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March 2002

Sven Aid '02
31 March, 2002 | by Mad Jonesy

Sven won an all expenses paid trip to Cuba early last week on a dodgy New Zealand game show, he flew to Cuba last Monday and we expected him to be enjoying his holiday. Unfortuately, disaster struck. Part-way through the holiday, Sven accidently stumbled upon a group of guerilla freedom fighters and is now being held by them for a obscenely large ransom. We checked out the donation fund and found that Sven had blown the majority of the money on bribing the game show host. So there is no help there.

We need Sven back to complete the mod, as he has the password to the source on the team FTP, so we're going to have to pay the bail costs. Unfortuately we can't fill up the site with banners since the market fell through, so we're going to have to look at Corporate Sponsorship. We've been planning on doing this for a while to supplement the income from donations, so we've already arranged for several spots to be reserved. Theres still plenty of space free though!

Exciting new opportunities in Internet Advertising!

Do you have a company and wish to reach out to a large group of gamers? Well Sven Co-op could be the mod for you, for a base cost of $50, you can have your advertisement shown to thousands of gamers while they play a Half-Life mod!!

Several companies have already placed adverts in svencoop, your's can be like them too if you hurry!

Ingame Popup Ad ($500 per Ad)

As the pop-up will appear in the middle of action and excitement, players will associate your company/product with action and excitement!! Your ad will pop up multiple times during every game of Sven Co-op!

This example is from X10, the first to place an advert in svencoop!

Sample 1

Map-based Ad ($500 per ad)

The fantastic ability of Half-Life to use custom textures means that you can have your ad posted all over a map, AMD is one of the first companies to use this in popular SC map Grunts2.

Sample 1

All Map based Ad's will feature in Sven Co-op 2.0 final maps

Monster based Ad ($1,000 per ad)

All monsters pop up hundreds of times in any Sven Co-op game, what if you could have your company slogan on every one of them?? Shown below is some of the advertising space we are offering companies. Contact us for further examples and details:

Sample 1 (back of G-man)

Sample 2 (front of G-man)

-Please note, the back of G-Man and briefcase has already been sold to AOL as shown in sample 1. However the valuable front of gman is still available as shown in sample 2!

Sample 3 (Big Momma top)

As you can see, the top of Big Momma has been sold to Pepsi, apologies if you were interested in this area. Big Mommas giant sack is still up for grabs! This area screams that your company is "The Big Momma's bollocks"!

Bot based Ad ($1000 per bot)

Inspired by ICQ, who bug you constantly to visit 'hot barely legal web cam girl' sites, the SC bots will join a game in the guise of a hot, barely legal, web cam girl and urge players to visit Adult Sites. It mixes games and girls! It can't fail!

If you wish to make a comment about our advertisement idea or wish to buy a advertisement spot please e-mail us at svencoopadverts@hotmail.com

Thank you!

Remember, this money is to be used to bail out Sven, we need at least $100,000 or Sven is going to rot in a Cuban jail for the next 30 years, so the more adverts, the faster, the better!


Having trouble viewing the website?
30 March, 2002 | by Sniper

In particular, I've been receiving emails about people not being able to view some pages correctly - especially the mirrors page.

The problem is directly related to Internet Explorer 5.0 and only Internet Explorer 5.0. It cannot display the HTML correctly.

Netscape Navigator 4.79 tested, can see page fine.
Netscape 6 tested, can see page perfectly.
Mozilla tested, can see page perfectly.
Internet Explorer 5.5 tested, can see page perfectly.
Internet Explorer 6.0 tested, can see page perfectly.

I'm not sure about Internet Explorer 4, but I believe it wont have any trouble. Anyone who has Internet Explorer 4 should have upgraded by now, though.

Everyone who can't see some pages of the website should upgrade to a newer version of Internet Explorer. Either 5.5 or 6.0. Internet Explorer 5.0 is full of bugs you might not know about yet.

Internet Explorer Website



28 March, 2002 | by Sven Viking

WARNING!!!: The SvenCoop.com mail server is sending out viruses to random E-mail addresses :((. If you get an E-mail that seems to be from me, with a subject like this:
"őw¸ódiablo10madpatrt2_e103rt2v12svenco13sc3k11esmacp4ehalf_life_chemical_existence_v1_00globalop... etc.", DELETE IT! There should be a readme.exe file attached... do not open this file!

Update: Have confirmed that the virus is on the server only... infecting servers is apparently what this virus is designed to do.

P.S., on another subject: If you're having trouble accessing the Files section, try this page. We're working on a more permanent solution.


New map pack
27 March, 2002 | by Mad Jonesy

Just a quick update, I've updated the page adding the second map pack. Go to the files page to grab it.

It weighs in at about 4.3MB and includes the following maps:

Project Guilty Testdemo

The Project Guilty Testdemo was a release by MysticMDT as a sort of stress test to see how much pressure he could put onto a SC server, so the R_speeds later on shoot up a little, but it is visually fantastic as shown in the below screenshots. Tough, so should prove pretty popular with large servers.

