mod They Hunger, which had been announced in 2002, although only the first episode was included.

May 05 2009
Release of Sven Co-op 4.06
Due to a potential crash exploit that was discovered, it was decided to release a quick hotfix for the mod. This update was called 4.05, but upon realizing that an incorrect file had been included in the package, 4.06 was released the same day. Stuff happens. This update mainly consisted of a small amount of bug fixes and tweaks.

May 15 2009
Release of Sven Co-op 4.07
Another small update was released 10 days later, also consisting of a small amount of bug fixes and tweaks.

September 02 2010
Release of Sven Co-op 4.5
The next major update came a year later. Originally called 4.1, a decision was made to change the name due to the large amount of content introduced by the update. This was the release that finally fixed the looping and crashing issues introduced in 4.0. And to the great relief of many, ambient sounds were working again. The update introduced the Spore Launcher and Shock Roach, as well as several new maps like Kyper Kuutio (which apparently means cyber box in Finnish) and Sector E. The update also introduced an impressive array of new entities, allowing mappers to create maps with completely new types of gameplay. And of course, beta Opposing Force support.

December 25 2011
Release of Sven Co-op 4.6
Another Christmas release (try to count how many of these we've had). Because we love conversions, this update introduced a conversion of Half-Life: Uplink, the demo for Half-Life 1, as well as the second episode of They Hunger. The update introduced the Kingpin, a monster Valve cut from Half-Life 1, with sound effects provided by JPolito and his girlfriend, partly consisting of them gurgling water near a microphone.

December 25 2012
Release of Sven Co-op 4.7
4.7 finally included a frequently requested feature: Linux server binaries. This had not been included with the mod since 2002 or perhaps earlier. The release also included the Defense map Quarter, as well as a decent amount of bug fixes and features.

June 30 2013
Release of Sven Co-op 4.8
Mostly as a result of the SteamPipe update for Half-life 1, which caused a couple of issues for HL mods, it was decided to release another small update before getting properly started on 5.0. This update fixed those issues and added support for the Blue Shift campaign.

So there you have it folks. The last 5 years of Sven. What lies next is 5.0. Sven Co-op as a free game on Steam with full access to the game engine. Let us all visit the Sven Co-op forums to reminisce and celebrate the fact this delightful game was created 15 years ago. Come say hello to your pals on our IRC channel too, #svencoop on Gamesurge.


"Fortified" Beta Released
29 December, 2013 | by JPolito

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Sven Co-op Developer "Nih" has released a beta version of his map Fortified 1, a Venture Bros. inspired map in which players take the role of the "Secret Assault Crew", who must infiltrate a space station constructed by the super-scientist known as Dr. Merkwrdiglust, and assassinate the doctor before he can activate an ion cannon set to destroy the moon.

In the map, one player assumes the role of commander, who uses a menu to equip players with weapons, call airstrikes, spawn allied NPCs, and monitor the assault's progress. Other players must work together to hack terminals on the death station to gain rewards and delay the doomsday weapon's activation.

The map features voice acting by Josh "JPolito" Polito as every character, with Black Mesa's Mike "CornetTheory" Hillard (known for his role as the voice of the male scientist) performing the ending epilogues.

Click Here for the download link!

If you haven't had a chance to play it yet, install a copy and hop onto a server!

Be sure to post feedback for the map in the map's original thread! A finalized version of the map with gameplay tailored to the feedback of players will be included in the 5.0 release.

And on an unrelated note, "w00tguy" recorded a neat Gource video which displays a visual representation of Sven Co-op game repository expansion since 2008. Definitely worth taking a look at.


The Big Announcement
16 July, 2013 | by JPolito

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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, friends, comrades, alpaca ranchers, mole people, time travelers, and other creatures with opposable thumbs:

After nearly fifteen years in development as a mod for Half-Life, and with our final mod release out of the way, the Sven Co-op Development Team is incredibly proud to announce that we are now focusing all of our effort on our next big project. We've been granted access by Valve to work on our own custom version of the Half-Life engine!

