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This new version of Sven Co-op not only features new monsters, maps, and weapons, it also adds features and enhancements that are too numerous to list here. The vast list of changes can be found on the change log page. The purpose of this page is to summarize some of the most important additions for those who don't have the time to read the full features/changes list, or would prefer to jump into the game and discover the new features first-hand.

Sven Co-op gives you the opportunity to play Valve Software's Half-life with other players (also known as co-operative game-play). Originally planned by Valve but removed for design reasons, Sven Co-op adds the support for the full Half-Life, Opposing Force, Blue Shift, and Uplink story lines as well as a wide scale of custom made maps with many varied themes and objectives.

Also, Sven Co-op provides the player with a range of custom content. The player's arsenal has been improved through the addition of various new weapons and equipment, including a Med-Kit, M40A1 Sniper Rifle, Akimbo Uzis, HK MP5A3 Sub-machine-gun, M16 rifle and a powerful XM214 microgun as well as all Opposing Force weapons such as the Barnacle grapple, M249 SAW, mortar cannon and the pipe wrench.

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King Headcrab

All enemies shown in Half-life and Opposing Force are present within the game. Sven Co-op also offers friendly counterparts to each of these monsters, who can also be controlled and commanded by players and can act as effective backup in hostile situations. The Artificial Intelligence of all monsters has been improved and updated with new features. For example, enemies can now track and fight much better than in regular Half-Life, friendly and enemy medics will try to heal and revive fallen allies or players, Vortigaunts will resurrect their fallen friends with their shock attacks and enemies will attempt to use stationary guns against you.

As well as the Valve-developed monsters, you will also encounter some new monsters created by the Sven Co-op team. Including the Baby Garg, King Headcrab, RPG Grunts, Kingpin, and Tor, the Xen Overlord.

Due to the increased difficulty in this game it's vital that players work together to complete the levels. Sven Co-op focuses on teamwork and co-operation through letting players heal and revive each other using the medkit and share weapons and ammo. Sven Co-op also offers two shout commands where players can request medical attention or warn others about danger.

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Look & feel

3rd person view

Sven Co-op also features 'MADWHACK Physics'. Explosions and shotgun blasts can send monsters flying through the air, monsters take falling damage and are damaged by players or monsters falling upon them from high above, dropped weapons bounce and slide appropriately, weapons can be thrown to other players and caught in mid-air, etc. Other new visual effects include monster corpses floating in water and lying flat on sloped ground. Players can even ride around on Bullsquids, or glide through the air on top of player-allied Alien Controllers.

The visual appeal of the mod has also been improved, with new high definition models being added for a range of monsters, weapons, and players. Extra sprites (muzzle flashes, smoke puffs, wall decals) are rendered while firing weapons and water splashes up when an object hits its surface. Sven Co-op also offers 3rd person camera support with dynamic cross-hair aiming.

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As for level designers the addition of features make Sven Co-op an extremely flexible mod with which to create levels. Just to name a few features:

All of these features and custom content create a unique and exciting gaming experience. We hope Sven Co-op will provide you with many hours of entertainment.

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