Moria is the map Sven mentioned in his news update just below. If you've seen that film that its based on, whatever its called, then you'll love this map. The screenshot below shows some model replaced orcs.

Well that about wraps it up for this news update. I will have Deliverance uploaded and finished within the next couple of days, feedback so far from testing has been positive, so hopefully it'll be one of the better SC map packs.

Till next time


2.0 Final, Files page update, New maps incoming!
26 March, 2002 | by Sven Viking

Update: SvenCoop.com E-mail's down again :(. You can contact me at dd2@iname.com, for now... although remember that I'll be away for a bit, so don't overdo things, thanks :).

Bad news first: The patch mentioned earlier's going to take longer than expected. This is partly because I'm going to be gone for about a week, starting tomorrow basically, which'd make a release tricky...

Good news is, though, that while it might take another couple of weeks, it's looking as if we'll have virtually every known bug fixed -- as well as some improvements, new maps and minor features! Because of this, we're going to call this release "2.0 Final", 'cos it'll basically be a fixed, polished 2.0 Beta. The version we had been working on, with new monsters and weapons, sound replacement, etc., will now be known as 3.0.

Another good thing about the delay, I suppose, is that it should now be easy to donate in time to get the bonus weapons... even via snailmail, if you're quick. See the Support page for details.

Anyway, the main reason I started this update was to say that the SvenCo-op map packs have been completely re-organized. All the official maps have been sorted into just four themed packs... and some other files, such as the Surreal player model pack, have been added. Head over to the Files page now to make sure that you have everything you need!

Another bit of good news is that Mad Jonesy has finished the Deliverance co-operative conversion! With multiple endings, scientists that need saving, etc., it should be a heap of fun (there's a review HERE... don't download the SP version unless you really want to, though, 'cos you'll still have to download the new version to play it in co-op). We're just waiting for final authorization from Kevin Lockitt before officially releasing it.

2.0 Map Pack 2 is also on the way, with a variety of new maps including one based on the Mines of Moria from The Lord of the Rings. I'll probably be gone by the time it's ready, but Jonesy should be able to handle the release.


Impending Update...
21 March, 2002 | by Sven Viking

Just thought I'd better mention that testing of the sfx_t fix has gone well, and it's looking as if we'll be able to include a few other bugfixes (there won't be actual new features, though the MP3 player will be improved), and the latest donor list, as well. This means that if you've donated and sent me your WON ID, you'll have access to the bonus weapons once the update's released... hopefully in about a week.

It also means that if you'd like to donate, now would be the time, 'cos you'd get the bonus features almost immediately... afraid that postal donations might not get here in time, though, so it'd probably have to be through PayPal (PayPal says they'll accept payments from anywhere in the world now, BTW... don't have to sign up or anything. If you try and it doesn't work, though, E-mail me with info).

You'll have to make sure to send your WON ID as soon as possible after you get the reply back (or better yet, include it in the Comments box when making the donation). Info on getting your WON ID is HERE. Remember, you have to start/join an Internet game... if you check in a LAN game, you'll get the wrong number.

Anyway, for more info on donating and the bonus features, Click Here. Either way, wish us luck with the patch. Thanks all!

P.S. - Just sent a few screenshots to Planet Half-Life, so keep an eye on their news page.


HD Pack Fix, Upcoming sfx_t Fix, etc.
17 March, 2002 | by Sven Viking

Hi all ----- Good things are happening :D

Firstly, Gearbox has released a patch for Blue Shift that fixes several High Definition Pack models that cause problems in mods and custom maps... this means that almost all the HD models can be properly used in SvenCo-op! To arrange this:

- Download and install the updated SvenCo-op HD Pack Fix. It'll get SvenCo-op ready to use the new models.

- Download and install the Blue Shift update (you don't actually need Blue Shift installed -- just the HD pack). If you have OpFor as well, you can use this file instead, to update both at the same time.

Secondly, I've found a way of eliminating the infamous "out of sfx_t" error! It's not the perfect solution, perhaps, but it'll be great as a temporary fix. We'll have to do a bit more testing, first, but we should be able to release a small fix within... umm, about a week, I'd guess.

Just so you don't get your hopes up: This fix won't contain any of the new features we've been adding... there's still quite a bit to finish up before we can release a complete update. Not having to worry about the sfx_t error popping up will be pretty nice in itself, though :).

And lastly, me677 informs me that BlueYonder SvenCo-op is running a SvenCo-op "newbie weekend" from the 29th to the 31st (March).

"At blueyonder Svencoop weve decided to run a few 'lessons' where we will run a passworded server and you can go through anything you like with an admin and some other players! :) Its not just for newbies, there are experienced players also doing it who just want to learn some new tricks! The date is the last weeknd in march: 29th-31st. So signup today and we will contact you with detailed information"
I hear that the sheer number of signups so far has been pretty incredible... if you're interested, though, don't let that stop you -- Click Here to go to the signup page.


10 March, 2002 | by Mad Jonesy

Two site updates in 3 days, but don't get your hopes up. 2.0 final is still in progress but a while away from release.