The majority of readers are probably asking themselves, "As an alpaca rancher, why is this showing up in my search results?", a question for which there is no easy answer.

The rest of you are probably asking, "What exactly does this announcement mean?"

  • The next version of Sven Co-op will run as a standalone game using a custom build of the Half-Life engine.
  • The game will be FREE for all Steam users, including the official Half-Life campaign (for 2+ player co-op play). A Half-Life purchase will not be required.
  • Automatic updates will be available using Steam's content delivery system dubbed SteamPipe. This will allow us to perform more frequent and rapid updates as needed.
  • Updates and new features will be added to the Half-Life engine, as well as a series of improvements to Half-Life's level editor called Hammer.
  • Increased Half-Life engine limits to allow for much larger and more detailed worlds.
  • Stability, performance, and gameplay improvements for everyone.

We are grateful beyond expression to Valve for their generosity and efforts put forth to make this possible. We're looking forward to working with one of the greatest game engines ever made, and we can assure everyone that there are many, many more updates to come.

More news and progress updates will be posted in the near future, so keep a lookout.


Sven Co-op v4.8 Released!
30 June, 2013 | by Sven Viking

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Tell your siblings! Tell your friends! Tell your beloved llama! Sven Co-op 4.8 is complete!

In this release we've made the game more stable, fixed countless bugs, added several new features for mappers, and added a new co-op campaign!

Some of the more notable changes include:
  • Added Half-Life: Blue Shift co-op campaign support!
  • Added breakable functionality to all door types.
  • Added RIPENT for Linux with campaign installation scripts, along with uninstallation scripts.
  • Improved compatibility with the SteamPipe update for Half-Life:
    • Added missing VGUI language lines.
    • Campaign installation scripts will now search the common account folder for official BSP's.
    • File system updates include reading files from various mod extension folders (like addon, downloads, and hd).
    • Fixed borderless window mode vastly shrinking the game window.
    • Linux server binary renamed to
and much more! Check out the Full Changelog, here!

Click Here for the download links!

(If you're able to provide permanent mirroring for the files, please e-mail the links to [email protected]. Thanks!)

While downloading, why not check out the Manual?
Server ops: When running a 4.8 dedicated server, you must add "-num_edicts 3072 -heapsize 131072" to your HLDS commandline or Launch Options.
The HL and OpFor campaigns can be installed under Linux using the .sh scripts in the /svencoop/ directory. To use Blue Shift on a Linux server, you must install it under Windows then copy the appropriate files across.

Remember, to play Sven Co-op you need to own the original Half-Life (NOT HL:Source). To play the Opposing Force and Blue Shift maps in SC, you need to own Opposing Force and Blue Shift.

Version 4.8 will most likely be the final SC mod release, but this is by no means the end of Sven Co-op. We have a major announcement to make soon, so keep an eye on over the next couple of weeks!

P.S. - If you missed out on donating for the bonus features in v4.8, you needen't worry, as our new automatic updating system allows us to provide donors with the bonuses at any time -- almost instantly.


Sven Co-op v4.8 Release Party!
30 June, 2013 | by Sniper

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We're having a release party today for Sven Co-op v4.8 in IRC on #svencoop on GameSurge. Come by and join the fun.

Join our IRC Channel for early download links and chat with the developers. #svencoop

If you have mIRC, Click Here.


Message forums back on-line | Changes coming up in 4.8
20 June, 2013 | by AdamR

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Message forums back on-line

It seems like forever since our message forums were attacked and deleted, but the time has come to bring them back to the public. On the positive side only a few recent post attachments were lost.

You may be wondering why it's taken longer than expected to bring them back on-line? We've been upgrading our message board system to a later platform, which is not a simple task when you're dealing with custom skins -- most of it had to be rebuilt from scratch.

