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The FAQ:
Q: I get the Error: 'This game is currently unavailable' when connecting through Steam
A: Very common, and can unfortunately be any number of things, I'm afraid. If you restarted Steam and it still won't load, check to make sure that all of your files in your SvenCoop folder are not set to be read only and that Steam is properly updated. To force Steam to update, delete the Clientregistry.blob file in your Steam folder and restart your application. If this fails to fix your problem, it could possibly be from your virus scanner.

Q: My screen freezes when trying to start a Sven Co-op game.
A: It's most likely that the Node Graph is being build... this happens the first time you run a particular map, and can make it seem as if Half-Life has frozen permanently. Try waiting for 5 minutes or so. It's also possible that it's a weird Half-Life bug that only seems to effect a few people. Everything actually loads and runs OK, but you just see a blank screen. To fix it, wait for quite a while so the map can finish loading, then press Escape twice. The HL menu should pop up. Click "Resume Game".

Q: I'm unable to connect to any server because it says my Steam UserID Ticket has expired!
A: Does it occur on any other server? This problem can be server related, or even Steam related, and not be your fault. Try to log out and log back in, or try again in a few minutes. Check the Steam Status Page

If you get this message when you try to connect to your own dedicated server thats behind a router, try connecting through your router's internal IP address (192.168.X.XXX:XXXXX), for example.

Q: I'm getting the error "Reliable Channel Overflow"
A: This particular error message can happen in Sven Co-op if your computer and/or internet connection cannot handle the amount of monsters and entities in the map. Make sure you�re not running any P2P software and you've performed a spyware/virus scanned recently. This can also be attributed to the server.

Q: My mp3's are not appearing ingame!
A: Placing your mp3 files into the /mp3 folder will not simply add them to your game. You need to run the Sven Co-op Playlist Editor available in your Start Menu under Program Files/Sven Co-op to compile a list for Sven Co-op to recognize where your files are located.

Q: When I try to connect to a server, it gives me a "map differs from server" error
A: Either your map version is newer or older to the server's, or there is some kind of version mismatch. If it is important, you can delete the map out of your Svencoop/maps/ folder and allow the server to download it to your install. Just remember that it might not always be your fault, it could be that the server has an outdated version of the map that you are trying to play.

Q: I'm running a server with Metamod, and the Barnacle/Minigun/Uzi are crashing my server whenever someone uses them.
A: You need to download Metamod-P.

Q: What do I need to know to run a server behind a router?
A: Please see this thread.



Q: Can you play through the Half-Life single-player maps by Valve in Sven Co-op? What about Opposing Force, Blue Shift and the Uplink demo?
A: You can play the single-player Half-Life maps by Valve by starting the map called -HL_OpFor_SP_Portal.bsp. However, for the maps to work properly you must have installed HLSP support when you installed Sven Co-op. If you did not install the support, you can still play on other people�s servers, however. You can play the Blue Shift and Opposing Force maps by starting the same map, as long as you own these games and installed the support for them as well. Uplink does not require any support to be installed and is found in the same map.

Q: Where can I find more Sven Co-op maps?
A: If you already have all the maps from the Files page, try the Map Showcase on the Forums. Additionally, visit some of our community websites available in our Links section.

Q: Can I play other mods cooperatively?
A: Yes and no. Most single player packs are mods, they have to be turned on via the custom game menu. Halflife can only run one mod at a time so you can either run the single player mod or Sven Co-op, not both. Single player levels that do not have any custom code may be playable in Sven Co-op by installing them like a normal Sven Co-op map, however you will need to create a CFG file for each of the maps in the level pack if you want suitable weapons in later maps. Maps not intended for use with Sven Co-op may have gameplay flaws, such as a door closing and blocking the route for other players. For these reasons you are better off looking for conversions of single player packs to Sven Co-op, such as ETC and Gut Reaction, see the Files page for more information.

Q: I want to make maps for Sven Co-op, how do I go about this?
A: Check the Information for Map Makers page, and the Submit a Map page.

Q: Can I join the Sven Co-op team?
A: There�s usually always need for help with something, especially with the creation of maps and models. Maps are usually created independently from the team and then picked up for the mod if they are of sufficient quality. See Submit a Map. If you have other skills, try contacting Sniper or JPolito. We will sometimes post specific openings on the news.

Q: How do I activate cheats?
A: You can only use cheats when "maxplayers" is set to "3" or less, and sv_cheats is set to 1. The cheats are mainly for map editing/testing purposes. The cheats include: godmode 1 (or 0), giveall, cl_noclip 1 (or 0), cl_notarget 1 (or 0).

Q: What can I do if someone on a server is blocking a doorway or otherwise being a nuisance?
A: Start a vote using the command menu, or a key bound to Start Vote and VoteKill the player. You can also move blocking players out of the way by hitting them with your crowbar and walking backwards.

Q: Why can I sometimes freely Gauss jump and overtimes it doesn't work?
A: The ability to Gauss jump is set in the map�s .cfg file. As it was a multiplayer only feature it would spoil the gameplay in most single-player maps, and many Sven Co-op maps are simply not designed for it.

Q: Why don't the human grunts drop their weapons anymore?
A: If you can imagine about 30 shotguns lying on the ground after a firefight then you can probably imagine why :-). Not only will it tend to lag very heavily but it can unbalance the game by giving players a near endless supply of weaponry, which might not always be the intent of the creator of the map. Version 5.0 will provide a cvar allowing mappers to activate weapon dropping in their maps.

Q: Is there a Linux version of Sven Co-op available for download?
A: There is only a linux server port available for Sven Co-op 4.8 at the moment. A linux client port is in the works for the Steam version of Sven Co-op.

Q: Why the heck is the game called Sven Co-op?
A: Sven coop was originally a temporary name for a map (SvenCoop1.bsp, the mod was originally based entirely on this map), and I (Sven Viking) never thought of a better name... (P.S., in case anyone wondered, even if I knew of a better one, certainly not going to change the name in the future... it's too late now. Anyway, Sven Co-op's not bad once you get used to it :).


Future of Sven Co-op:

Q: Is Sven Co-op still in development?
A: Indeed it is. The team is hard at work with finishing version 5.0, the first version of the mod to be freely distributed on Steam without requiring ownership of Half-Life 1. Once it is released on Steam it will be possible to deliver smaller updates with a more rapid frequency. We have no intention of quitting just yet :)

Q: When will the next update be released?
A: When it's done. We work at our own pace and providing realistic release estimates tends to be difficult.

Q: Is Sven Co-op 2 for the Source Engine ever going to come out?
A: There are no plans to resurrect the Sven Co-op 2 project. The team wants to focus on making Sven Co-op as great as it can be, and with engine access being available, the team has the freedom to make any changes to the game�s capabilities that we want. Starting essentially from scratch on the Source engine would be a ton of work and we would be limited by the lack of engine access, and on top of that, there are already several HL2 coop mods available that have a huge head start.



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