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Monday, 3 May, 1999

The single-player version of the map's online... this can also be used in multiplayer as an easier version of the co-operative map, if you find the normal map too hard.

To start a single player game, go to Multiplayer/LAN Game/Create Game/, select svensingle1.bsp, and click OK.

P.S., SvenCoop only works with Half-Life v1.0.0.9 and above.

Sunday, 2 May, 1999

SvenCoop v1.0 is now available on the Files page! This includes the entire first map, which should be relatively bug-free... Three 'Known Bugs' (that I can't do anything about) are:

The first map is unfortunately only half of a story, which was sort of intended to be one of a series of stories. Because of my lack of time and severe lack of mapping skills, I don't know if I'll ever be able to make the second map, and I definitely won't be able to do the 'sequels' I'd sort of planned before I actually started making the first map. However, I'll be altering the first map to make it playable in single-player, soon.

If a good mapper (i.e. a lot better than me) was interested for some reason, I might give him my ideas for the second map, and he could finish the story. Don't expect that this'll happen, though.

Thursday, 15 April, 1999

I'm still working on SvenCoop every-so-often, and I've almost finished the first map (a lot larger than the beta that was released, and has been altered an amount). I need a couple of things done, though (listed below).. it was my birthday on the 13th, so think of it as a late birthday present :).

I need someone to do some coding to get things working properly... just a small amount of really small stuff (as far as I know :).. just making some CVARs compulsory etc.), need someone who's done coding on mods before (or at least knows what they're doing), though. Doesn't matter if you're already working on other projects, this shouldn't take long. If you're interested, please E-mail me!

I also need someone to convert a group of images to an AVI that'll work in Half-Life (as the logo..  e.g. valve\media\logo.avi). I've managed to convert them into several types of AVI, but only one works, and it's really messed up. If you think you could convert them properly, E-mail me, thanks (and I'll see about sending the files etc.).

Friday, 22 January, 1999

Thanks to Moron of N Design for the logo above!

Remembered another bug, not a bug in the map, but it's generally annoying.. textures in Worldcraft texture browser are placed over each other...

Trying to finalize the storyline at the moment... got several ideas, but some are hard to make, some are good (imho) but I'm not sure how to continue the story in later maps, some things I don't want to use 'till later, etc...

Thursday, 21 January, 1999

The download link on the Files page was messed up, dunno how it happened, but it linked to the voiceover script for Tor the alien grunt... it's fixed now, thanks to everyone who told me about it. ("Confusticate and bebother these links!").

The models-going-black-when-standing-in-Tor's-wading-pool bug has been worked out. Thanks Sid!

BTW, some comments on the map would be appreciated.. no flames thanks, I just started mapping :), but if you found it fun, or boring, or hated it, or whatever, I'd like to hear about it... Just send me a simple short-ish E-mail with your impression of the map, and maybe suggestions, although I probably won't get to use them :). Thanks.

Wouldn't mind some more 'auditions' for the Tor 'part', either... there should be another part in a few days.

<rant> Switched to the English dating system on the date headings on this page.. sorry to anyone who doesn't like it that way, but I'm used to it, and month-day-year seems sort of stupid to me :). Not in any order... year-month-day would be better for long-past dates, and day-month-year is better for close dates (most important part first, partly in case you miss hearing the end)... month/day/year just doesn't seem to make any sense though, and it really messes you up when you see "4/9/98" or something and don't know what dating system's being used :(. No way to change it now I guess, US system will take over (if anything). Unless the world switches to some even-worse global system... ;) </rant>.

Tuesday, 19 January, 1999

SvenCoop v0.8 beta is available on the Files page, mostly just to give everyone an idea of what I'm doing, partly because of various bugs in the map that I don't know how to fix :).

If you might be able to help with bugs in maps, check the Bugs page.

If you'd like to have your voice in a SvenCoop map (probably a digitally altered version of your voice, but still... :)   ), check the Audition page.

For more info on SvenCoop, check the Info page.

BTW, wouldn't mind a logo for this page, maybe showing several players working together in the background or something (not too large though :)  ). If anyone wouldn't mind making one, E-mail it to me, and I'll credit you if I use it. Thanks.