Also as a security measure all account passwords have been intentionally reset. You will not be able to sign in until you use the account recovery process.

If the message forums don't look correct to you, or are completely inaccessible, please clear your browser cache and possibly clear your DNS cache too.

Massive thanks to Sniper for working hard in his spare time upgrading our message forums.

Changes coming up in 4.8

We have been working really hard on Sven Co-op since 4.7 came out in December, and we are nearly ready to deliver 4.8.

Expected to be released this summer, this release was originally just intended to be a minor patch for some stability issues in 4.7 -- particularly in Linux.

Compatibility issues introduced by the SteamPipe update to Half-Life set us back, however, and this release has since evolved into a substantial update offering some notable new features:

  • Added Half-Life: Blue Shift co-op campaign support!
  • Added breakable functionality to all door types.
  • Added RIPENT for Linux with campaign installation scripts, along with uninstallation scripts.
  • Improved compatibility with the SteamPipe update for Half-Life:
    • Added missing VGUI language lines.
    • Campaign installation scripts will now search the common account folder for official BSP's.
    • File system updates include reading files from various mod extension folders (like addon, downloads, and hd).
    • Fixed borderless window mode vastly shrinking the game window.
    • Linux server binary renamed to

See the full change log


Sven Co-op Forums Hacked
2 June, 2013 | by Sven Viking


Well, we'd been planning to pack the 4.8 release candidate this weekend but instead we've ended up spending it dealing with a hacking attempt. Someone broke into the forums, posting pornography and demanding bitcoins. No data was lost but they did unfortunately gain access to forum private messages and user e-mail addresses.

While no unencrypted forum passwords were stolen, we still recommend changing identical passwords used elsewhere as a safety precaution. Any information written in private messages on the Sven Co-op forums must be assumed exposed - e.g. if you mentioned a password in a private message you should definitely change it immediately. We apologise for the inconvenience.

We plan to upgrade the forums and get them back online shortly. Sven Co-op 4.8 will be delayed slightly while we review our security, but hopefully not by more than a few days.


Sven Co-op Emergency Auction Cancelled
3 April, 2013 | by Hezus

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The auction we announced on April the 1st was cancelled. At first the bidding went really well and at the end of the day we had collected a fairly large amount of money, enough to support development for another 10 years and to buy the entire team rather expensive suits and a case of vintage whiskey.

The morning after the celebration party we were not only faced with a massive hangover but also a crushing feeling of regret. When it came to packing the items into the shipping boxes, all team members broke down and admitted they did not want to part with any of their personal items, items that meant so much to them. Puchi clang on to his metallic object for dear life, Sven proudly wore his collar and Jpolito even tried to put his wisdom teeth back in. We came to the realization that wealth cannot only be measured in cold hard cash.

Therefore we decided to cancel the auction. All money will be refunded, unless you didn't read the fine print and checked the teeny tiny box at the end of the page, then all your money is ours, of course.


Sven Co-op Emergency Auction
1 April, 2013 | by Sven Viking


Hello fellow Sven Co-op fans. We would like to bring you good news of an update to Sven Co-op, though unfortunately the situation is very dire.

With the next version of Sven Co-op at only arms length, the team are heavily struggling on day to day funding to keep our development going. We have therefore decided to auction off some of our most treasured possessions and artefacts to raise funding.

Sven Viking's cervical collar

Sven Viking's cervical collar

This is the very cervical collar Sven Viking wore during the release of Sven Co-op 3.0. It comes complete with his scent and hairs, in good enough quality for cloning.

Sven Viking's pen of deception

Sven Viking's pen of deception

The pen shown is no ordinary pen, but in fact the very pen Sven Viking used to sign classic maps such as Rampage and Hostage out of Sven Co-op 4.0, causing general outrage from the community. It comes in fully working condition with 40% ink remaining.

JPolito's mega artefact blowout extraordinaire!

JPolito's mega artefact blowout extraordinaire!

