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Just BTW, so people don't E-mail me about this, I know SvenCoop is a stupid name :). It was the filename I used for the map when I started making it, and I never thought of anything better (not good at thinking of titles :/  ). Not going to change it now, though, would be too much work :).


This is sort of a continuation of the Half-Life story, not involving Gordon, though.
The players are supposedly working for the G-man's organization now, knowing very
little about what they're doing etc. Check Briefing.txt for proper info (it's short,
and fairly important.. good idea to read it before playing the map).

Beginning a game

Load Half-Life, select Custom Game, click SvenCoop then click Activate.

If you are the server, begin a game like any other multiplayer game (i.e. for a LAN game
go to Multiplayer/LAN Game/Create Game/OK).

If you're a client, join the game as you'd join any other multiplayer game (i.e. for a
LAN go to Multiplayer/LAN Game/Join Game).

If you're using the single player add-on map, go to Multiplayer/LAN Game/Create Game/, select svensingle1.bsp, and click OK. Don't worry about dying, you'll just respawn at the start of the map (everything will be as it was when you died).


Map design, original idea, etc. etc. by Sven Viking

Tor the Alien Grunt's voice by Morpheus

Chubby the Chumtoad's voice by Kasirak

Original Turret prefab by Dakushna

Original PC Prefab by Revolver

Thanks to: Valve Software, Erik Johnson, BlackHorse of,
Wavelength, Skip Olivares, all testers, and everyone else :).

SvenCoop Copyright © 1999 SvenCorp. All rights reserved.