Deathbog, author of Mega Monster Massacre!! and erm.. some other maps I think, has written a handy guide to using the Model Replacement tools to their maximum in maps. Read it here. If you map or model, you'll definatly get something from it.

Hanger 16, one of the long-term supporters of Sven Co-op have recently moved to a new domain, the new site is at http://www.hangar16.com

If you haven't seen the site before, its probably the largest Single Player news resource site going, featuring a large number of Reviews of Single Player mods and very soon going on to feature Sven Co-op map reviews and information. Myself and (Git)R-man as well as a few other members of the Sven Co-op team will be contributing to the site, so its definately one to bookmark and to keep your eye on.

So if you've forgotten it already:


No new maps today, but Sven will be posting up a couple of new map packs really soon, which is more than you deserve and you know it!


Mega Map Update
7 March, 2002 | by Mad Jonesy

Yes, its me again, sorry to subject you to my crap site updates, but the maps are piling up, to be exact, there are seven brand new maps to be posted and more on the way for next week. If you're a veteran of the Forum Map Showcase these aren't going to be anything new, but for those of you that haven't played them yet, you're in for a treat.

I'm holding back on posting them on the files page since we're going to overhaul it very soon, re-arranging all the packs, removing older maps, adding maps that were in 1.9 but not 2.0 and so on. So just DL them from the link I give here for now:
Edit: More mirrors added, thanks to Jeh from PHL, Rincewind from Extreme Players and Bejita from Half-Life Italia

Download 2.0 Map Pack One from Smidge

Download 2.0 Map Pack One from extremeplayers.de

Download 2.0 Map Pack One from Fileplanet

Download 2.0 Map Pack One from halflifeitalia.com

First up is Assault on Black Mesa by Penguin, one of the best set of maps released for Sven Co-op, tough, well designed and with a boss that makes Mega Monster Massacre's Bullsquid look like a tadpole, this pair of maps is going to keep you busy for a while.

Secondly is Cliffside, you probably saw this one on PHL a couple of weeks back. Similar to Osprey in a lot of ways, you have to protect a remote Base, situated on a cliff from a military incursion by eliminating the Grunts Osprey. Simply a case of more of the same if you've played Osprey, but theres still plenty to set it out from the rest.

Third is infiltrate by Dudda, I linked to his his website in my last news post and now his map has been posted. Its a above-average walkthrough map with plenty to keep you occupied.

Fourth (woo! Half-way) is Minotaur Maze by CyPrEsS_SoLjA. Mostly, you'll get lost, lots. Dark and pretty monster-lite, this map still presents a challenge due to its size and the complexity of the maze, and is great fun with a couple of players. Avoid if you'd rather shoot, than walk around the same area constantly for half an hour.

Fifth is Preperation-X by ThE.PrOFeSSiONaL. This set of 3 levels features the most sadistic and difficult last level in Sven Co-op history, good if you like a challenge or just like firing at a apache constantly for half an hour. Whatever floats your boat.

Sixth(nearly there) is a map that has been floating around the Showcase for a while, Warehouse Invasion by Corona, a walkthrough map, although not up to Valve standards with its lighting or architecture, still features varying settings and great set pieces, as well as a fair amount of combat.

Seventh is Garghouse2k by Forum regular Hezus. Along the same lines as Garg Hunt, but in a warehouse, this map is a great example of how to do a Garg Arena map.

Well thats it for the maps, there is a hell of a lot more quality maps to be posted and I'm probably going to get whined at for ignoring some exceptional maps in this update, but lets save some for a rainy day shall we? The maps posted today cleared most of the backlog, but theres still plenty to come. If you can't wait for me or Sven to fire up NewsPro, keep your eye on Map Showcase, all of the maps posted today were in the Gold section. Mappers have to post their maps in Map Showcase for it to get onto the file page, so you can be sure you will be getting the newest maps first if you keep a eye on the forum.

Wargasmo, a SC Server op, has created a updated metamod.dll for Admin mod users, this removes the problem with the Hornet Gun by removing it from all maps, and makes the new 2.0 Beta monsters work correctly. This should only be used with Sven Co-op 2.0 servers running Admin Mod.

Download New Metamod

In regards to the next version, work is continuing, you should have seen some exclusive screens on PHL and Hanger 16 of the nice new Nomad model in progress by Paladin. Model is done, animations are 69% and the skin shouldn't take too long. All you wannabe sniper's should be pretty happy in the next version.

Mark has also been pretty damn busy, he's made a lot of tweaks to the graphics to bring them bang up to date, new explosions, a particle engine and weather effects should all feature in the next version, that is what's taking so long, it'll be worth the wait. There is a taster on Hanger 16, and more will be posted in the next update.

Finally, I've written a tutorial on using the cfg system to its maximum it's a breakdown of most of the cfg file commands and how to use the cfg system in your maps to their full potential. I probably missed a few, but they hopefully weren't too important. Go read.

Well, thats it, theres a lot of stuff to go through and digest there, which should give us some time before the next update, probably around middle of April sometime. Just kidding (or am I?!).



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