SPECIAL! Did you want some of JPolito's perfectly formed teeth? Well now is your chance! You have the opportunity to get your hands on 3 of these WITH the obligatory stench of limited decay. Open with caution.

Included FREE with this priceless artefact you will also receive JPolito's mostly used pad of offical branded Sven Co-op note paper!

Dead moth not included.

AdamR's hard disk collection

AdamR's hard disk collection

A baker's dozen of cheap hard disks ranging from 60GB up to 4TB is available for grabs. Many of these contain private development releases of Sven Co-op with some undocumented features. The 2.5" laptop disks also have a fully operational engine renderer replacement highly optimized for Intel graphics cards, offering an average of 90 FPS on his laptop!

Drives are provided as-is and are not guaranteed to work. No returns.
AdamR's electronics toolkit

AdamR's electronics toolbox

This is Adam's highly prized and recently purchased electronics toolkit. Genuine leather and combination lock briefcase. You get the toolbox shown here, which can also hold a lot of extra tools not originally part of the kit.

Auction is for box only. Tools and other contents not included.
AdamR's Sven Co-op branded and personalized pen

Also with this purchase you get this Sven Co-op branded personalized pen. Claim to be AdamR with your friends!

Hezus' legendary drink of mapping talent

Hezus' legendary drink of mapping talent

Do you like cans? Then you're going to want to get your hands on this bad boy. It's only THE can of Cherry Coca Cola that Hezus drank during the mapping of such legendary maps like New Hope's Last Stand. Put this on your desk and everyone else will know how cool you are to have such a historical can.

Puchi's metallic object of many forms

Puchi's metallic object of many forms #1

Saving the best for last, this hand crafted multi-assembly device not only passed Puchi his final exam as a metal cutting mechanic, it was a key inspiration and thinking booster for Puchi's decisions on which new maps get included with each Sven Co-op release since 4.0. Hand crafted in Germany and made from 100% stainless steel it can be assembled in many different shapes, while doing so boosting your own mentality and ingenuity.

Puchi's metallic object of many forms #2

Should you eventually get bored of this finely hand crafted in Germany device, which will not happen, you could use it as an extraordinarily posh paper weight. Add some class to your work station!

Puchi's stainless steel swarfs

FREE with this deal you will get a small container of stainless steel swarfs with a market value of around 180! Including outstnading materials such as:

  • X2 CrNiMoN 22 5 3
  • X6 CrNiMoTi 17 12 2
  • X2 NiCrMoCu 25 20 5
Container not included. Shipping weight approx. 200kG.


Upcoming Patch, New Indie Game
28 January, 2013 | by Sven Viking


Just to mention we've identified a problem which is unfortunately preventing some post-4.7 donors from accessing their bonus features immediately via the new auto-update system. We're planning to release a small patch to fix this and some other issues, plus add some minor features, within the next few weeks. So, keep an eye out.

In unrelated news, I've been working on an indie game for Amazon Kindle e-readers for a while now (the black-and-white E-Ink versions), and it was finally released on recently. It's basically an advanced version of Lemonade Stand with a comedic story, tons of random events, Lucasarts-style conversation trees etc. Here's the trailer -- featuring Primordia by Steve Blevin (composer of Cyborg), very kindly remastered just for this video!

Check it out if you have access to a Kindle -- and, if you do, I'd really appreciate it if you could post a customer review to let me know what you think! :)

P.S. - If you get a message saying the title is unavailable in your region, please send me a quick e-mail to let me know -- I might be able to get something done about it.


New Positions Available
13 January, 2013 | by Sniper


Hi folks — there's a lot of exciting stuff going on — and I'm going to say nothing about it. Wahoo!

*cough* We're looking for a few talented individuals to join our ranks. We need people with one or more of the following skill-sets:
  • Character Design
  • Rigging
  • Animation
  • UV unwrapping
  • Texturing

Do you have what it takes? If so, please email [email protected] with a few samples of your work. Thanks!


