Sven Co-op CFG File Guide (By Mad Jonesy)

The config system is at the heart of Sven Co-op, it allows mappers to specify starting weapons, gravity, friction, custom settings and plenty more. The cfg system lets you customize your map another step, so its important to know how to use it.

The cfg is server-side, so any changes made by the server to the config will affect all clients who play on the server.

A command in bold-italics means that it can be used for the map cfg.


Author Information:

Although not strictly necessary, most Sven Co-op map authors include the map name, their name and contact information/website address at the top of the map cfg. This makes it easier for people to contact the mapper with feedback or to find more maps by the same author.

## SvenCo-op map - Default Map
## Map Author: Mad Jonesy
## Author e-mail: madjonesy@btinternet.com
## Website: http://www.svencoop.com

The ## indicates to the game to ignore all information on that line, the information isn't a command so it should be told to be ignored by the game. You can also use the ## for any comments you wish to add to the game.


Guns and Ammo:

This section of the cfg lets the mapper specify what weapons and ammo a player starts with, this allows the players to get straight into the action without waiting for weapons to respawn. The weapon commands that can be used are as follows:


The ammo commands are below, the default clip size is shown in brackets beside the weapon and the maximum ammo for the weapon(not including the ammo that can be stored in the weapon's clip) the ammo is for is shown in [thingies]

9mm (17)[300]
crossbow (5)[25]
buckshot (12)[125]
357 (6)[36]
ARgrenades (2)[10]
gaussclip (20)[100]
rpgclip (2)[5]

Note: if you put the numbers inside brackets, it will not work.

So the ammo list, if you wished to give the player max ammo, is as follows:

ammo_9mm 15
ammo_crossbow 5
ammo_buckshot 11
ammo_357 6
ammo_ARgrenades 5
ammo_gaussclip 5
ammo_rpgclip 2


Miscellaneous Weapon/Ammo Settings:

As well as the above, there are a number of extra settings that can be used to furthur customise the players equipment.

nosuit - This starts the player without a HEV suit, this means the players will be unable to easily change weapons and will be unable to see the hud, so only use it when you feel it is necessary or the player is to get a HEV suit later in the map.

nomedkit - In Sven Co-op, all players by default start the map with a Med Kit that lets them heal other players and NPC's, using this command stops the players starting with the Med Kit. You can let the players pick up the Med Kit in the map by placing a weapon_medkit somewhere in the map.

item_longjump - This command makes the players start with the Long Jump Module, allowing the players to jump a considerably longer distance.

mp_banana - Set this to 0 to disable the Banana Bomb and to 1 to enable it, default is 1. Useful if you don't want the players to breeze through the map but still want to keep grenades availiable.

skill 1 - Setting this to 1 makes the difficulty normal, 2 makes monsters harder to kill, setting it to 3 makes monsters harder to kill, and players easier to kill.

mp_multiplespawn 1 - Set to 0 if there's only one spawnpoint. This is best used for single-player maps)

mp_monsterpoints 1 - Sven Co-op lets players get points for killing monsters, this can be toggled on or off, set it to 0 if you don't want players to get frags for killing monsters.

mp_timelimit 60 - Map time limit, in minutes. After the time has elapsed, the map will change to the next one on the map cycle. Set to 0 for no time limit.

mp_fraglimit 0 - Setting this to a number will change the map when a player reaches that number of frags, this is probably best used on Arena maps, although it is not recommended.

mapcyclefile mapcycle.txt - File with list of maps to cycle through, in order. Use for map packs.

mp_flashlight 1 - If you don't want a player to start with the flashlight then set this to 0. Default is 1 (on).

mp_falldamage 0 - This setting lets you choose whether high falls just cause 10 points of damage no matter the height, or if this is set to 1 are killed on high falls (realistic). Default is 0.

mp_forcerespawn 0 - Setting of 1 forces players to respawn about a sec after death, or when this is set to 0 whenever they choose. Default is 0.

mp_weaponstay 1 - Setting of 0 makes weapons disappear after they're picked up. This means other players will have to wait to get the weapon. If set to 1 then all players can pick up the weapon without waiting for respawn. 

mp_allowgaussjump 0 - Players with the Gauss gun could charge it up and shoot it into the ground to jump higher than normal. This allows them to take shortcuts in maps or to jump out of the level. Set this to 0 if you want to disable the Gauss Jump.


Physics Settings:

It is possible to customize your map to have certain physic's settings (such as Gravity). So if your map was set on Xen then you could set to have the gravity at half of the default. You'll probably not need to use most of these settings so just leave them at the default

sv_accelerate 10 - How fast the player speeds up on ground.

sv_airaccelerate 10 - How fast the player speeds up when falling or travelling in the air.

sv_friction 4 - This controls friction in a map.

sv_gravity 800 - This controls the gravity. The higher the number, the lower players can jump. The lower the number the higher they can jump. 800 is the default.

sv_maxspeed 270 - This controls the max speed the players can move at. The higher the number, the faster they can move.

sv_wateraccelerate 10 - How quickly the players can move in Water.

sv_waterfriction 1 - Whether players get slowed down in water by Friction.


That concludes the CFG File Guide. If you know how to use these settings, you can make powerful use of the CFG System and use it to balance your map. If you don't, you need to. 

Good Mapping



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