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Submit a Map:


Sharing your map with the community

If you have made a map for Sven Co-op and wish to share it with the community, we recommend that you post it on the Sven Co-op Forums. This way you can get feedback from players and experienced mappers, which is a great way to become more skilled at mapping and get more attention for your map. Another way to get exposure for your map is to post it on community sites such as the Sven Co-op Map Database.

If a map is recognized as being above average, it may be moved to the "Best of Map Showcase" (BoMS) section by a Moderator or Team Member. We often check the maps that are posted, but we may sometimes miss a high quality map. If you feel your map has been overlooked, you can ask JPolito or Nih to give it a try.

We recommend that you use a file hosting service when posting your map to the forum, but it is possible to attach your map in a zipped format, as long as the file does not exceed the forum file limit.


Getting your map into Sven Co-op

Generally, if a map is moved to BoMS, there is a high chance it may be included in the game itself. Most official maps are actually created by community mappers and are then picked out by team members for inclusion. Again, if you think your map has been overlooked, you can try contacting JPolito or Nih, and they may bring the map to the attention of the team.




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