Sven Co-op 4.7 RELEASED! Merry Christmas!
25 December, 2012 | by Sven Viking

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I don't know why we so often end up releasing on Christmas. We don't usually plan it that way... or at least, not at first.

In any case, Santa Garg is here again, bearing gifts! As you play, please spare a thought for Santa Garg's many enslaved minions, whose forced labour makes these releases possible.


News post by AdamR and Nih:

We've finally finished testing Sven Co-op 4.7, and now it's time for the rest of you to have a go. Spread the word!
In this release you are going to be seeing fewer crashes, fewer bugs, a decent amount of new features, and a new map.
Some of the more notable changes include:
  • New map: Quarter. In this map, the players must prevent a base from being overrun by enemies. Failing to defend an area forces the players to retreat further back into new areas.
  • Improved sentence handling: NPC's now use more sentences, mappers can specify their own sentences, and other improvements
  • Linux server binary now included
  • New console command called "stuck" allows players to get unstuck
  • Using the grenade warning automatically makes friendly NPC's seek cover
  • Spawn points are now randomly selected with no spawn fragging
  • On-line donor lookup: An online donor list now lets donors receive their bonus features without having to wait for the next release
  • trigger_load is now able to load data from other maps' save files, improving the ability to create map series where events in one map affect what happens in other maps.
  • New High-Definition remakes of HLDM player models
  • Bug fixed that prevented players from falling down when using the grapplegun.
and much more! Check out the Full Changelog, here!

Click Here for the download links!

(If you're able to provide permanent mirrors for the files, please e-mail the links to [email protected] or post them in this forum thread. Thanks!)

While downloading, why not check out the Manual?
Coming soon: The Sven Co-op Wiki!
Server ops: When running a 4.7 dedicated server, you must add "-num_edicts 3072" to your HLDS commandline or Launch Options.

4.7 has taken quite some time, probably more than it really should have, but we can assure you that we are not running out of Steam. Quite the opposite in fact. The next version, 5.0, is going to be a major stepping stone for the mod, and there are some very exciting improvements to the mod in the works. Keep in touch, as there's going to be some more info on the next version soon (in Sven Co-op time).

Remember, to play Sven Co-op you need to own Half-Life (NOT HL:Source). To play Opposing Force maps in Sven Co-op, you need to own Opposing Force. Both are currently on special.

Some screen shots from the latest map, Quarter:


False positive, 4.7 donations closed
30 November, 2012 | by Sven Viking


If you noticed a warning when coming to the site earlier: This was caused by a single PNG image, hotlinked from a site Google has decided is suspicious (but we know not to be intentionally malicious). We have since removed the image and requested that Google disable the warning. Note that the PNG in question appears to have been harmless (nothing suspicious detected by 36+ different scanners).

It is now too late to donate for the bonus features in Sven Co-op 4.7, by the way. ...though it may not be, later on. More news on that soon.


Last call for 4.7 donations, Amazon Kindle
5 October, 2012 | by Sven Viking

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We've been planning to add an auto-updating system for donation bonuses, but due to some technical issues it may not be possible in time for the impending release. If you're planning to donate, you would be advised to do so immediately if you'd like to get your bonus features in Sven Co-op v4.7. Remember to include your Steam ID (e.g. STEAM_0:1:234567) with the donation, or send it by e-mail after donating.

If you donated after SC4.6 but never received a reply, we may have been unable to contact you for some reason. Please follow the instructions here to submit your Steam ID.

On another subject: If anyone has access to an Amazon Kindle e-reader (the e-ink version, not the colour Kindle Fire), and would be we willing to test a Kindle game, please send me an e-mail mentioning:
  • The type of Kindle (e.g. Keyboard, DX, Touch, the original 4-colour Kindle, etc.)
  • Whether you'd be able to spare a few minutes, a couple of hours, or longer for testing (in total, not in one sitting)


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